Hey, gorgeous.

Sunder here from Boyfriend Dungeon. AKA your favorite sword. Heard you signed up to get some love letters from the crew, while you're prepping for the dunj. That's pretty cute... letters are classic romance, you know? You can call or write to me anytime you're feelin' bored. 💖

I'd rather hear about you to be honest, but if you insist, I'm Sunder. 🌹 I own a minority share in La Rosa, the club downtown in Verona Beach, with my old friend Mandy -- have you met Mandy? I'm sure you will sooner or later. Oh, and, sometimes I'm a talwar. You know, the sword? Like a scimitar but cooler. Anyway, I "get edgy", as the kids say, whenever the mood strikes... and whenever you need me to... ;)

I've been getting a lot more attention with this Kickstarter going on, but trust me, you're the one for me. I have eyes only for you. Just don't read those comments. All we need is you and me, cutie. 🌹 We're gonna slay.

My Transformation ;)

My transformation's not bad, right? No, I didn't rehearse it. And I definitely didn't practice it in a mirror. I'm just naturally cool, okay?

Anyway, I bring it up cuz we're only ~$9k away from funding transformation sequences for all of the other blades... mine is the best, but you know, I'm open to sharing the spotlight. I can tell you've got a lot of love to give. Valeria's sneak preview is on the right-hand side. She looks really good, am I right? I can't wait to see what she looks like in color.

But don't worry, she's not my type. I'm all yours, cutie. 🌹

🌹 Fund us on Kickstarter 🌹

My Nightclub: La Rosa

Want me to buy you a drink? It's on me. 

What's a life worth living if you're not living it? We're all going to die, so... let's party. We get different DJs on different nights, but Marksye & McQueen are my faves lately. They're a local Verona Beach act that I think could make it big. They've released Without a Weapon and Spellbound as singles, but I'm still waiting for the dance remixes. If the full Boyfriend Dungeon album goes platinum, I hope they'll still come by La Rosa now and then...
Some of you cuties were curious about my physique. My diet's a secret, but dunj fighting takes a lot more effort than you think. It's pretty serious aerobic exercise. I keep it rock hard to protect you better, sweet stuff.

One tip I can share is my hair care routine. Let me tell you, I'd rather neglect my abs than these locks. Can't stand having a stringy mess when I'm on the dance floor. My secret? Don't wash your hair every day -- drop some conditioner on it if you want, but daily shampooing can dry it out... unless you've been getting in some serious sweating. Heh. Your scalp is gonna feel weird for a few days while you adjust, but it's totally worth it. Also? Argan oil. Put a bit on there to get the smooth glisten I do.

Either way, you're perfect for me just the way you are. 🌹
Anyways, that's it for me. Make sure you spread the word about our Kickstarter...

I can't wait to see you. Come by the club... say you're with me and the bouncer will make sure you're a VIP. 🌹

Hmmm... You weren't scared off by Sunder, were you? He can be a bit much for some people. But stick around and next week you'll hear from me. I can give you a little primer on art, or maybe whisky.

We'll see where the mood takes us... 

- Valeria
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