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Greetings from Vasa, Finland!
Spring is here, almost all snow has melted and nature is slowely waking up. This is by far the best time of the year, you can almost smell summer in the air! A rare treat if you are living close to the polar circle like we do.

Even if nature is slow and taking her time, we are not. It has been a very busy winter for us and we continue being busy. We have a lot of interesting news to tell you, both news from us at Hogia Ferry Systems and from the Hogia group.

We have now decided when and where this year's BOOKIT conference will be held, please read more at the bottom of the newsletter. As always, we are very exicted about our conference!

We hope you will take a few minutes to read through our newsletter to see what we are up to.

Wishing you a wonderful spring!

Kind regards, Hogia Ferry Systems
Marine Atlantic live with HT Complete
We are happy to announce that Marine Atlantic is live with HT Complete, a terminal management product provided by Hogia Terminal Management Systems.

During the first day, February 25th 2015, three ferry departures were operationally loaded using the Workflow management function in the HT Complete system.

Colin Tibbo, CIO at Marine Atlantic Inc. and Niclas Blomström, MD at Hogia Ferry Systems onboard Marine Atlantic's ferry MV Blue Puttees.

As BOOKIT and HT Complete are seamlessly integrated it makes operations more efficient. For example; all commercial bookings are automatically transferred as well as all departure information (including schedule changes) from BOOKIT to the terminal system. So instead of double entry you have single entry of data which saves both time and money.

Apart from this, via HT Complete Marine Atlantic can also for instance:
- in an efficient manner handle damage control
- invoice storage fees

- deal with operations at the terminal and handling work orders

To read the entire press release and see what Colin Tibbo, CIO and Terry Anderson, Terminal Manager at Marine Atlantic say about the project, please click here.
Port integrations
Hogia Ferry Systems have, together with Swedish Orient Line built integrations to a number of port systems. Today the integration is in use at 5 different ports located in all around Europe and more are ports are on their way.

The integration is based on standard messages sent from BOOKIT. These messages include information about bookings, manifests and what is loaded on the ferry.

The integration makes the communication between opreators and port staff more efficient and realible.

Red Funnel offers real time traveller information
Red Funnel have been using Hogia Ferry Systems' reservation system BOOKIT since 2007 and have now also acquired Hogia Public Transport Systems' product TIMS, a real time traveller information management system. The two systems are fully integrated.

By using TIMS together with BOOKIT, Red Funnel's customer benefit from live information about sailing schedules, either via message boards at the terminals, via disruption messages distributed via social media like twitter and Facebook or via SMS and email.
Live disruption information is also available on Red Funnels website.

New employees at Hogia Ferry Systems
We are very pleased to announce that we have hired new members of staff.

Mr Johan Stolpe
will start working as our Product Manager. Johan comes from the telecom business and has been working as a Product Manager for 7 years at a large local company in Vasa, Finland. Johan will start working with us on May 4th.

Ms Meri Rigby is our new International Sales Executive. Meri comes from the UK and has been living in Sweden for many years. She is a experienced sales professional and we are happy that she has chosen to join our team. Meri will be stationed at our head office in Stenungsund. She will start working with us on April 13th.

Mr Ossian Beukelman has just been hired to the development team. Ossian comes originally from the Netherlands and has been living in Finland for many years. Ossian will start working in the beginning of April.

We also have a new temp working on the support team, Mr Andreas Kastrén. Andreas began working with us in the beginning of March and will be with us until the end of summer.

Hogia Public Transport Systems leading the Nordic market
Hogia PubTrans is today the biggest provider of public transport systems in the Nordic countries providing information to 8/10 passengers using public transport services.

Examples of public transport companies who have chosen Hogia as their provider are:
  • Stockholm Lokaltrafik, largest public transport provider in Sweden with transport services in greater Stockholm
  • Västtrafik, second largest public transport provider in Sweden with transport services in the southwest of Sweden
  • Movia, largest public transport provider in Denmark with operations in greater Copenhagen
  • Ruter, largest public transport provider in Norway with operations in Oslo and Akershus
  • Helsinki Region Transport, largest public transport provider in Finland with operations in greater Helsinki (in operation during 2015).

For more information about Hogia Public Transport Systems, please contact Sales & Marketing director Jonatan Hanson,
We have written the last piece of code for release 2015-R2 and are now in the testing phase. The new release will be live April 15th.

In 2015-R2 we mostly have enhancements and no major refactoring as we do not want to make any major changes just before your high season.

The release notes and the API documentation will as always be made available on the customer portal. Please contact your account manager if you are interested in taking the release.

BOOKIT Conference
We are happy to announce that the conference is returning to the same place as it started, our head office in Stenungsund. So please make a mark in your calendar that September 7-9 you will be in Stenungsund, Sweden attending BOOKIT Conference 2015.

According to us, last year's conference was a success, thanks to you who attended and of course Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten who helped us with the arrangements. We hope that this year's conference will be equally good.

You will be receiving an invitation to the conference during April.

Hogia Trackit
Today sees the launch of Hogia Trackit – a mapping and tracking service for transport companies that displays vehicle positions and movements in real time.

Unlike other tracking services, Hogia Trackit is part of Hogia’s transport solution. Vehicle positions are retrieved using smartphones and tablets via Hogia’s order app. Transport planners and other users of Hogia’s transport planning system can now follow the vehicle’s movement and position in real time using a map within the one and the same solution.

To read the entire press release, please click here.

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