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Newsletter from Hogia Ferry Systems

Winter greetings from Hogia Ferry Systems!

Winter is finally here and we are quickly approaching Christmas and a New Year. It has been a motivating year for Hogia Ferry Systems; we have looked at and improved some of our routines in regards to the way we work and how we work and communicate with you. During the BOOKIT Conference our partnership was discussed and we took everything you said to heart and are looking forward to continue strengthening our partnership with You in 2014.

We also have some exciting news, in November we signed with Bintan Resort Ferries - our first client in Asia! More information about Bintan Resort Ferries is found below.
Welcome Bintan Resort Ferries!
We have the great pleasure of announcing that we have signed with a new client - Bintan Resort Ferries! The agreement between Bintan Resort Ferries and Hogia Ferry Systems was signed in November at BRF's head office in Singapore. BRF is our first client in Asia and we are very happy they chose us as the supplier for their reservation system!

Bintan Resort Ferries operates a route between Singapore and Bintan, Indonesia. You can find more information on their website –

Bintan Resorts are in the process of building new resorts, take a look at the amazing plans on youtube.

Changed opening hours

During December and January our opening hours are changed. These are the dates that have changed opening hours:

Office closed:
December 24th - 26th
January 1st
January 6th

Office closes at 14:00:
December 23rd
December 31st

If you have critical problems during these days, please contact our hotline service which is available 24/7.

API meeting in Vasa

January 21-22 we will for the first time arrange an API meeting in Vasa. During the meeting we will discuss the API e.g. what we can do better, if the documentation could be improved and how we should work together in order to keep a good dialogue.

If you are interested in joining, please let Maria ( or Jonathan ( know and we will arrange for you to join us.
New release in January
We will launch a new release of BOOKIT January 15th, 2014-R1. The release notes will be made available on the customer portal.

With the new release we have interesting new features and also enhancements to existing functionality. A new and exciting feature is Departure log; a new feature where you can define departure related information like reason for cancelling sailings, tide situtation, captain's name etc. The great thing with this feature is that it is you who decide exactly what the user sees and what should be defined per departure. It is a standard feature with customer defined data.

If you are interested in getting 2014-R1, please contact your account manager on the support team. If you wish to learn more about one of the features, please contact either Maria or Jennie on the after sales team.

Micaela Österberg back in business

Micaela Österberg is back in the office after being on maternity leave for a couple of years. Micaela has been working for Hogia Ferry Systems for 12 years and many of you have probably met her at conferences or meetings around the world. 

Micaela has held a number of different positions within the company and prior her maternitiy leave she was Product Manager. Micaela is currently acting as our Business Coordinator and her job is to manage the flow of communication and information between the different parts of the business.

News from the Hogia Group

Public Transports first customer in Norway
Möre and Romsdal have announced that they choose Hogia as the supplier for the core system and passenger information signs. A total of 48 signs displaying information will be placed at the docks across the county.
Approx. 40 ferries will report real-time and deviations to PubTrans. The Traffic information central will via TIMS (the passenger information system) create and show messages via signs, web sites and apps. For information about Hogia Public Transport please visit their website by clicking here

Kickstart challenge
Hogia Small Office has launched a unique competition, a competition where people share their dreams about their own business. The winner will get their own corporation, to a value of 5 000€ as well as coaching in developing a business plan and getting started.
The winning idea will not be the most unique business idea, the challenge is to dare to share your dreams and ideas and be open to receiving feedback.
Bert-Inge Hogsved, CEO and founder of the Hogia Group says "Without a dream about my own company I would never have started Hogia in my basement back in 1980. With Kickstart Challenge we want to find an dedicated person and help them fulfil their dream".
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