Venture Hive is proud to announce that City of Miami District Commissioner Francis Suarez and the Department of Parks and Recreation has approved Venture Hive to run after school technology and innovation programs targeted at teens ages 12-15 in one selected park in District 4. The after school programs will focus on skill development related to programming, hardware product development, entrepreneurial thinking, communication, and personal development during Fall and Winter 2016/2017.

After-School Tech Program
Dates TBD

Venture Hive Prep Tech After-School Program will introduce students ages 12-15 to important workforce skills in the fields of technology, programming, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Participants will gain invaluable leadership and communication skills while opening their minds to technology and innovation. They will develop practical real-life skills that are beneficial at home, school, and in the community to become better leaders, team players, problem solvers, communicators, planners, and risk takers. One of the most important benefits will be to fundamentally change the way participants think by making innovation realistic and viable.

Winter Break Tech Program
January 2 – 6, 2017

Venture Hive Tech Camp will be a full-time program for kids ages 12-15 in which participants will receive six hours of daily training. Each day will incorporate appropriate instruction, project preparation time, and independent work time to dive into the world of hardware development and market viability alongside program leaders and mentors. In five days, we will take participants from Idea-to-MVP, and on the final day, kids will pitch their products to their peers, Venture Hive staff, and community members.
Registration and venue information is forthcoming. Stay tuned for more details. We look forward to continuing our work in bringing high-quality tech entrepreneurship programs to children in the City of Miami and thank Commissioner Francis Suarez for believing in our program and mission.
On September 19th we kicked off the Venture Hive Miami Fall 2016 Accelerator, a part-time program to help entrepreneurs take their companies to the next level. The twelve-week program offers two tracks:
  1. Idea to MVP (Pre-revenue): Perfect for people who aren’t ready to leave their day job yet and want a crash course on how to turn an idea into a minimum viable product (MVP).
  2. Startup to Sustainable Business (Pre-revenue to $3M in revenue): Teams develop the structure and process needed to make the transition where most startups fail. Every aspect of the current business is reviewed to help focus and scale.

Businesses in the Miami cohort include:

  • Autoinspect: Information on used cars
  • Discomer US: Pricing and product info from trade shows
  • Easy Ride: Eco-friendly ride sharing
  • EM Inc.: Electronic menus and point-of-sale systems for restaurants
  • Family Phone: Park your phone number
  • Seyopa: A hub for personal growth content
  • SHIFT: Elite sports performance
  • Spinteractive: Augmented reality via Microsoft Hololens
Participants are receiving support from Venture Hive mentors and partners including one-on-one sessions, pitch practice, office hours with legal and accounting teams, guest speakers, and more.

"We're always excited about the talent we attract to our programs, and we're proud of our contribution to building the Miami ecosystem," said Susan Amat, Founder and CEO of Venture Hive.
We would like to highlight two participants from our previous Miami Accelerator Programs! Lucas Funes, CEO and Founder of Webee, and Etienne Gillard, CEO and Founder of Waleteros, were selected among an exclusive group of applicants from across the United States to be a part of the third cohort of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program (SLELP3). Only 77 Latino and Latin American entrepreneurs from across the United States were selected by the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) to be a part of the third SLELP cohort.

The applicant selection criteria was developed to rigorously target companies that have received market and/or investor validation. SLELP3 business owners are part of a talented group of innovators and business leaders whose drive, work ethic, and ambition will help to grow the economy and communities across the United States. Learn more about this program here.
Venture Hive would like to congratulate Lucas Funes, the Webee team, Etienne Gillard, and the Waleteros team for this great distinction and testament to their hard work.
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M2Game & Entertainment LATAM 2016 will be hosted on October 4-5, 2016. Conference goers can learn, develop and strengthen mobile games and entertainment strategies in Latin America and US Hispanic markets.
If you are interested in:
  • Meeting and establishing alliances with members of the mobile ecosystem looking after LATAM
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  • Learning how to culturally and efficiently create branded games and entertainment
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The conference will be hosted at The Lightbox at Goldman Warehouse in Wynwood. The address is: 404 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127. Those interested in attending can purchase tickets here.

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WHAT IS VENTURE HIVE? Venture Hive exists to energize, educate, and cultivate entrepreneurs at three levels of engagement. Venture Hive Accelerator and Incubator programs focus on connectivity and guidance for entrepreneurs and startups to maximize regional economic development impact. Venture Hive Prep™ and Venture Hive U™ student programs foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at the high school and university levels. We offer communities and institutions effective and efficient plug-and-play models for creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem around sound educational principles.

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