You've got sharp taste.

Greetings, dear reader. I have been persuaded to write you a "love letter"... and I find myself hesitant. There is no purer form of romance than a finely written bit of prose, and yet I barely know you. I hope this is only the beginning of our correspondence. Forgive me if I do not assume intimacy, just yet.

I'm Isaac Brooks, the founder of Brooks Associates, and recently featured in Boyfriend Dungeon. I presume you've backed us on Kickstarter already? According to my analysis, it's a worthwhile spenditure, though I am admittedly biased. I hope we both get a return, with interest. Romantic interest.

Speaking of the dunj, rest assured that I will protect you from the fiercest of monsters. I believe in your abilities as a wielder, so trust in me as your sword and I'll give you fencing lessons if need be. Deep breaths, stand firm, and strike your target at the most opportune moment. (You're most attractive when you're concentrating, and striving to improve.)

I haven't been in a relationship for some time, between business and my high standards. But you've made the cut, so the next time I attend a gala, I hope you'll do me the honor of being my "plus one". Though really, our combo attacks together are more like a plus five.
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Two new faces?

I hear Leah the Hammer may be joining our ranks soon, so long as the Kickstarter goal is reached within the next 7 days. She was the talk of Verona Beach a few years ago, but I didn't hear what happened to her after the Olympic trials in 2016...

As a financier, I am aiding the Kitfox team in how to best utilize their funds and ensure no dollar is wasted. Your life, and your money, are in capable sheathes.

My assistant has informed me that another mysterious stranger is willing to join your arsenal, should we happen to reach Leah's goal in time.

I've advised all of my clients to back the Kickstarter as soon as possible, so we can see who this mystery weapon is, and then decide whether they're our type...
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Bubble Tea Tasting & AMA

The Kitfox Games team will be doing a bubble tea tasting and answering all questions people may have on Monday, September 10th at 1:30pm EST. While I personally prefer a classic Earl Grey tea (just a splash of milk, please), I am intrigued at the various flavour combinations the team will try.

You can watch it on their Twitch channel here:

Tune in and tell me how it goes. You might have to translate some of the slang, but I'm sure it will be fun. Youth culture is fascinating, really. Except emojis. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Let's Heat It Up.. In the Kitchen

Do you like oysters? Truffle oil maybe? I've spent years developing a refined palate for haute cuisine... Italian and French, in particular. There is something so refined about the taste of their dishes. I would love to take you to this bistro I know in town -- white linens, romantic candles, ivy all along the walls... oui, c'est beau.
Alas, I must sign off from this letter as I have a meeting I'm running late for, but you're not going to let it end here are you? Make sure you spread the word about our Kickstarter and... let my assistant know if you have time for a coffee, or something more. I'll keep my schedule open for you.

Uhhhhhh. So... my agent says I'm supposed to write a letter to you next week. Hi? Idk, I'm pretty busy, but I'll try. Just don't tell anyone my email address. I just want to talk to you, not... the whole fan club.

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