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30 minutes to a Better Life: 10 simple Healthy Habit Tips
Hi Friend,

We live in such a fast-paced world that attempts to get healthy are often added to a very bloated ‘someday list’.

Somewhere along the line, we decide that we’ll put off prioritising our health, and our bad daily habits start to accumulate, impacting our waistline, skin, energy and performance. When we do decide to focus on our health, we’re often too ambitious in the pursuit of quick results. We do too much too soon and end up back to where we started.

Whilst habits can be a double-edged sword, the great thing about healthy habits is that once they are part of your lifestyle, they take up little brain processing capacity, leaving you free to focus on other things. The trick is making sure you have more good habits, than bad.

Here are 10 healthy habits that will easily slot into your busy schedules and give you the greatest return on your efforts:

1. Drink lemon water first thing

This small daily habit will rehydrate your body and get things flowing, and over time can lead to weight loss, a clearer skin and a stronger digestive system.
Effort required: 1 minute per day.  ROI: weight loss boost.

2. Take the stairs

Movement is good, we all know that, but finding the time to go to the gym can be a challenge. The solution: build functional exercise into your life, like taking the stairs whenever you can, rather than a lift (elevator), or escalator. The impact of this simple healthy habit mounts up literally. According to CITY A.M., walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift at London’s deepest tube station, Hampstead, adds up to 320 steps each day. Do that 151 times and you will have reached the top of Nepal’s Mount Everest!
Effort required: 10 minutes per day.  ROI: fitness boost.

3. Take four deep breaths

First thing in the morning and last thing at night, take four deep breaths to the count of four and exhale slowly to the count of four. Breathe normally a few times then repeat three more times. That’s four cycles of four breaths to the count of four in, four out. According to Dr. Barbara Mariposa, this daily habit will release tension and slow your brain waves down.
Effort required: 5 minutes per day.  ROI: reduced stress.

4. Play the glad game

The rules of this game are quite simple. Before going to bed, simply list 5 things that went well that day. This simple habit will give you the opportunity to see your day from a more positive perspective, even if the day feels like a disaster.  
Effort required: 3 minutes.  ROI: reduced stress.

5. Track your expenditure

Money is a big form of energy which flows in and out of our lives. Whilst the big costs stand out, it’s amazing how the small spends build up. The simple habit of noting down every penny you spend will make you very aware of where your money is going and help you consciously plug any leakages, and evolve your spending habits. You can track your spend using an app such as Spending.
Effort required: 20 secs post transaction.  ROI: more money.

6. Read for 15 minutes per day

The mind and body have a symbiotic relationship. What affects the mind affects the body and what affects the body, affects the mind. Feeding the mind nourishing information from books will have an impact on our minds, bodies and whole lives. No time to read? Try scheduling 15 minutes reading per day which equates to an hour and a half per week.
Effort required: 15 minutes per day.  ROI: knowledge, ideas which could lead to anything.

7. Do something creative everyday

We all have the potential to be creative and throwing yourself into a creative activity is a great way to energise yourself and stave away stress. Whether your ‘thing’ is writing, painting, cooking, playing a musical instrument, knitting or singing, make some time for these types of activities everyday.
Effort required: 15 minutes per day.  ROI: boosted resilience.

8. Device-free Sunday

Unplug yourself for a whole day or even a half a day to help you really focus on the people and situation in front of you. Most adults spend more time online than they do asleep, so giving yourself permission to switch-off will help you get back in time with your own rhythms and stay productive and balanced.
Effort required: none.  ROI: reduced stress, increased productivity.

9. Track your steps

In the age of the wearable devices, we can easily find out how many steps we’re doing and use this insight to drive our behaviour. Whilst it may guilt you into moving your body more, it will keep you more physically active at work and at home, and will ultimately make you a healthier person. You don’t need a smart watch, fitness band or pedometer to track your steps. Your phone can track how many steps you take, assuming you just carry it with you in your pocket.
Effort required: 1 minute to look at insights every day.  ROI: fitness.

10. Make your bed every morning

This very simple habit sets your day to a good start, giving you that instant feeling of success and accomplishment. Two minutes can sound like a lot when you’re in a rush, but will help you feel on top of things and ready to take on the day, and will declutter your space which is very calming.
Effort required: Two minutes.  ROI: confidence to take on the day.

So take action today and decide which new healthy habit you’re going to incorporate into your day?

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