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Dear colleagues,
We kindly invite you to submit your articles for our next issue: Matices en Lenguas Extranjeras No 14.
Matices en Lenguas Extranjeras is an online scholarly publication from the Foreign Languages Department at the National University of Colombia. Founded in 2007, and published twice a year, it seeks to address the need for— and its mission as— a point of reference for reflection upon foreign languages at the national and international levels, bearing in mind the broad tradition of more than fifty years in the Foreign Languages Department in this field; not only for the variety of languages taught (English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Korean and Spanish as a foreign language) but also for the different areas of interest throughout its academic community.
Matices en Lenguas Extranjeras is therefore focused on the publication of scholarly articles related to foreign languages from the perspective of didactics, pedagogy, linguistic and cultural research, and translation.
As a specialized magazine in the field of foreign languages, Matices holds as its objective the circulation of research outcomes concerning meaningful learning and teaching experiences, implementation of new technologies in teaching and learning foreign languages, and pedagogical advances, as well as the exercise and study of translation and applied translation.
The journal is directed towards university professors, researchers, and research offshoots in foreign languages; teachers and instructors of languages in secondary education; students in foreign language bachelor-degree programs; translators and researchers in translation studies; professionals in charge of linguistic policies; and towards the entire academic community interested in the advances and outcomes of foreign languages studies.
Matices en Lenguas Extranjeras has published articles in Spanish, English, French, Russian, Italian and German. Currently the journal is accepting articles from the other languages taught at the Foreign Languages Department; We have an open and permanent call for original articles.
You can find guidelines for publishing at the following link:
Yours faithfully,

Comité Editorial
Revista Electrónica Matices en Lenguas Extranjeras (e-ISSN : 2011-1177)
Departamento de Lenguas Extranjeras
Facultad de Ciencias Humanas
Universidad Nacional de Colombia



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