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MIAMI, FL - The Florida Bar has approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for both of our Fall Accelerators, along with our free crowdfunding workshop. CLE credits apply to legal professionals only, and is perfect for lawyers looking to learn more about equity crowdfunding—or how to start their own business.

Fall Accelerators
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MIAMI, FL: We offer two tracks: learn to a) start or b) scale your business in this paid 12-week program. The Application deadline HAS BEEN EXTENDED to Wednesday, Sept. 14 and the start date is Monday, Sept. 19th. CLE credits are available for legal professionals. Register for the Miami Accelerator.
FORT WALTON BEACH, FL: This free 12-week program gives entrepreneurs a high-intensity focus on the retail industry. Applications are due by Wednesday, Sept 14 and the start date is Monday, Sept. 19th.  CLE credits are available for legal professionals. Register for the Fort Walton Beach Accelerator.

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     Fall Accelerator

Fort Walton Beach, FL
 Fall Accelerator
MIAMI, FL - Venture Hive, in partnership with the Knight Foundation and DLA Piper, will be hosting a daylong Crowdfund Investing Workshop led by Sherwood Neiss on Tuesday, September 13, 2016. Neiss’ experience is vast: through spearheading the drafting of Crowdfund Investing legislation ratified by President Barack Obama, to authoring preeminent “how-to” guides for entrepreneurs and investors looking to raise money from the crowd and invest in crowdfunded opportunities, his expertise provides an unparalleled opportunity for participants to learn about leveraging this global funding opportunity.

This event is sold out unless you are a legal professional registering for CLE credits.

Doors open at 8:30AM. Coffee, light refreshments, and snacks will be provided for attendees throughout the day.

Reserve your spot here.

Using Tactics to Achieve Your Goals

MIAMI, FL - Many entrepreneurs use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to set and achieve goals. Step one is to set your objectives, and step two is to write down a few key results for each. These should be both measurable and time-bound.

One you have your objectives and key results mapped out, it’s time to decide the tactics you will use to get there. These should be both measurable and time-bound. Here are some examples:

Do you want to quit your day job by the end of the year? Your key results and tactics might be:

  1. Raise $25k in friends and family money

    • Tactic #1: Sketch out a lean canvas and run it past 5 advisors by Sept. 15th

    • Tactic #2: Put together a pitch deck by Sept. 30th

    • Tactic #3: Meet with at least 2 potential investors per week until you’re funded

  2. Find a technical co-founder

    • Tactic #1: Join FounderDating + other business networking sites

    • Tactic #2: Go to at least one tech meetup per week

    • Tactic #3: Get at least 1 personal introduction per week

Do you want to launch your minimum viable product (MVP) by the end of the year? Your key results and tactics might be:

  1. Spec out your MVP by September 30th

    • Tactic #1: Hold 25 problem interviews with potential customers by September 15th

    • Tactic #2: Design a mock-up and hold 25 product interviews and validate pricing with potential customers by September 30th

  2. Develop and deploy 5 key features by November 30th

    • Tactic #1: Run two-week sprints starting October 1st

  3. Test and fix bugs by December 31st

    • Tactic #1: Run five in-person testing sessions the week of Dec. 1st

    • Tactic #2: Run one-week sprints starting December 1st

Do you want to sign your first enterprise customer by the end of the year? Your key results and tactics might be:

  1. Hire your first inside sales person

    • Tactic #1: Post a job description by Sept 1st

    • Tactic #2: Talk to 5 potential candidates per week

  2. Give 2 product demos per week to potential customers

    • Tactic #1: Draft phone and email scripts by Sept 1st

    • Tactic #2: Reach out to 25 new prospects per week via email or phone

    • Tactic #3: Speak at 1 industry event per month

Design your tactics to give your company a measurable system that you can use to reach your objectives. Sit down every week and make sure you’re on track. Take action now if you’re not. Figure it out.

That’s how you reach your goals.

Whether you are just starting out or are a little further along, mapping out your OKRs is essential to getting where you want to go. It’s like the rudder you use to steer your ship.

Of course, OKRs are just one tool we use at Venture Hive. There's a lot more to building a successful business. If you're ready to be shown the exact process through a combination of structured curriculum, one-on-one mentoring, and more then apply to one of our Fall Accelerators.

Applications are due this Wednesday, September 14th!

You can learn more at for Miami and for Fort Walton Beach.

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