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More Power to the Master Lockit, ASF-G hydrophone, Lockit Network GmbH, ...


We present our new daughter company and neat new products

It's NAB, again, and it feels strangely quiet at Ambient Recording so close to the show. Last year we presented 6 new products from which some included revolutionary technology for the market. The following year was particularly demanding. We believe that the new production communication system introduced will change the workflow of our industry. As this system requires multiple processors, networks and servers to work together seamlessly, most processes in the system require automation for elegant and reliable workflow.  We discovered this was no small undertaking, as the small problems were able to cause much larger delays than imagined.

Ambient Recording will not deliver product until we are 100% bullet proof.  That is why we held back the technology until we can guarantee a seamless workflow.  We are happy to announce that our development efforts have been fruitful. We are well aware that some of you have been waiting for almost one year. Thank you for your patience.

With the formation of our new daughter company, LockitNetwork GmbH, we have created a think tank focused on Metadata system and App development.  This new company is prepared to bring the new Lockit Network system to the next level, and we are very excited about our future.

See the now shipping Master Lockit, and learn how it can help you drastically enhance your "standard" time code and sync workflow. Please visit us on our NAB booth C6946.


Your Ambient team

Master Lockit - ACN-ML

The new control center for all Lockits in your arsenal is shipping in May

The Master Lockit adds control, flexibility and comfort to your existing Lockit setup.
Being designed to perform as central hub in your system, the unit is able to display and control all other ACN devices on set. With built-in web access, ACN system control is also available using the browser of any computer or mobile device via WiFi or ethernet.
This enables you to name your Lockits and assign them to the camera or audio recorder to which they are connected. What's more, you can remotely view battery status, set the time, use time of day, see the last clap time of the ACN-LS, and sync all ACN units on the set.
Thus, one ACN-ML on your sound cart or in your bag prevents for many checks. Simply switch on your Lockits in the morning, set them to the correct ACN channel, and mount them on the device. The rest can be performed remotely and you always are up to date what your units are doing.
In addition to the double time code interface and ACN antenna port, the ACN-ML provides two DC I/O connections for power loop-through capability. The built-in Li-Ion backup battery is automatically charged with external DC and keeps the unit including WiFi up and running for more than 4 hours.
The dual USB port is used for the included WiFi sticks, and of course available for product enhancements. The Ethernet port can be used to collect metadata from the ARRI ALEXA and to update the firmware. Furthermore, it can be used to access the web interface with your Notebook without WiFi, enabling control of all Lockits on set.
We will be able to start shipping the units on backorder the 4th of May.

Sound Devices 6-series integration in Tonmeister App


We announce the next app upgrade and ACN-BT cable kit

After collaborating with Sound Devices to develop improved communication between the 788T and the ACN-BT for the most reliable connection on the market, we are on the way to our next collaboration.
Development has begun to integrate the 6-Series, as we focus our development to start with the 633. We are proud to continue our TonMeister development with such a robust ACN-BT connection, as we have already integrated wireless link capability for 6-Series units.
"Since the 6-Series mixer / recorders are already equipped with Ambient time code technology, it is a logical and evolutionary step for us to work with Ambient to add wireless communication and control. We are very excited about integration of the 6-Series into the ACN wireless distribution of TC and sync. And with the control and metadata editing offered by the TonMeister app, we expect on-set production workflow efficiency to reach a new level", says Paul Isaacs, VP Marketing & Product Design, Sound Devices
A USB / Binder cable is all that is required to make the ACN-BT 6-Series ready.
The cable, as well as a 6-Series ACN-BT kit will be made available once we have completed development and thoroughly tested it.
We will keep you up to date on all known channels.
Tonmeister App - How it works - video

ASF-G hydrophone

The best enclosure hydrophone on the market

With the ASF-G we use parts of the ASF-1 technology to create an affordable, easy to use, yet great sounding hydrophone to be used directly on camera enclosures. With an approximately 10 times bigger piezzo ceramic sensor, thus 10 times better signal to noise ratio, than any enclosure hydrophone we found on the market, the ASF-G sets new standards.
WIth a frequency range of 70Hz-20kHz we designed a microphone able to capture the whole spectrum of sounds while effectively avoiding low frequency noise created by camera handling.

The hydrophone is compatible with most professional camera housings, thanks to its M14 thread, and easily mounted on standard bulkhead ports. Due to its compact size, the ASF-G only adds 4 cm to the housing. 
  • Linear Frequency Range 70Hz-20kHz
  • Power Consumption: ≤5mA
  • Power Supply:
    • 3V DC with battery adaptor
    • 48V Phantom with ASF-G XLR cable (optional)
  • Max THD : 0,1% (70Hz-20kHz)
  • Available as ASF-G with 3.5mm TRS
    or ASF-G XLR 
Available: May 2015
Price: ASF-G 316,25 $ net. list
ASF-G XLR 391,25 $ net. list

Lockit Network GmbH

Ambient Recording Introduces New Lockit Network Company

Ambient Recording is happy to announce the creation of a new company called Lockit Network.  Together with our development partners from easySCOTT, the new Lockit Network’s mission is to develop the most technologically advanced software systems and tools designed to enhance television and motion picture production workflow communications.
The new Lockit Network combines incomparable, workflow-focused software development with Ambient’s hardware expertise for a position to define the future of production workflow communications. The LockitSCRIPT and TonMeister apps along with a web access tool enables on-set metadata to be utilized like never before in a comprehensive metadata communication system bridging the gaps from preproduction onto the set, and finally to post production.
What does this mean for customers?
Although Ambient is historically a hardware manufacturer, it recognizes that software is now a critical and inseparable component of workflow. Lockit Network will focus on the development of workflow related software within Ambient Recording’s hardware, while collaborating with other audio and video equipment manufacturers to integrate their equipment into future workflow enhancements.
This new company will bring some functional changes. These include:
  • The LockitSCRIPT and TonMeister apps will now be part of the Lockit Network system
  • The easySCOTT App will now be the LockitSCRIPT App
  • easySCOTT and LockitSCRIPT Webaccess will now be Lockit WebTools
  • The Facebook public group for Lockit Network products will be Lockit Network User Group
And last but not least, for those of you that have worked with our friends at easySCOTT in the past, they will be working in the same capacity, and with the same expertise and dedication as they always have in our new joint Lockit Network company.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about this new endeavor.

Ambient Amira Slot

We proudly present the brand new Amira receiver slot

The ARRI Amira was the first ENG camera manufactured by the Munich based company and immediately became a huge success.

As long term partners and neighbors, ARRI approached Ambient Recording to create some missing audio solutions. First we designed the Amira TinyMike set and added a high class camera microphone to the Amira system.
Now, we proudly present the Amira Slot, a wireless 2 channel receiver slot directly connected to the camera. The module is fastened between camera and battery and forms a permanent joint with minimal alteration of the balance.
The Amira Slot is equipped with an Unislot connector. This makes it compatible with most Slot-In receivers by Lectrosonics, Audio Limited, Wisycom, Sennheiser, etc.
The Amira Slot is available as V-Slot and Anton Bauer version through all ARRI and Ambient reseller with summer 2015.
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