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大灣區創科競賽 香港如何定位?(上):人才爭奪戰、法例更新



大灣區創科競賽 香港如何定位?(下): 私隱、國際化



培育科技人才 DSE急須改革



8.5.2018 回應「科技人才入境計劃」 Response to the Pilot Technology Talent Admission Scheme (For English audience, please begin at 19:00)
2.5.2018 《2018 撥款條例草案》辯論發言 Speech on the 2018 Appropriation Bill
7.4.2018 與大律師公會主席戴啟思討論有關一地兩檢違憲事宜 Exchange with Bar Association Chairman Philip Dykes on the co-location arrangement

🗣️Council works 

Priority for the training of local IT talents

Innovation and Technology Bureau rolled out the Pilot Technology Talent Admission Scheme on Tuesday. In order to avoid talent mismatch, I urge the government to raise the bar of the minimum requirement and provide more support for the upskilling of our local IT workforce and create more better jobs for the sector.

Duty visit to the Greater Bay Area

In the capacity of the Chairman of the Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting, I joined other Legco members in a duty visit to the Greater Bay Area last month, in a bid to observe the I&T development in the region and identify the competition and opportunities facing our sector in Hong Kong.

Proposal to build more Smart City devices on streets


Apart from transforming lampposts to Smart City devices, many other cities have also turned phone booths and bus stops into Smart City kiosks to provide citizens with free public Wi-Fi, phone calls, device charging and access to city services, maps and directions. The tech sector and I have been calling on the government to expedite the development of Smart City infrastructures and I took the opportunity of my recent Council question to pursue the sector’s demand. (Read full text)


Following up on the Gov’t Centrally Managed Messaging Platform

Concerns that a HK$237 million contract was awarded to a Shenzhen company to build, support and maintain a new email system for government units have been widespread. The issue has stirred up worry that whether data will be transferred to Mainland and whether the Shenzhen contractor can access sensitive data within the government communication. I immediately issued two letters on this Wednesday and Thursday to OGCIO, demanding the government to clarify the security concerns and also questions regarding the tender.

Concerns over the CCTV in public area

Some citizens have relayed to me their privacy concerns over the CCTVs installed on lampposts. I have questioned the government on the issue and requested them to clarify if the recordings of the CCTVs involve any privacy risks. (Read full text)

Questions to 2017-18 Budget


As in the previous years, I have submitted a bunch of questions to the government on the annual Budget, requesting more information on various government initiatives on I&T, and also many other topics, such as privacy issues, education, green transport, freedom of press and more. (Read the government’s reply)


Hong Kong’s position on the Greater Bay Area development in I&T (Part 1)


This is the first of a series of two articles recapping my duty visit to the Greater Bay Area and will first focus on talents and regulation. Our government should prioritise for creating more opportunities to local IT talents and speed up attracting more top research institutes and tech companies to operate in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s position on the Greater Bay Area development in I&T (Part 2)


Second part of the series will touch on privacy and Hong Kong’s role in the region. The rule of law, the professional services, professional integrity and more are the reasons why Hong Kong is unique and also define our role in the Greater Bay Area. We need to attract more overseas talents, as well as companies and institutions, and strengthen our advantages to compete on the international stage.

Reform DSE for better tech talent nurturing


The government has set course to develop Meditech, AI, Robotech, re-industrialisation and also Smart City. However, we are facing a lack of tech talents in Hong Kong with specific tech expertise. While we need to attract overseas talents to come to Hong Kong, we also have to first train our own workforce to equip them with the talents we need with the right education system and incentives.
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