January 2015 Deep Valley Sun e-Newsletter.

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January 2015

To promote and preserve Maud Hart Lovelace's legacy and her work,
encourage and support literacy and conserve Betsy-Tacy historic landmarks in Mankato


Happy New Year!

Your Contribution makes a difference

Thank you to our members, friends and volunteers who have supported the Betsy-Tacy Society in 2014 through your membership, in-kind and monetary donations. We would not be able to preserve Maud's legacy without your help!

Your response to our Facebook call for help to raise the balance of the funds needed to purchase the wallpaper for Betsy’s bedroom has helped us reached our goal. The wallpaper has been ordered. Thank you!

A Victorian Christmas 2014

Our annual Betsy-Tacy Victorian Christmas celebration was held on December 6th & 13th.

Margaret, Tacy, Betsy, and Julia make cranberry & popcorn garlands for the
Christmas tree in Betsy’s back parlor!

Betsy and Tacy ready to gather around the piano to sing Christmas
carols at Betsy’s house.

Mrs. Ray reads “Twas the Night Before Christmas” in the front parlor.


Valentines Day Shop Sale

Everything Pudding Aprons $2.00 off

Now Through February 14th!



You'll need a red "Everything Pudding" apron to wear to make
"Everything Pudding (or cookies) for your valentine this year.

                                                                      © Illustration by Lois Lenski/HarperPerennial
“It’s called Everything because it’s got everything in it,” said Betsy.
So they put on aprons.
Each one tied one of Betsy’s mother’s aprons around her neck.
 ~ Quotes from Betsy-Tacy and Tib

© Illustration by Vera Neville/HarperPerennial

Please keep In touch

We love our members! Your membership helps us to support our mission
to promote and preserve Maud Hart Lovelace’s legacy and her work.
You can renew your membership, make contributions, and learn more on our website: .


2015 Deep Valley Homecoming

A Celebration of Maud Hart Lovelace
& the Betsy-Tacy books!

June 26 - 30, 2015

Make plans to attend this event. Fun for the entire family!
 Registration form and schedule is in process and will be posted in January.

Rolling In Deep Valley 2014

Thank you Mankato Area Roller Derby Girls!
Betsy-Tacy fans were invited to share in the Mankato Area Roller Derby Girls (MAD) vs. the Attackonites bout on August 23rd at the Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato. Betsy and Tacy were in the stands along with turn of the century characters from author Maud Hart Lovelace's Betsy-Tacy and Deep Valley books. A special congratulations to Breanna Finch, who was the winner of the trivia question: "What is the relationship of King Kong to Maud Hart Lovelace?" Answer: The novelization of the movie King Kong was written by Maud's husband Delos Lovelace.

Mankato Area Roller Derby Girls donated a portion of their proceeds ($500) to benefit the Betsy-Tacy Society.

© Illustration by Lois Lenski/HarperPerennial
A Special Thank you!

We say good-bye to Susan Orchard who has resigned from her position as Executive Director. Susan has worked for the Betsy-Tacy Society for the past 3 years and is retiring to spend more time with her family. We wish her all the best and thank her for her work with BTS.

Thank you to Meghan Rodgers who has fulfilled a part-time position with us. Meghan worked with memberships, fundraising and social media. She will be moving on to complete an internship in fulfillment of her Masters degree this spring.

Betsy-Tacy and the Deep Valley Books

It may seem hard to believe, but once upon a time, and not so long ago, it was nearly impossible to own a copy of almost any of the Betsy-Tacy books, let alone find some to read; even many libraries had discarded them. And lucky the individual who had even seen a copy of Emily of Deep Valley or Carney’s House Party! They were out of print, yet never far from the hearts and minds of those who remembered them. Determined devotees clamored for their republication for years, and finally, finally, the publisher reissued them in various formats, culminating in the beautiful HarperPerennial editions which are now available to anyone with a local bookstore or a mouse. But what happened before could certainly happen again, and if we don’t keep buying them, and sharing them with our younger family members and friends, they will eventually disappear, perhaps for good. Let’s all do our part to prevent this. Every time you purchase one of these books you are helping to preserve Maud's work and keep these books in print.  Thank you!

Betsy & Tacy Houses
CLOSED for the Season
Dec. 24, 2014 – April 3, 2015
Open Sat. April 4, 2015

Special tours available throughout the year!

To arrange, call 507-345-9777.

Click here for more details.

Treasury Notes

Donations November - December 2014

Donations from October fundraising letter - $13,045.00 

Donations for the wallpaper fund  - $740.00

Give to the Max annual Campaign - $1500.00

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