The Woman's Right to Know Act will be heard in committee in the House THIS WEDNESDAY, March 17!  We need everyone who sees this email to take action. Please.

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 Here's the Recap:
(REMINDER: The highlighted bills on the 'watch list' below are specific to DFPC's focus, expertise, and interests. To view the actual bill language or see the sponsors, the bill title is linked for your convenience. Green means we support the bill; red means we oppose it. IMPORTANT: if you click on a bill that you support, take a minute to thank the legislators who are sponsoring it.)


This bill is on the calendar to be heard in committee THIS WEDNESDAY, March 17th at 10am!  Again, listen in HERE!  

SUPPORT! TAKE ACTION! The Woman's Right to Know Act would mandate that a woman needs to be offered the option to see her ultrasound image prior to the abortion.

In any other medical procedure  -- even removing a tooth -- a patient is shown the image of what's going on and what's being removed. In the abortion procedure the woman is deliberately kept in the dark, and sometimes lied to about the development of her baby. 

This Act simply requires an abortion provider to offer a patient the option of seeing her ultrasound prior to the abortion procedure. That's it.

Women can still refuse to view it if they choose. This does not remove a woman's choice, it simply allows them to make an informed choice. 

Will you stand with the women who have experienced the lie of abortion, who are speaking out in this hearing? They need thousands of us behind them. 

Please amplify your voice on this issue; forward this email to 10 other people and ask them to take action PLEASE. 

Click here to send an email directly to your State Representative, as well as the legislators in the Health and Human Development committee, asking them to vote YES on HB 40, The Woman's Right To Know Act.
This bill was heard last week and unfortunately passed in committee. The next step is for it to be placed on the calendar to be heard on the House Floor. You can view the Floor Schedule on the House Agenda.

This bill ensures that women can self-administer drugs and endure chemical abortions without any form of physical oversight, which puts the lives of women at an even greater risk of harm. 

Though the bill passed, Representatives Briggs-King, Postles, and Collins all refused to vote for it 🙌 🙌 🙌. Representative Ruth Briggs-King also gave great push back in questions to the sponsor of this bill, though her questions were left unanswered. Please take the time to thank them!

Religious Freedom

This bill will be heard in committee this Wednesday at 11:30 am. It is an act to prohibit discrimination of the individual based on his or her religious observance and practice, as well as beliefs. The language sounds solid, but ironically, the bill sponsors all represent a political platform that seeks to elevate sexual freedom and abortion as rights higher than the right of conscience or religious liberty. 

We are actively watching this bill and preparing to act if necessary. 

Do not be upset if your typically conservative legislator supports this bill but does not sign as a sponsor for this bill. They may very well be watching intently to see where this is going.🤔🧐

*If one or both of your legislators are mentioned on the bill as a sponsor, this presents the perfect opportunity to connect with them personally via email or text to ask them about this legislation. Find out what may be driving them to sponsor this bill and ask how you can pray for them.


HB 92 was the original bill that changed the term limits for school board members. The current term is 5 years and this bill would reduce it to 4 years. 

It is labeled "HS 1" because it is the House Substitute for the original bill. The substitute bill clarifies what part of Delaware Code is being changed. It has passed the committee and is on the House Ready List waiting to be heard on the Floor. 

The House Ready List is the list of all bills that passed in committee. The Speaker of the House, Representative Pete Schwartzkopf, will then decide when they will be heard on the Floor. 

Voter Integrity

This bill would automatically register adults of voting age at the time that they receive a valid Driver's License. 

If an individual applies for a state Driver's License and produces documentation to prove their US citizenship, they will be referred to the Department of Elections as a valid candidate for registration. The Department of Elections will then register them as unaffiliated and reach out to have them select a party, if they choose to do so.  

Delaware is a "Closed" state, which means that only those who are registered as Republicans or Democrats may vote in the primary election. It will be crucial for those who desire to vote in the primary to either register to vote prior to obtaining their Driver's License or to follow up to solidify their party registration. 

Gun Control

Most gun control bills seek to limit the type of firearms that can be owned by citizens. This bill is no different. 

It would not only limit, but criminalize, the ability to own certain firearms -- those made with a 3D printer, those without a serial number if made after 1968, or an unfinished firearm frame. 

What's Next ...

Please take action on The Woman's Right to Know Act. Remember that the hearing is THIS WEDNESDAY at 10am in the House committee. 

If you are a member of DFPC then we look forward to connecting with you at our March 25th meeting.  If you're not a member and would like to support this work in Delaware, please Join Us!  

If this summary is helpful, drop us an email or text to let us know. Please remember to pray that hearts and minds will be moved, changed, and that truth will be heard beyond all the deception. 
For Christ and His Kingdom,
Nandi Randolph
Policy Analyst

Delaware Family Policy Council
P.S. If you missed the previous legislative update, HERE is the link to review it.
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