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Replenish Yourself With
Good Practices That Lead to Healthy Habits

Hi Friend,

We’re in transition at the moment in the northern hemisphere.

The trees are now all bare, and the pavements full of fallen leaves. The clocks have gone back and the temperature is starting to cool as the winter months begin.

Winter isn’t my favourite time of year, but like all seasons, it has an important purpose: stripping things back to bare so that life can begin again in the spring. For me stripping things back means starting to review my year in detail so that I can celebrate the successes, show my appreciation to others; capture the lessons and start to plan and set things up for the year ahead.

If your mood is taking a hit as the nights draw in further, here are 6 things to help you make the most of the next month:

Healthy Tip #1

Given 53% of people are unhappy at work, that may be more of a challenge than you think. However you can take the advice of Jim Rohn, the well known motivational speaker, by seeking out and surrounding yourself with more positive people as, according to him, “We are the average of the 5 people we mix with the most.”

Also, you can try these positive psychology exercises to start you out.

Healthy Tip #2

It’s the perfect time of year to start to reflect on how far you have come this year by asking simple questions: What and who are you grateful for? What have you achieved? What has gone well? What have you learnt? To help, I keep a record of my days in a journal which is a great support when it comes to review time as whilst it's easy to remember the big things, the magic in the details is often lost.

Healthy Tip #3

As part of your review, ask for feedback. I had a great session with my coach recently who helped me understand how important it is to both ask and give feedback, and there’s a skill to the giving if asked. I asked for feedback last week from someone I respect and he provided some great insights, some of which weren’t as constructive as they could have been. However, I took a ‘researcher’s approach’ and noted down the comments which were given with good intentions, and have given me some very clear areas to work on.

Healthy Tip #4

Whilst going through your review process, keep a note of new ideas and things you’d like to do and start small. A new year brings a new beginning and the opportunity to remove things from your life and simplify things to make space for new things. Goals do not have to be enormous, in fact the smaller the goal the easier it is to over achieve. A new habit for me this month, for instance, has been making my bed first thing in the morning. It is a tiny, tiny thing, but psychologically really helps get that first achievement ticked. 

Healthy Tip #5

I saw an excellent presentation from someone from Google the other week which reminded me of their grand mission: 'to use technology to make the world a better place’. You can also use technology to make your world a better place. There are so many free tools around now to help you: 1. feel organised and in control: (thanks Evernote, Remember the Milk and Google Docs); 2. manage projects (thanks Asana), 3. gain personal insights (thanks Fitbit) and 4. connect in real time with others (thanks Zoom). One word of caution, though, is that FREE usually means paying with personal data, so do be careful with what you give away.

Healthy Tip #6

Self knowledge and awareness is extremely valuable as the more we know ourselves, the more we can help ourselves grow & develop. A colleague shared Gretchen Rubin’s personality profile quiz recently. It’s a simple survey that helps you understand yourself better, and therefore put in place support mechanisms and systems to help you succeed.

I’m an upholder and would love to know what kind of profile you have! Try the survey yourself and let me know on the Raw Energy Facebook page.

Get the Raw Energy Goals Book
Now, if you’re keen to start your own review and begin to set goals and plans that become a reality next year, I have developed a great tool to help you. It's a tool I created years ago and have refined over the years and am now making available for you. Find out how to get it by clicking here.
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