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EBA Newsletter 2016-1
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Change of EBA Statutes


Spring 2016 Board meeting called for this purpose

Earlier it became apparent that there was a different interpretation between the current EBA practice and the EBA Statutes regarding the Executive elections to the Office, function and terms. The Board was informed of this in the 2015 Autumn meeting in Bern and in that meeting they asked the Executive Board to prepare a solution for 2016 Spring Board meeting. After consultation with the notary, the Exec proposes to change the EBA statutes to repair this. The changes that are made concern the articles on Executives, but also some other articles were updated or reworded for better understanding. 

Reminder: Zagreb Board Meeting

Please remember to book the Hotel for the Zagreb Board Meeting - there is a block, but be sure to book in time! Also, inform the EBA Secretariat of your participation in this very important meeting where the Statutes might be revised!
Book now!

Zika Virus Outbreak

What will spring bring Europe in terms of Zika? Discussions on this and other effects of Zika in the EID Monitor Teleconference, planned for 29 February - 16.30 to 17.30 CET. For information and dial in numbers, contact the EBA Office. On EBAse - thanks to ABC - a documentation folder is created on Zika Virus.
Zika Virus Folder

Rare blood database Operational

CD-P-TS announced that it has decided to have the Rare Blood Database become operational after the successful completion of the pilot phase. The url to connect is A “User Manual” [pdf, 1 MB] is available for any blood establishment wishing to contribute to the database by making frozen units of rare blood groups available via the database. Guy Rautmann, Secretary-General of the CD-P-TS explained that the site is user friendly: "You will see that it is not complicated to enter phenotypes and there are only a few steps to become a contributor. We have designed the database to make it as simple as possible for people to search and rapidly identify blood establishments that would have the unit one is looking for to enter in a bilateral contact to organise the transfer".

T&C Benchmarking Classification

As with the general Benchmarking, the Tissues and Cells Benchmarking is now divided into three confidentiality classes. In the December Executive Meeting, this classification was approved. It can be read on EBAse.

Lean training coming in 2016

The Benchmarking WG wanted to spread the Art of Lean wider, the Board and Exec approved this in principle in the 2015 Bern meeting. A Business case with concrete plans was presented to the Executive at the December meeting and approved. The plan consists of video e-learning, forums and a two-day face to face event. The initiative will involve prof. Nick Rich of Swansea University. Read the approved plan on EBAse.

Students needed for Pilot Course

The Donor Health Care course is progressing well, and this spring, enrollment will start for pilot students. Donor professionals looking for a post master's education can apply for the first time! The pilot course is free of charge. More information on entry requirements on the DoHeCa website and with the Project Organisation.
Also, the Consortium published its first Newsletter (link to EBAse) of 2016, 

E-course on fainting

Edouard Manet - Méridienne
Fainting of blood donors is the most frequent complication in donation. Donor fainting has an important impact on both donor comfort related to the donation and the return rate for future donations. For that reason it is important to educate professionals (physicians and nurses), in donor health care with respect to various aspects of donor fainting. Since there is no ‘state of the art’ training available for professionals in donor health care, a plan was made to fulfil this need of education, together with DoHeca, the Syncopia Foundation and ISBT. The project proposal containing all details has been placed on EBAse (link through button below). Together with Prof. Christopher France, the DoHeCA group is informing donors on effects of donating as well, check for more info.
Fainting Course

EBA Contingency Planning WG

Before the Berne Board Meeting, the EBA Office circulated a questionnaire to assess interest in starting up a Working Group on Contingency Planning. Andy Kelly (IBTS) volunteered to lead this group, as he lead a previous project on the 2009 Pandemic Preparedness plan. Members interested in joining can send an email to the EBA Secretariat.
Yes, I'll join the Working Group

Joëlle's Blog

"Collaborative Suppliers Audits"

"As announced earlier, the EBA Working Group on Collaborative Quality Management re-established the proposal of collaborative suppliers audits. This proposal can be found here on EBAse.The list now established is based on both the wishes of the WG-members as well as the needs for the Collaborative Procurement Initiative. For 6 of the 11 planned audits, a lead auditor has been found in the Working Group members. 
Be prepared to receive a request from the EBA to assess the interest of your organisation in leading an audit, joining an audit team or receiving the audit report. 
To make this work we will need more expert volunteers in the audit team teams - and I am sure we have enough resources internally to cover all audits, and that the EBA Membership will benefit from further cooperate on this topic!

Integrated Transfusion Service Models Workshop

On February 9-10, the latest of Benchmarking Workshop was held. With 28 participants, it was lively and interactive: "the atmosphere was good and I think all learned quite a lot from good examples shown" said Executive Director Kari Aranko. The presentations have already been posted on EBAse.
Presentations ITSM

Calender of Events 

29 | EID Monitor Telecon | 16.30 - 16.30

9-11 | International Hemovigilance Seminar | Paris, France
18-19 | AVIS Conference | Naples, Italy | KA will present
22-23 | International Plasma Protein Congress | Barcelona, Spain | KA in panel discussion 

7 | EBA Executive meeting | Zagreb, Croatia
7-8 | EBA 37th Board meeting, called for the purpose of amending the EBA Articles of Association | Zagreb, Croatia

23 | EBA Executive Teleconference | 10.00 - 11.30
24 | PLUS Conference, part II | Estoril, Portugal | KA invited for EBA
25 - 26IPFA/PEI Workshop on "Surveillance and Screening of Blood Borne Pathogens" | Lisbon, Portugal

28 | EBA Executive Meeting

13-15 | European Conference Donor Health & Management  | Cambridge, England

22 | EBA Executive Teleconference | 10.00 - 11.30

6 | EBA Executive meeting | 9.00 - 12.30 | Frankfurt, Germany
6-7 | EBA 38th Board meeting | Frankfurt, Germany
31 | EBA Executive Teleconference | 9.30 - 11.00 

6 | EBA Executive meeting 

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