5 Habits to Boost Your Resilience & Performance
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I attended the RBI Living Well Experience last week. A three day event designed to inspire and empower RBI’s employees to build their own personal toolkits to help their bodies and minds be more resilient.  

It was a great event, full of lots of activities and I got to try things that I wouldn’t normally try. Things like the Boom Cycle class, a type of spinning class set in pitch black, and a yoga class which left me feeling like I should audition for the part of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz!

Probably the best part for me was listening to three great keynote speakers who shared some useful healthy habits:

The first speaker was Dr. Barbara Mariposa, author of a number of books including her latest book: The Kindness Habit: Transforming our relationships to addictive behaviours.

Dr. Barbara’s words connected well with the audience as she shared insights on how the brain works; how stress affects our bodies, and the risks to our health if we stay on ‘high alert’ for a long period.

She encouraged us to ‘take back control, be the leader of our own lives and ask for support and help when you need it.’

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So many of us at work have learnt how to successfully put on a brave face on the outside, whilst feeling deep fear on the inside. Part of the problem, according to Dr. B, is that we have forgotten to recharge ourselves.

Dr. Barbara’’s simple system for taking back control included the simple: ‘1 in 1’ habit. For just one minute every hour, stop, breath and close your eyes to recharge yourself. Try it.

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Geeta Sidhu-Robb, the CEO of Nosh Detox, spoke passionately about the importance of good nutrItion, how the mind and body are 100% connected and if we focus on making ourselves physically strong, this will give us mental strength. Her approach is focused on five key principles:
  1. Focus on increasing the level of nutrients in your body to help the body work better and reduce stress. Like a car with better fuel, the body needs nutrients to function.
  2. Eat a piece of fruit, different colours before every meal to support the digestive process.
  3. Add in the greens, eat green leaves everyday to change your body and how you look and feel. Can’t stomach green leaves? Try my green smoothie recipe.
  4. Drink good quality water and sip it at regular intervals all day long to keep your body hydrated. Here’s a link to a useful resource on water.
  5. Move your body everyday as movement helps your lymph get rid of all bad stuff so that you don’t feel sluggish.

Finally, Max Tomlinson, author of Clean up Your Diet, provided some great tips on becoming an intellectual athlete. He reminded us that the decisions and actions we take today will create a risk or an opportunity in the future, and to think clearly, concisely and cleverly he encouraged us to:
  1. Exercise 4 times per week.
  2. Eat vegetables.
  3. Keep dinners simple, as lying in bed digesting, will impact sleep quality, and poor sleep leads to a haze between you and the world.
  4. Avoid fruit only smoothies which are sugar fests that raises blood sugar just like a soda drink.
His final words spoke directly to our intuition:
If what you're eating leaves you feel energised and healthy then don't make the changes.
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