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Sanquin to screen blood donations for hepatitis E virus

Testing to start mid-2017

Sanquin received approval from the Dutch MoH to implement routine hepatitis E virus (HEV) RNA testing of blood donations to prevent transfusion-related hepatitis E. The HEV NAT screening will be introduced by mid-2017 and will be performed on all blood donations that are collected for the manufacture of labile blood products, using test pools of 6 or 24 donations. Ed Slot, Sanquin's Medical Secretary, noted that some Dutch hospitals have requested for HEV-safe blood products in addition to dietary recommendations that are in place for specific patients. He also noted that each year an estimated 200 HEV transmissions by transfusion occur in the Netherlands, but that the incidence of transfusion-related hepatitis E is unknown.

EBA stakeholder in EC-CA meetings

The first CASoHO (Competent Authotity Substances of Human Origin) meeting was held on 2 December and was attended by Kari Aranko and Christof Jungbauer on EBA's behalf. The agenda item for which EBA was invited was the WNV testing proposal. The presentation on WNV [pdf, 2.6MB] and on EBA [pdf, 1.7MB] can be accessed through EBAse for EBA members. The outcomes of the meeting were positive als all NCAs clearly understood EBA's position and agreed on it. A final decision is awaited.

Residual risks in blood transfusion 

The General Secretary of the Emerging Infectious Disease Monitor, Ryanne Lieshout defended her thesis in Amsterdam on 29 November 2016. EBA congratulates her on this achievement! Because her thesis was completed with the assistance of the EID Monitor, EBA would like to offer a hard-copy version of her thesis to EBA members interested, via the button below.
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Sanquin Spring Seminar

On 20-21 April 2017 Sanquin will organize the 6th Sanquin Spring Seminars, this time the topic is 'Iron metabolism and anemia’. You will be updated on relevant issues on iron and anemia, from new insights in basic physiology to innovative therapeutic interventions. More information and registration:

NEW on EBAse

A new, long-awaited feature has been added to EBAse: a Discussion Board! This tool can be used for informal questions and comments. Also new on EBAse is the whole Fainting Tutorial for Donation Professionals, made by the EBA Education and Training WG in collaboration with ISBT and Syncopedia.
visit EBAse

EBA Executive Meeting: 6-dec

The EBA Executive met on 6 December in Geneva. As it was Jørgen Georgen's last Executive meeting, he received a gift and praise from the Executive. The President and Exec members expressed their thanks for his vast knowledge and nuanced opinions. In the meeting, the Executive approved the outline of the EBA Board agenda, featuring in-depth sessions on Plasma, emergency response and an interactive reception to discuss the upcoming EU Directive evaluation.

EC report: Innovation procurement of ICT-based solutions

The Procurement of ICT-based solutions is currently a topic of interest in multiple countries, for all sectors.The EC published the results of a public consultation on the interest of public procurers for innovation procurement of ICT based solutions.The Health and Social Care is the most represented sector in the survey and the type of applications listed are multiple (see page 6 of the report [pdf, 650kb]).

Meeting Report IPFA-EC

In September, the IPFA (international Plasma Fractionation Association), met with EC officers. Plasma as strategic resource was discussed, and the wastage of recovered plasma in Europe was a concern.
Report IPFA-EC [pdf, 300kB]

Plasmapheresis Workshop

Please register now for your seat at the EBA Benchmarking Workshop on Plasmapheresis. This will be held on 7/8 February in Amsterdam. Costs will be around €150 pp and hotel €145.
Register now!

Conference on appropriate use of Blood Components

The Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service (NIBTS) is hosting an international delegate conference on 22-24 March 2017 in collaboration with the European School of Transfusion Medicine on Apprpriate Use of Blood Components. The Medical Director of NIBTS, Kieran Morris, explains the rationale: "We have a rate of issues for red cell components of 25 per 1,000 population and this reflects a high level of appropriate use.  We would like to share with colleagues some of our results and successes applying patient blood management and this theme forms a large part of the agenda".  

Calender of Events 

10-11 | PLUS Conference | Estoril, Portugal

2 | EBA Executive Teleconference
7-8 | Benchmarking Workshop "Plasma Collection for Fractionation" | Amsterdam, the Netherlands
10-11 | DoHeCa Consortium Meeting | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2-3 | Technological, regulatory and organizational tools to produce plasma for fractionation” | IPFA Asia Workshop on Plasma quality and supply |Yogyakarta, Indonesia
22-24 | Appropriate use of Blood Components | NIBTS | Belfast, Northern-Ireland | Save-the-Date | Programme | Information

6-7 | EBA Board meeting | Cardiff, Wales
20-21 | Sanquin Spring Seminar | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

16-17 IPFA/PEI 24th International Workshop on "Surveillance and Screening of Blood-borne Pathogens" | Zagreb, Croatia

17-21 | 27th Regional ISBT Congress | Copenhagen, Denmark 

11-12 | IPFA/BCA 3rd Global Symposium | Global need for PDMP's | Atlanta, GA, USA
28-29 | EBA Board meeting, Pistoia, Italy

12-13 | EBA Board meeting, Helsinki, Finland  

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