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MIAMI, Fla – The Venture Hive Fall Accelerator is a part-time program to take your concept or business to the next level. It runs for twelve weeks starting Monday, September 19, with the goal of giving entrepreneurs the foundation they need to build successful and scalable businesses.

For the first time, Venture Hive is offering the option of attending virtually. Companies can also work out of Venture Hive's facility in downtown Miami.

“It is inspiring to see the level of talent that our Venture Hive programs have helped develop locally,” said Susan Amat, Founder and CEO of Venture Hive. “Now we're opening our proven methodology to a wider audience. We look forward to seeing great things out of these graduates and all of our classes.”

The Fall Accelerator offers two tracks:

  1. Idea to MVP (pre-revenue) for people who aren’t ready to leave their day job yet and want a crash course on how to turn an idea into a business.
  2. Startup to Sustainable Business (pre-revenue to $3M in revenue) for teams looking to develop the structure and process needed to scale.

Founders should plan on an investment of 15-20 hours per week in themselves and their team when applying for either of these programs, including 2-3 hours per week of scheduled mentoring or group sessions. The program ends with Venture Hive's famous “Swarm” demo day in week 12, where companies pitch to a room full of investors and potential partners.

We can ensure complete confidentiality to participants who are currently employed and are seeking to assess an opportunity before making the leap. This is a paid program, and we do not take any equity—so you can retain complete control as you grow your business.

Learn more and apply to the Fall Accelerator program.

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Our Entrepreneurs in the News

Photo by  Emily Michot emichot@miamiherald.com

Octopi (formerly Cetus Labs) came to Miami as part of Venture Hive's Spring 2016 Accelerator program. Since then they've gone on to win the eMerge Americas early-stage startup competition. Their terminal operating system currently powers 85% of the shipping container cargo in Haiti.

Read more in the Miami Herald.
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WHAT IS VENTURE HIVE? Venture Hive exists to energize, educate, and cultivate entrepreneurs at three levels of engagement. Venture Hive Accelerator and Incubator programs focus on connectivity and guidance for entrepreneurs and startups to maximize regional economic development impact. Venture Hive Prep™ and Venture Hive U™ student programs foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at the high school and university levels. We offer communities and institutions effective and efficient plug-and-play models for creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem around sound educational principles.

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