Don't just grab me, okay?

Hey, cutie. I know the tradition is "choose your weapon", but I get some choice here too, okay? And I'm choosing today to write to you, so you better appreciate it!

Valeria here, from Boyfriend Dungeon. I'm not really from Verona Beach exactly, but I moved my art studio out here a few months ago and I have no regrets. Not about Verona Beach, anyway. I like the vibe. It's... uncomplicated, so far. I don't normally write -- I prefer paint usually (acrylic, oil, aerosol, whatever ya got) but words will have to do this time around.

Look, I'll be up front with you. I don't trust you yet. Please don't take it personally. I've just been backstabbed before, you know? So I'm going to be careful, and I expect you will be, too. No need to rush into things. We can still share a glass of whiskey and see where it takes us~

So are you more into Highland whiskys? Speyside? I'm more of an Islay drinker usually (Lagavulin, if you please, or something equally smokey), but I make sure La Rosa stocks Oban and Balvenie at the very least. If you don't enjoy whisky that's all right. Sunder can recommend some excellent cocktails. But no alcohol at all is fine too -- the house lemonade is surprisingly full-bodied this year, with a hint of rosemary, I hear.

With the Kickstarter going on, there's been a lot of eyes on me, which makes my skin crawl. I prefer letting people judge me from my art. But even if a few dunj fans overstep their boundaries, I can take care of myself. Don't worry. I'm probably the sharpest blade in the armory, and the quickest, too. 🗡️ They'll get perforated if they perv or rate me.. no? Too far?
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I've heard some rumors... 

One thing you're going to want to know about me is that I have a lot of friends, in a lot of places. You don't need to meet them or know who they are or how I met them -- but I know things. Trust me that when I say I hear a rumour going around, it's true.

So.. I've heard from a good source that an upcoming stretch goal in the Kickstarter is another confirmed female weapon. I'm all for some more ladies in this dunj crew, and can't wait to see who she is. No reason why this arsenal should be a sausage fest, am I right?

But I have to say that as a fellow artist, our current stretch goal of an art book and new date locations is interesting. It'd belong on my shelf of references, for sure. I spent HOURS of my precious life posing for portraits from Xin Ran Liu, so I HOPE he got my good side..

Plus, there's even some behind-the-scenes background process sketches and "lore"? Wait what is lore? Is that like, about the supposed 'cult' running around Verona Beach? Pfft. I'm into the art lessons, but I'll skip storytime, thank you.
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Make your own Bladesona

Nothing's more attractive than a skilled dungeoneer, but I have a special place in my heart for fellow artists too.

If you want to try your hand at a little creative expression, download the template for our profiles here... and tag @KitfoxGames on Twitter or share on the Discord so I can admire it. 😘 Remember: perfection is the enemy. Create; make mistakes; revel in the real, not the ideal.

Ducks: just no.

Seems there has been some controversy over my hatred of ducks. Fight me.

Did you know ducks sleep with one eye open? Because they're shady. And have you heard about their murderous, terrifying mating season? Don't trust them. Not with your bread, and certainly not with your love. They infest our parks and rivers, where I'm told I have to tolerate them, but I swear if there's a duck in the dunj, it's going to turn into some nice foie gras for my next meal. We can share. 😘
That's all I've got, but you're ready for more, aren't you? Make sure you spread the word about our Kickstarter to go on some more dates with me!

You seem like a wielder with good taste. Next week I'll send you a love letter of my own. I wouldn't dare assume compatibility, but... I'll delight in our correspondence, regardless of the outcome. Prepare for jabs.. of wit!

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