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Active News Beet

June 29, 2021

In this issue of the Active News Beet... 


CalFresh Healthy Living General Items of Interest
Upcoming Events and Deadlines
COVID-19 Updates and Resources
Staff Appreciation - Retirement Profiles
CalFresh Healthy Living, UC In Action! 
If You Carrot All - Gardening Updates
Bee Social - Social Media Corner
Conferences and Training Opportunities
Employment Opportunities
Website Updates

Juicy Bites from the Field 

"These lessons were great. One of my English learning students said it was easy to understand and enjoyed the lesson online."
 — Seventh Grade PE Teacher
Sequoia Middle School, Fresno County

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

What's Up? Wednesday

Date/time: July 28, 10:00 - 11:00 AM
Zoom Information:
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 944 9818 8978
Passcode: 072821
Dial +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Ancestral Recipes Cookbook & Live Cooking Demos

Ancestral Recipes: From My Grandma’s Kitchen To Yours has been designed in collaboration with Borrego Health's patient community in the eastern Coachella Valley. Cookbook recipes, based on MyPlate, were tailored to ensure ingredients are available and affordable. The cookbook is currently available in English and Spanish. Dr. Ann Cheney from UC Riverside School of Medicine presented this cookbook with a community member in the May CFHL, UC Town Hall. Don't forget to follow their Facebook page for updates and more resources.
Source: Borrego Health

Staff Appreciation - Retirement Profiles

Rosemary Carter, CFHL, UCCE Placer & Nevada County Program Manager

Rosemary began working with CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Placer Nevada in 2001 when the program was named: Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program (FSNEP) as a part time educator, Program Representative I. Her first assignment was to encourage teachers in qualifying schools to sign up for the program. In promoting the program, she requested that rather than call it FSNEP which was less friendly and stigmatized the SNAP-Ed audience, the program should be locally renamed “Let’s Eat Healthy”.  Schools and teachers signed up and more innovations from Rosemary followed through the years. This included her key role with UC nutrition curriculum author Sharon Junge in the development and piloting of multiple curricula including: Go Grow Glow, Healthy Happy Me, Farm to Fork – K, 1st and 2nd grades, My Amazing Body, Good for Me and You and It’s My Choice. Since that time she has witnessed the program grow and transition from Direct Education to include Policy Systems and Environmental change initiatives. Her ongoing pursuit of excellence in educational delivery of nutrition programs that are practical and innovative has inspired the Placer-Nevada team through the years:

"I’ve worked with Rosemary Carter over the past 20 years and she is an outstanding leader, educator, innovator, and friend.  Rosemary values the importance of nutrition education and has always gone above and beyond to ensure the quality and success of the CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Program in Placer/Nevada."
-Michele Fisch

"Rosemary has a creative passion for new ideas to approach teaching nutrition and has developed many handouts and hands-on teaching techniques over the years."
-Annette Cosgrove

"As a Manager, Rosemary has always provided me with the support I needed to become confident in myself and in my job as a member of our team. This experience is not exclusive to me. She provides each of my co-workers with the support they need, whatever that might be. Support is undoubtedly expected of anyone given the title of Manager, but it’s her techniques, her time, and her unwavering dedication that make Rosemary stand out as a Program Manager."
-Deborah Weeks

"Throughout her career, Rosemary never lost focus on the importance of teaching nutrition education. Elementary school students loved seeing “Mrs. Carter” and grew up seeing her in their classrooms every year.  It has been wonderful getting to work with and learn from Rosemary. She has forever left her stamp on our program, and she will be greatly missed!"
-Carrie Yarwood
"Rosemary has the distinctive ability to recognize a need in the community and come up with a list of creative ways to help meet that need. She seeks out collaboration and has built long-lasting partnerships with schools and teachers. There is no doubt students she has engaged with remember her long after they move on to middle and high school."
-Kelley Brian

Rosemary initiated the extender model delivery approach of one lesson being taught by the educator before handing over a curriculum to a teacher as a “kickoff strategy”. This extender model of delivery is used to this day throughout the state. When asked what she has liked the most about her work, the answer was emphatically: “I love interacting with the students and hearing back from them years later when they see me that they have made changes to their diet and exercise patterns.” In keeping with her background in nutritional teaching Rosemary cited that “I practice what I preach in both diet and exercise – this is my passion”. Thank you Rosemary for 20 years of community service and the countless lives you have impacted with this passion and conviction.
Rosemary Carter, CFHL, UCCE Placer & Nevada County Program Manager

