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The colour of (your) money?

We have all heard the stories about caretakers and resident unit managers (RUMs) receiving incentive payments, call it what you will, from the contractors engaged through them for our Bodies Corporate,  e.g. tradesmen like ‘sparkies’, plumbers, maintenance workers, painters; even service providers like the energy companies.
We have also heard about the enormous savings obtained when Bodies Corporate take back control of these contracting arrangements from the BCMs, caretakers and RUMs: one Building Member on the Sunshine Coast, with 140 plus units, saved over $100,000 in just one year by doing this.  Another complex in that area, with 20 plus units, saved enough to render their building.
The difficulty has always been in obtaining actual proof of these incentive payments…and recipients have always proved very shy about sharing the details with unit owners. Maybe an upcoming ARAMA event will make things a little clearer!
ARAMA is the association for caretakers.  ARAMA puts a lot of effort into training their members on how to maximise their profits from the strata industry…and as you would expect, the source of most of those profits is us, the unit owners.
ARAMA recently issued their 2015 Events Calendar, and included is a series of workshops titled:

$$$ The Colour of Money? $$$


We all know painting your building costs money; did you know it can not only make you money, it can also save you money!
Join with your fellow ARAMA members for dinner before the meeting or a cuppa afterwards.

The promo seems to assume that caretakers / RUMs already know they may make money from strata painting and this workshop will ensure they know how to save money from it as well. You will note that the training workshops are for ARAMA members only; and ARAMA will not disclose to non-members the details of those workshops.

It would be interesting to ask a caretaker or RUM two questions:
  1. How do you make money from strata painting… without receiving incentive payments which are loaded on to the cost of painting to us?
  2. How do you save money from strata painting…without receiving freebies which are loaded onto the cost to us?
Could this workshop provide evidence of incentive payments flowing to our caretakers and RUMs? Unless you are a member of ARAMA you may never know the answer!


You can find the ARAMA 2015 Events Calendar referred to above here that will demonstrate to owners how caretakers are coached by their industry association to position themselves against their owner clients. At stakeholder meetings with the Commissioner of Body Corporate and Community Management, ARAMA delegates often referred to the training their association provided to their members, but to what extent is that training focused on better management practices rather than increasing financial returns?

Find it interesting? Do feel free to circulate this bulletin to your building membership.
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