Hey. My agent told me I was supposed to write a letter to u. Ugh I guess she'll get on my case if I don't spell it out properly. Y-o-u. It's not like I don't want to talk, just... just don't give out my email to anyone, k? (¬_¬) I just want to talk to u. You. Whatever.

Uhhh if you don't know who I am (???) I'm Seven, part of DRAGON. You know. The k-pop group? no? well, I'm also playing a part in Boyfriend Dungeon. Not to rush you or anything but i heard there's only like 3 days left to back it? i don't need any more fan club members but... it'd be cool to see you there... you seem chill.

I guess we can fight in the dunj together sometime -- I mean, I'm pretty good -- but you sure you don't want to just, idk, chill? watch a movie or something? (Do you like horror? action?) Could be pretty fun, if you wanted. I don't rly care, I can hang by myself too.. this summer in Verona Beach is my first vacation in forever.
I haven't rly been in a relationship because of my touring schedule but idk... there's something about you. I'm a lasersaber but you're kinda beaming too, like you have some kind of energy. For the summer, I thought you might... well, I've been feeling kinda... never mind. Don't worry about it.
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New Single 🎶

I know good music when i hear it, and the song to the most recent Boyfriend Dungeon trailer was good. I talked to Marskye & Maddy (yea we talk) and they put it up on soundcloud so.. yeah.... i hope u like it. gotta support those local indie bands, livin the dream, before going platinum ruins everything 💿 Click below to listen.

I used to write songs. I was always a better dancer, but... now there's this whole group of producers and writers and composers and... I miss just playing with my guitar, you know? Maybe I should pick that back up, for the summer... if we hang out a little more, I can write a song about you, maybe.

Surfer Dude 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

Heard you got Leah into Boyfriend Dungeon - she's p badass. A little too high-strung for me tbh, but w/e, if you're into her I totally get it. More power to her.

Idk much about the axe guy but i've seen him around. Seems cool. I'm not really allowed to spend too much time on the beach (my contract specifies NO TAN), but I know he's always down there at the surf and dive shop. Like... ALWAYS. Does he even go home?
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There's only like 3 days to fund him but i think u can if u shared the Kickstarter around and stuff. trust me lol i've seen what fan clubs can do. A few people go nuts, then the internet goes nuts, and bam, ur on a world tour. or u have another weapon, in this case. Apparently the devs added a few more "painted portrait" spots, since they sold out before, so... get em while they're still open.

If axe joins, that'll be 9 weapons total in Boyfriend Dungeon. I thought it'd only be 5 of us (and maybe a cat?), but... as long as they don't all try to crowd into our time, I guess I don't mind. just don't forget me~


Oh u want to hear more about DRAGON? Lol uhhhh you could prob google it or sumthing but sure i guess i can say some stuff. Um... i moved from Verona Beach to Korea when i was 8, and I started training like a year later.

So, DRAGON is... my group. Band. Whatever. There's six of us, but you probably mostly know about Sungwoo - he's the lead singer and most popular one. He's the "D", which stands for Dangerous.

Meanwhile, I'm the N, which stands for Nice. So... I'm"the babyface" and just smile? I wish N stood for Nothing. Whatever. Maybe becoming a lasersaber will let me change my image, but I haven't actually told my agent about that yet. I don't know how she'll react. Or Sungwoo, either. :/

But we went double platinum recently. Not a big deal tbh.. it's not like I see most of that money. And I'm kinda tired of of touring around. I love music but idk, I want to be able to slow down and relax with someone special, u know? I like spending time with u. ♥
My agent says i gotta go, but also I'm supposed to say blah blah Kickstarter. Sorry, I've just spent so long shilling for DRAGON, i'm done. plus u probably already backed it. so just, keep being cool.

For real though text me if u wanna go see a movie sometime. i'll sneak away to meet u.

Ahhh oh wow it's my turn soon!? It'll be fun to get to know you -- I swear there's no duel meaning to that! Umm... just... maybe give me a few days. I've got mid-terms and I haven't studied so.. :S

Seeeeee ya!
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