Chutima Ganthavorn, Riverside & San Bernardino County NFCS Advisor

When did you become interested in Nutrition and what led you to a Ph.D. in Food Science?
The human nutrition course I took at Cal led me to a bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition. It was the first time I learned that nutrients in food are used to build your body and that what you eat is important. It was an eye opener. What’s memorable about that course besides who taught it (Dr. Janet King), was one assignment that taught critical thinking skills; I learned that not all the nutrition advice you read is correct. At Cal I had work study opportunity that gave me an invaluable experience in a very cool research lab. This inspired me to go into food science research and I eventually ended up with a Ph.D. in Food Science from Washington State University.
Tell us about your journey working with ANR for both FSNEP and EFNEP.

Life took me to a couple places before bringing me back to California. It must have been fate that I ended up at UC working for ANR in the position of NFCS Advisor for Riverside County in 1999. The major responsibility was to build successful EFNEP and FSNEP programs which was quite a challenge with no program supervisors and limited State Office support at the time. But it was a job that involved having a passion for helping others, especially low resource families that are in need of better health. This position took me on long drives to places in Riverside County that I had never been to before, and meeting people from all walks of life with diverse ethnic heritages. Earlier projects included working with Southeast Asian farmers, a Hmong student intern, grandparents raising grandchildren, and Latino youth from migrant families. Later on, I became involved in projects with African-American communities and a Native American tribe. Although I worked on food safety projects such as Make It Safe, Keep It Safe, County needs demanded that I focus more on nutrition education and delivery methods such as learn at home and spotlight education. I started to partner with master gardeners in 2006, a partnership that deepened over the years and subsequently led to community and school garden development and garden-based nutrition education. In 2015, my responsibilities expanded to include San Bernardino EFNEP.
A common thread I found in all my interactions over the years is that there are plenty of dedicated and passionate people, ANR staff and academics as well as community partners, wanting to build healthy families and communities. The keys to success are partnership, funding and leadership support. It has been a joy working with everyone I have encountered and a memorable journey for me.
What is one of your favorite projects that you worked on during your 22 years with ANR?

Either the SNAP-Ed Innovative Grant project or the project working with the Desert Cahuilla Indian Tribe.
What are you looking forward to once you retire?
Spend more time with my family, sleep in, exercise, read more, and hopefully be able to travel soon.  
Chutima Ganthavorn, Riverside & San Bernardino County NFCS Advisor

CalFresh Healthy Living, UC In Action!

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CFHL, UCCE Kern and Kern 4-H Team Up to Provide Farm Working Families with Knowledge and Skills to Prepare Healthy Meals and Beverages

Shafter Healthy Start Family Resource Center (FRC) is part of the Richland School District which is located in Shafter, CA, a city located 18 miles north-west of Bakersfield.  To proactively support families in creating healthy lifestyles, administrators and staff at Shafter Healthy Start FRC collaborated with CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Kern (CFHL, UCCE Kern) and Kern 4-H Program to provide family centered virtual nutrition and cooking education from April 28-May 19, 2021.
In order to comprehensively affect the 12 enrolled families, both the parents and children received lessons to reduce obesity through healthy nutrition. All lessons were taught in Spanish as participants were non-English speaking. Sessions were also held in the afternoon to accommodate the schedules of farm working families. CFHL, UCCE Kern provided parents with Plan, Shop, Save, and Cook food resource management lessons virtually through Zoom. During the lessons, parents were taught how to plan their meals, understand food labels, save money on food, and ensure food safety. Parents were also able to engage in short physical activity breaks during each nutrition lesson.
The Kern 4-H Family Cooking Academy provided families with virtual cooking demonstrations using the Teen as Teachers module.  A teen volunteer facilitated the food demonstration for the younger peers in class. Recipes chosen included a variety of vegetables and fruits. We also created water refreshers using infusers of fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and lemon. Families received a bag with all the ingredients needed to follow along during the food demonstrations. Food cost was covered by the Kern Family Health Care Community Grant that Shafter Healthy Start FRC received. During the demonstrations MyPlate and food safety principles for both youth and adults were discussed.
Families shared their enthusiasm about preparing foods they had never tried before like tofu and quinoa. One of the parents said “we’ve never tasted Tofu. I was really surprised -- my children liked it. My older son asked if we could make the meal again.” 
Plan Shop Save and Cook (PSSC) adult participant evaluation survey results indicated:
After attending the PSSC series:
  • 6 out of 7 participants reported improvement in at least 1 of the 5 food resource management behaviors (plan, prices, shop, think, facts).
  • 6 out of 7 participants reported shopping with a grocery list more often.5 out of 7 participants reported planning meals ahead of time more often.
  • 4 out of 7 participants reported that they use "Nutrition Facts" on the food label to make food choices more often.
  • 4 out of 7 participants reported using MyPlate to make food choices more often.
  • 4 out of 7 participants reported running out of food before the end of the month less often.
  • 2 out of 7 participants reported comparing unit prices before buying food more often.
  • 1 out of 7 participants reported that when deciding what to feed their family, they thought about healthy food choices more often. The majority of these participants responded “Most of the time” (n=2) or “Almost always” (n=5) on the pre survey – leaving little room for improvement during the post survey.
Through partnering CFHL, UCCE Kern and Kern 4-H provide farm working families with knowledge and skills to prepare healthy meals and beverages.
Favorite Quotes:
  • “Me gustó mucho la clase. Mis hijas están comiendo más saludable y las estoy incluido en la cocina para preparar las comidas. También estoy ahorrando más dinero en la comida.”
  •  “Esta clase me ayudó mucho especialmente a cómo manejar la comida para que no se contamine.”

