UOAQ Newsflash #05 - OFT disciplinary hearing follow up
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Unit Owners Association Of Queensland

UOAQ Newsflash #05
OFT disciplinary hearing - follow up


Dear Members & Supporters

On June 28, your committee circulated a call for help from fellow member Deborah Kerr, to attend a disciplinary hearing brought by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in relation to undisclosed commissions in the operation of her caretaker's letting pool.

It was Deborah's intention to show QCAT that there was strong community interest in the matter, and that the OFT should be provided with as much support as could be mustered.

I am pleased to advise members that there were in excess of 30 OFT supporters who attended QCAT on July 6, to the degree that the hearing was delayed for over an hour while accommodation was provided in the court for these supporters. Every available chair in the court was occupied and additional seating was required to be brought in to the court to accommodate all in attendance. Court security expressed concern as to safety issues over this large attendance, but the QCAT Member was insistent that all were to be accommodated.

Sadly Deborah was unable to attend due to health issues, a direct result of a previous QCAT determination in an application to terminate the Rocks Resort caretaker. You can read this outcome here. Deborah has advised that after a 5 year determination and 9 days in court, with her producing 20,000 pages of evidence and a cost outlay to the body corporate of over $301,000, QCAT awarded against the body corporate over the wording of remedial action notices. For those short of time go straight to paragraphs 75 to 85; the disclosure will amaze any reader.

I am sure that Deborah and all Rocks Resort owners appreciate the efforts made by those who attended the hearing.

Wayne Stevens
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