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Featured Physician Story
Asthma Return-on-Investment (ROI) Potential with Health Mirror
Joseph K. Weidner, Jr. MD, CEO, President of Health Mirror

Photo by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Physicians can overestimate their patient’s understanding of inhaler use. Improper device use can contribute to complications and increased medical costs. I have occasionally made the presumption that patients knew how to use their inhalers if prescribed in the past, but that may not have always been true.

Healthcare practices also typically fail to account for clinician time and therefore lost income by not capturing charges for demonstrating the proper use of an inhaler. Health Mirror can consistently demonstrate proper inhaler or nebulizer use to every patient who is prescribed an inhaler, which in turn can also yield a significant return on investment (ROI) for the subscriber.

In my locality, Medicare reimburses for the CPT 94664 code that is applied for a demonstration of how to use an inhaler or nebulizer at $18.13. An internal report for the last year revealed 800 patients in our office with an inhaler on their active medication list, 480 of whom were given the prescription within that past year. Recognizing the potential for improvement in patient outcomes coupled with a tangible ROI, I implemented the use of Health Mirror to assist in the process (i.e. consistent demonstration of how to properly use an inhaler or nebulizer). This education, delivered during and/or after the point of care easily fits within my office workflow without extra effort on my part at the time of the visit.

Using the administration function of Health Mirror, I was able to easily prioritize the videos that demonstrate proper inhaler and nebulizer use for asthma patients or others with breathing problems waiting in an examination room. By the time I see the patient, they have watched the video and we are able to have a more informed discussion. If they have their inhaler, I can ask them to show me how they use it.

With these patient education changes and with proper documentation and coding, I estimate up to $7000 this year in previously unreported charges. For our family medicine practice, using Health Mirror in each of 8 exam rooms, collecting these charges more than doubles the investment of a subscription.

To further explore the potential financial returns from quality improvement and disease management programs for populations diagnosed with asthma, visit AHRQ’s Asthma Return-on-Investment Calculator.
Smoking Cessation is Mission Critical to Wound Healing 
Lenore Tietjens-Grillo, MD, FACOG, CMO of Health Mirror
The Health Mirror team enjoyed beautiful San Antonio while attending the 2015 Symposium for Advanced Wound Healing (SAWC) early May. Visitors to our exhibit were enthusiastic about Health Mirror’s multimedia patient education solution ability to support their initiatives to address smoking cessation as well as other co-morbidities that impact wound healing (eg diabetes, obesity, and vascular disease). The timeliest discussion of the conference was about the requirement of 4 weeks of documented smoking cessation efforts prior to the authorization of bio-engineered skin replacement therapy for non-healing wounds.

Educating the wound care patient to support smoking cessation, better nutrition, improved hygiene, and medication compliance is critical for healing. This common sense approach of engaging patients in their care is the right thing to do for their current wound and enables the wound care experience to be a pivot to a more healthy future.

Health Mirror enables clinicians to disseminate engaging education where and when needed to meet patient specific concerns. Within the workflow of a wound care center, smoking cessation videos can be consistently presented to patients during the 4 weeks prior to skin replacement therapy. Connect to our web site to learn more about our wound care library. 
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Webinar: Disseminating Multimedia Patient Education to Improve CQMs within a PCMH

May 21st, 12 PM EST
Presented by Joseph Weidner, Jr. MD FAAFP and
Lenore Tietjens-Grillo, MD, FACOG
Hosted by 1st Healthcare Compliance

Photo by John Picken is licensed under CC BY 2.0Health Mirror recently completed a very successful exhibition at HIMSS 2015 in Chicago.  Health Mirror Version 3.0, the latest version of our product, was very well received and generated a tremendous amount of interest among the HIMSS attendees.  We also unveiled our Health Mirror Enterprise solution, an all-encompassing inpatient entertainment, education, and communication product suite delivered on a hospital grade smart TV through our partnership with Healthcare Information (HCI). 
In addition, we want to congratulate Mike Cottle from Netwon Medical Center in Newton, Kansas.  Mike was the winner of our Apple Watch Sport raffle conducted at HIMSS. Our thanks to everyone who partipated in the raffle and congratulations, Mike!
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