UC ANR STAR Award Recipient: Nancy Zumkeller

Nancy is an exceptional employee and Supervisor who consistently exceeds goals and expectations, makes valuable contributions to both our program and UCCE. The past year was unprecedented due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shutdown required us to work remotely, creating significant challenges for our program delivery and supervisory positions. Once the pandemic surpassed the original 2-week shutdown timeline, Nancy was proactive and innovative in identifying new and unconventional ways that our program could continue to serve our community. Throughout the entire remote work period, Nancy exhibited extraordinary leadership, effective project management, exceeded productivity and relationship building with partners maintaining communication and customer service, all while providing consistent guidance, development and valuable support to her direct reports and the team overall. Most notably, Nancy demonstrated strength and dependability that provided a level of support to me as her supervisor that goes beyond merit.
Nancy brought forth various opportunities and ideas to expand our program reach by leveraging relationships so that we could continue to serve our community. She demonstrated her capability to lead staff in attaining a commendable level of productivity during a limited and complex time. Additionally, Nancy volunteered to participate in three state-level workgroups. She chaired one of the workgroups and made valuable suggestions on the equity and access challenges faced by the population we serve. Her recommendations ultimately resulted in the creation of an Equity and Access workgroup. Nancy’s suggestion was recognized as instrumental in the formation of this group and contributed to the creation of an Equity and Access Checklist for virtual delivery to ensure educational equity by improving learning opportunities and addressing disparities that result in social inequity.
Nancy’s contributions go beyond the duties of her position and she demonstrated so when it was needed the most. While I have communicated my appreciation and acknowledged her hard work and commitment, this recognition is a powerful reinforcement for continued perseverance toward achieving CalFresh Healthy Living’s and UC ANR’s missions. Thank you.
Nancy Zumkeller, CFHL, UCCE Fresno & Madera County Program Supervisor

UC ANR STAR Award Recipient: Julie Lefko

Julie Lefko is a CalFresh Healthy Living Nutrition Educator in the Santa Clara County Cluster. Julie has excelled in the challenging pandemic environment, finding innovative and creative ways to continue serving our community and meet their needs no matter the circumstance. Julie not only rapidly transitioned to providing nutrition education online, but she also found ways to move our policy systems and environmental change work forward, despite the fact that many of our settings effectively did not exist during the pandemic. Her café promo videos, which encourage children to try new fruits and vegetables, have been recognized statewide. Julie is also a terrific coworker, and her sunny, upbeat presence is a boon to our cluster and all of ANR – she truly is a STAR! 
Julie Lefko, CFHL, UCCE Santa Clara County Cluster Nutrition Educator

If You Carrot All - Gardening Updates

Welcome to If you Carrot All, your one stop shop for garden-related information. If You Carrot All will be a recurring segment and will include garden-related resources and relevant information for CFHL, UC Programs.  

