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Can you control your mood?
Thinking positively

Well, it feels like Spring has arrived here in London and right now I am sitting on a train heading into town, glancing at all of the happy people outside in the sun!

It’s amazing how everyone and everything seems so much better when the sun shines. Have you noticed that?

Though, the sun doesn’t have to shine outside for you to feel good on the inside. And on this point, I have been doing some self-tracking to see if I could discover the secret formula to a good mood!

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Whilst in reflection mode, I’ve also been thinking about Raw Energy and how we have evolved over the last couple of years, from our origins as a ‘healthy eating’ blog that I started to help me keep on top of the fast-changing world of health and nutrition; to a site that is now attracting a growing audience from around the world.   

I thought that it might be helpful for me to outline the purpose of Raw Energy and where we’re heading in the future. I’d also love your input and feedback so that I know where I can focus our resources to better serve you.  

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Sugar: Sickly or Sweet: A short guide to help you cut down on the amount of hidden sugars you’re consuming.

"This wonderful little book opened my eyes to the fact that sugar is in everything! I now know where sugar is hiding and how to translate the labels on food. Having been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I had struggled for some time to get my blood sugar down from being sky high. In it I read about the techniques and guidelines on how to change my diet. After practising it for over 3 months, my latest blood test shows the level has come down to 5.2. Hooray!" Angela Parsons

Success without Stress: My new book to share a toolkit to help you channel your stressors into positive energy to get things done. Pre-order it now!

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