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Replenish yourself with good practices that lead to good habits

Welcome to this month's Healthy Habits Ezine!

It has been a mixed few weeks for me, I have to be honest. On the plus side, I've been to Paris and then Chicago, both through work, which were great trips; I delivered a keynote speech to a group of leading industry professionals and have got really deep into the 'summer planning process'.  I've also been celebrating the publication of my new book: Success without stress: How to Prevent Burnout & Build Resilience for Optimal Health & Performance

However, whilst all of these good things have been happening, I've also been recovering from twisting my ankle 7 weeks ago. One moment I was running fast, feeling great. The next, I was lying on the floor in shock!  That fall left me with torn ligaments which has meant no running for 7 weeks!

What I have learnt from twisting my ankle? 
However, in the face of adversity, comes opportunity, and, after being grumpy for more than a few days (apologies to my family and work colleagues), I re-framed the situation completely and focused my energies on what i could do, rather than what i couldn't. This thinking has led me deeper into the world of mindfulness and, meditation & yoga practice; I've dusted off my bike (and ridden it), and seriously upped my game in strength training. 

I'm on the road to recovery now and eager to get back to the healthy habit of running, that has served me well for the last 15 years, but i have learnt that sometimes you need a break so that you can see the same thing with fresh eyes. 

So, on the topic of running, on the blog this month we have:
  • a great post for you on '5 ways to help you love running' to help you increase the habit of movement in your life. There's lots of data to support the physical and psychological benefits of building movement: walking, running, cycling etc, into your life
  • In 'Tackle Fear Head On', we  tackle a big blocker in life which often hold us back from achieving our potential. 
and finally
  • we talk a about the importance of failures as learning experiences in the article 'Welcome Failures as a chance to Grow!'. It's so easy to look at successful people, products or whatever success means in your eyes, and assume that it was and easy path. As is often the case, the journey to success is usually paved with a number of failures on the way.
5 Ways To Help You Love Running
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Tackle Fear Head On

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Welcome Failures as a chance to Grow!
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This week's words of wisdom is from Mother Teresa!  

For more inspiring words of wisdom visit our Success without Stress page!
"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin" – Mother Teresa
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