The Garden Loves Everyone: Growing a Theme

CFHL, UCCE Kings County Nutrition Educator Susan Lafferty has provided detailed information on watering during extreme heat. Please see below.

A vegetable garden with a theme allows you to combine history, food, and your love of gardening. Knowing what you want to get out of your garden keeps you moving toward “green thumb” success. There are a wide variety of themes you can use in the garden including Chinese, Colonial, Native American, Mexican and Salsa just to name a few. Read more.

Bee Social - Social Media Corner

Bee Social will be a recurring segment and will include social media-related resources and relevant information for CFHL, UC Programs. Please send any content you would like to see included to  Andra Nicoli & Miguel Galvan

July Social Media Graphics 

Celebrate the month of July by posting on your social media platforms the incredible graphics developed by the COVID-19 Social Media Workgroup. The designs provided have been reviewed and follow the CFHL, UCCE Social Media Branding Guidelines.
Join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to the United States of America! Enjoy a healthy and happy 4thof July! Don’t forget to balance your plate with lean proteins and healthy fats like avocadoes! #IndependenceDay#CalFreshHealthyLiving #UCCE #HealthyEating #HappyBirthdayUSA

Conferences and Training Opportunities

YPAR Summer Training Institute

Description: Save the dates for the 2021 virtual YPAR Summer Training Institute! 
  • July 12th, 10AM-12PM: Intro to YPAR & Project-Based Module
  • July 13th, 10AM-12PM: Facilitating YPAR & Structured YPAR
  • July 22nd, 10AM-12PM: YPAR Planning, Application & Support

Up4it Level 2 Training 

Date/Time: July 19, 1:00 - 4:00 PM
Description: UP4it Level 2 is an inquiry-based activity guide that is appropriate for 5th grade students and older, and meets Common Core state standards. In UP4it Level 2, students take a deeper dive into the personal choices they make that impact their current dietary, sleeping, and physical activity habits. Through inquiry-based learning they discover new ways to overcome barriers and make goals to start new, healthy habits.

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities are featured as they are announced and then again shortly prior to the deadline.

Director, Extension Nutrition Education, Montana State University

Classification/Title: Director, Extension Nutrition Education
Location:  Bozeman, Montana
Duties/Responsibilities: Responsible for overall leadership and management of the SNAP-Ed and EFNEP grant programs, including overall grant, personnel and budget management for both programs in the state of Montana.
Closing Date: Open until filled.

SNAP-Ed Coordinator, University of Nevada, Reno Extension

Classification/Title: SNAP-Ed Coordinator
Location: Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada
Duties/Responsibilities: The University of Nevada, Reno is recruiting for a full-time administrative Faculty position as the SNAP-Ed Coordinator. This position will coordinate and oversee the administration of the University of Nevada, Reno Extension statewide Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) nutrition education and policy, systems and environmental (PSE) change interventions in implementing counties under the supervision of the Associate Director of Extension. The SNAP-Ed Coordinator will have the primary responsibility for the coordination of SNAP-Ed work plan among Extension specialists, county-based staff and faculty, sub recipient agencies and subcontracts; application submission, and reporting in accordance with SNAP-Ed grant requirements; and will assist with planning, guidance, and evaluation.
Closing Date: Open until filled.

Website Updates

Please send any content you would like to see included to to Miguel Galvan

SNAC COVID Response Nutrition Communications Campaign Toolkit & Customizable CRNCC Social Media Files

The SNAC COVID Response Nutrition Communications Campaign Toolkit and customizable social media posts with our logo are available on the CFHL, UC website under Communications Resources- Social Media. Here is a Campaign Introduction PowerPoint
Questions? If you would like the resources or have any questions, please email or Amy DeLisio.

Communications Resources Webpage

Find your Promotional Materials at this location on the CFHL, UC website:
  • Pathway: Administration> Communications Resources >Promotional Materials
Direct Link here.

CFHL, UCCE Webpage Checklist

It's spring cleaning time, so please review your UCCE webpage and update it with the proper logo and information on our program. During the April Town Hall, CFHL, UCCE Santa Clara Cluster Counties showcased the updated UCCE webpage. Now it’s your turn!

To assist you in this updating, please see the UCCE Webpage Checklist available on the CFHL, UC website here: 
  • Pathway: Administration> Communication Resources webpage.
Remember the Communication Resources webpage on the CFHL, UC website is your one stop shop for all things “communication” oriented.
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