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Today’s demanding world can often leave us overwhelmed, depleted and exhausted. Protect yourself from stressful situations by developing healthy habits that support you.

3 Ways To Boost Your Resilience With Laughter

Have you ever thought about how laughter can reduce stress? As an undergraduate student of psychology, I decided to do my final year dissertation on the psychology of humour, and how humour and laughter can be used to achieve all kinds of serious benefits.

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How To Energise Your Workplace

Workplace Wellbeing programmes are becoming a lot more popular in the UK, driven by a desire by many employers to create a healthy workplace environment where their staff can do their best work and contribute to the success of the business 

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Five Foods To Boost Resilience and Reduce Stress

Living in the 21st Century is super exciting on the one-hand, but very challenging on the other.

It is exciting as the pace of change, driven by technological advancement, continues to accelerate, impacting every aspect of our day to day lives. 

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What Could You Do With 131 Million Days?

In 2013, 131 million days were lost to sickness in the UK, and the largest proportion of these were due to stress-related illnesses. That’s a scary number which in practice equates to an average of 4 sick days for every employee in the UK. 

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