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A key priority for Regional Development Australia Murray is to inform communities, businesses & industries within the Murray region of the latest Government, Business and Philanthropic programs available.

In this issue:

Youth Opportunities Program

Applications Close: 29 September 2014

To provide time-limited grants for new projects that enable young people to lead and participate in community development activities.


Youth Opportunities is a program that gives young people the opportunity to lead and participate in development projects within their local community.

This initiative funds new projects that support innovative youth leadership and mentoring through time-limited grants. Young people need to be involved in all aspects of the project.

The program is based on the principles of:

  • Inclusiveness (mainstream, targeting all young people)
  • Community participation
  • Community service (including volunteering)
  • Partnering with young people and developing networks within communities.

The objectives of the program are to:

  1. increase the number of youth-led and youth-driven community activities throughout NSW;
  2. engage young people in projects which overcome barriers to participation in the community;
  3. enable young people to develop and strengthen teamwork, communication, leadership and decision-making skills;
  4. improve young people’s access to community-based activities that promote community involvement including sport and recreation, cultural and other activities;
  5. recognise the contribution that young people make to their local communities; and
  6. provide young people with the knowledge and skills to link them with further training and employment opportunities, or improve their educational outcomes.

To be eligible for funding the Organisation must be either incorporated non-Government not-for-profit organisations or a local government authority.

Organisations must have a valid ABN.

NSW Fair Trading will undertake a probity check to determine eligibility and financial viability of organisations as part of the application assessment process.

For more information:
Website: Youth Opportunities Program

Phone: 02 8762 9838

Habitat Action Grants

Applications close: 19 September 2014


Angling clubs, individuals, community groups, local councils and organisations interested in rehabilitating fish habitats in freshwater and saltwater areas throughout NSW can apply for grants.

Habitat rehabilitation projects which may be funded include:

  • removal or modification of barriers to fish passage
  • rehabilitation of riparian lands (river banks, wetlands, mangrove forests, saltmarsh)
  • re-snagging waterways with timber structure
  • removal of exotic vegetation from waterways
  • bank stabilisation works
  • reinstatement of natural flow regimes

Funding applications require the completion of the habitat-specific Funding Application form and must relate to the enhancement of recreational fishing through the improvement of fish habitat. Applicants may apply for a small grant (maximum $1,000 excluding GST) or a large grant (maximum $40,000 excluding GST). Successful projects are usually funded for one year and announced towards the end of the year.

For further information:
Website: Habitat Action Grants
Contact: Habitat Action Grants Administrator
Phone: 02 6626 1107 or02 4916 3817

NSW Artists' Grant

Applications close: 15 November 2014

The NSW Artists’ Grant has been initiated by NAVA to assist professional visual and media arts, craft and design practitioners residing in NSW effectively to produce, present and promote their work throughout NSW, interstate and overseas.


Funds for the scheme have been made available by Arts NSW specifically to encourage the undertaking of creative and cost-effective initiatives.

These funds are to assist directly with the costs associated with the development and implementation of a project plan and strategies, for example:

  • the production of new creative work
  • presentation in a venue
  • travel
  • freight
  • technical assistance
  • preparation and distribution of a portfolio
  • market research
  • Creating & maintaining a database, setting up a website, and/or a
    publicity campaign*

* Funds are not available to pay for the services of marketing professionals.

For more information

Website: NSW Artists' Grants
Phone: 02 9368 1900

Community Resilience Innovation Program (CRIP)  

Applications Close: 15 October 2014

The Community Resilience Innovation Program (CRIP) supports a broad range of locally-based projects designed to increase all-hazard disaster preparedness and build community capacity and resilience. CRIP projects are based on collaboration and partnership between local community organisations and emergency services agencies.


CRIP supports a broad range of locally-based projects designed to increase all-hazard disaster preparedness and build community capacity and resilience. CRIP projects are based on collaboration and partnership between local community organisations and emergency services agencies.

CRIP aims to:

  • Encourage local communities to engage in creative, community-focussed activities that will enhance disaster resilience
  • Develop effective partnerships and build networks between local community organisations, councils and emergency services agencies
  • Foster ways to effectively engage the local community in emergency management and resilience building
  • Share knowledge and lessons learnt about new approaches and models through project evaluation
  • Support initiatives that can be integrated into current business and maintained in the longer term
Projects should be completed within 12 months. Where there is a strong case, projects needing up to 2 years to complete can be considered.


Organisations eligible to apply for funding under the Community Resilience Program (CRIP) are:
  • Non-government organisations including not-for-profit organisations and community groups
  • Local Councils
  • Government agencies with emergency management responsibilities
Unincorporated groups may apply through an eligible sponsor agency or, if a local unit of an emergency service, the parent agency.

Applications from non-government organisations must include written endorsement from a government agency with emergency management responsibilities on the endorsement form provided


For more information:

Website: Community Resilience Innovation Program (CRIP)
Phone: 02 8247 5900

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