Cetus Labs and DocuVital Sweep eMerge Americas Early Stage Startup Competition

MIAMI – Two Venture Hive companies took home top honors, out of 125 startups, during the early stage startup competition of the eMerge Americas conference and expo held in the Miami Beach Convention Center on April 15 – 19, and attended by a sellout crowd of over 13,000..

Venture Hive 2016 Accelerator company, Cetus Labs, took first place during the competition. Cetus Labs builds and sells software to simplify and streamline port terminal operations.

Venture Hive incubator company, DocuVital, was runner up during the early stage competition. DocuVital is an online platform that streamlines the costly and time consuming process of wrapping up one's life after they pass.

Venture Hive Receives Visit from Argentina and Chile Officials


During the month of April, Venture Hive was proud to have had the opportunity to host both Luis Felipe Céspedes, the Minister of Economy, Development, and Tourism of Chile, and Mariano Mayer, Ministry of Production, Government of Argentina.

Both officials visited our Downtown Miami location during their U.S. visits. The officials were able to meet with many of our entrepreneurs and startups from both our accelerator and incubator programs and witness how Venture Hive has become a home for many international startups entering the global market.

Venture Hive Veteran Company Raises Funds for North Florida Disabled Veteran Family

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla -- Approximately $4,500 was raised to help a local disabled military family during the High Caliber Lady Fashion Show held April 16 at the Shoreline Church at Uptown Station.

The fashion show was geared towards women interested in learning more about firearms and featured a runway style fashion show highlighting pistol concealment holsters and garments. The event was made possible through sponsorships by High Caliber Lady and Ranger Firearms.

While the event focused on women on firearms education and personal safety, according to the event coordinator and High Caliber Lady CEO, Heather Burleson, the event was an amazing opportunity to raise funds for a worthy cause.

“All of the ticket sales went directly to Building Homes for Heroes to aid a local disabled military family build an accessible-designed home,” said Burleson, whom is a 6-year Air Force veteran herself.

Burleson, whom is also participating in the City of Fort Walton Beach’s 2016 Venture Hive Veteran Accelerator, did say that the event almost did not happen at all.

“We did have to almost cancel the event,” said Burleson. “Luckily through some great networks, mentoring, and relationships we were able to not only pull off the fashion show – but help a fellow veteran.”

Burleson said the some of the best advice she had received for the event came from the Venture Hive Veteran program.

“I was told by the staff at Venture Hive that “It is times of struggle that you find out who your network really is,’” said Burleson. “That is advice that I will continue to hold onto throughout my life.”

Burleson said that High Caliber Lady will be following up the fashion show with a series of classes focused on both fundamental pistol safety and ongoing skill-based training at the Fort Walton Beach Venture Hive classroom starting in mid-May.

For more information please visit www.highcaliberlady.com.

Venture Hive Fort Walton Beach Presents:

Lunch and Learn:
Memory Improvement Seminar

Wednesday May 4th
11:35 a.m.
Venture Hive Fort Walton Beach
139 Brooks St SE 

Eventbrite - Free Lunch and Learn: Memory Improvement Seminar  

Have you ever said, “I can remember the face – but not the name?” Have you ever heard a phone number on your car radio that you needed to recall, so you repeated it, and repeated it, and repeated it – only to forget the number just moments later?  Or perhaps you were in the middle of an important sales pitch, and your train of thought came to an abrupt and embarrassing halt!  

As part of the Venture Hive Fort Walton Beach Free Business Seminar Series guests will learn techniques such as utilizing hyperbolic iconography, surrogating, and left-right brain switching to solve the latter problems – and more.

Your Instructor, Robert L. Foster, created this course for executives in the Austin, IBM Development Laboratory.  Foster, Director of the Fort Walton Beach Venture Hive, subsequently left IBM after 17 years to found a professional education firm in Austin, Texas, where he offered his MIS and other management and technology seminars to business executives, sales teams and boards of directors of financial Institutions.

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