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Active News Beet

June 15, 2021

In this issue of the Active News Beet... 


CalFresh Healthy Living General Items of Interest
Upcoming Events and Deadlines
COVID-19 Updates and Resources
CalFresh Healthy Living, UC In Action! 
If You Carrot All - Gardening Updates
Bee Social - Social Media Corner
Conferences and Training Opportunities
Employment Opportunities
Website Updates
Research and Articles of Interest

Juicy Bites from the Field 

“I just peeked in on your Catch Up Live! lesson and OH MY GOSH! They are so cute and you are doing a great job! One of my students is there and I'm hoping more will catch on too! Thank you so much!” 
 — Ms. Greeley, Second Grade Teacher
Mill Street Elementary School, Glenn County

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

CFHL, UC June Town Hall

Date/time: June 15 , 12:30 - 2:00 PM
  • California SNAC: COVID Response Nutrition Communications Campaign Toolkit
  • Promoting Curriculum/Program to Teachers
  • Staff Appreciation
  • State Office Updates
Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

What's Up? Wednesday

Date/time: June 24, 10:00 - 11:00 AM
Zoom Information:


Interested in joining the COVID-19 Parent Engagement Workgroup?

The COVID-19 Parent Engagement Workgroup will be continuing their activities with a new project and will start by looking at what additional needs there are currently around engaging parents in CalFresh Healthy Living, UC. Complete this survey with supervisor approval if you are interested in joining the workgroup!

SNAC COVID Response Nutrition Communications Campaign Toolkit

The SNAC COVID Response Nutrition Communications Campaign Toolkit is available on the CDSS website. Here is a Campaign Introduction PowerPoint
Questions? If you would like the resources or have any questions, please email or Amy DeLisio.

COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Ancestral Recipes Cookbook & Live Cooking Demos

Ancestral Recipes: From My Grandma’s Kitchen To Yours has been designed in collaboration with Borrego Health's patient community in the eastern Coachella Valley. Cookbook recipes, based on MyPlate, were tailored to ensure ingredients are available and affordable. The cookbook is currently available in English and Spanish. Dr. Ann Cheney from UC Riverside School of Medicine presented this cookbook with a community member in the May CFHL, UC Town Hall. Don't forget to follow their Facebook page for updates and more resources.
Source: Borrego Health

CalFresh Healthy Living, UC In Action!

Please send any content you would like to see included to  Andra NicoliMiguel Galvan

CFHL, UCCE Placer-Nevada Offers Virtual Let’s Cook! Class to 67 Elementary Students

When First Street School suspended direct education on-site due to COVID-19, the activities teachers and students had come to expect from CHHL, UCCE were no longer feasible. How were we going to actively engage students and reinforce the nutrition lessons students were receiving virtually? Cooking virtually was the solution. Children who are involved in cooking are more willing to try healthy foods when they prepare meals. It builds their confidence while simultaneously advancing cooking and food preparation skills. However, the skills developed spread well beyond the kitchen. Reading recipes, measuring ingredients, and observing changes in food when it cooks are just a few examples of how cooking reinforces reading, math, and science knowledge.
The First Street School Principal advertised Let’s Cook! on the school website and set up the Zoom link for students to join. Food Service not only made “kits” as part of the school lunch but also included copies of the flier promoting the event as well as a recipe of the meal. A total of 230 lunch bags containing meal ingredients were distributed. Sixty-seven students joined Mrs. Carter's Zoom class to prepare and cook their lunch.
  • Christina Lawson, Food Service Director: “I would love to partner on more of these! This is great.”
  • Rey Cubias, Principal: “I also believe it was a success!  Thanks, Rosemary!  Let's keep 'em going next year!”
School lunch bag meal ingredients.

UC ANR STAR Award Recipient: Carmela Padilla

Carmela Padilla, Program Coordinator for the CalFresh Healthy Living UCCE Central Sierra team, has received the UC ANR Star Award. Carmela has been an incredible leader, providing essential support to the entire team as their work became remote this past year. Carmela excelled at connecting the team with resources, leading meetings that fully leveraged the all-virtual work format to bring the team together across the wide distance of the Central Sierra region. She immediately recognized the need to support staff capacity to facilitate virtual education, and she has provided training on dozens of topics and new tools.

Carmela also led the development of educational videos by the whole team, including an entire nutrition curriculum. She developed a YouTube channel that now hosts over 50 educational videos which have been viewed more than 1,250 times in all. Carmela was involved in determining the content, reviewing, and sharing each of these videos, although they also represent the collective efforts of the entire talented team.

Carmela has improved the remote programming the team was able to provide this year, and will continue to provide going forward, and her leadership has improved the team’s culture and contributed to a new spirit of collaboration. Thank you, Carmela, for all your hard work!
Carmela Padilla, CFHL, UCCE Central Sierra Program Coordinator

UC ANR STAR Award Recipient: Rita Palmer

Rita Palmer, Program Supervisor for the CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Butte Cluster team, received the UC ANR Star Award for her exceptional organization abilities and program leadership of the Butte Cluster CFHL, UCCE program and team.

Rita’s can-do attitude matched with her honed organizational skills have elevated the CFHL, UCCE program work in our communities and statewide. Though Rita has accepted a regional position with the 4-H program, her contributions to CFHL will live on through the COVID-19 workgroups, the development of her CFHL, UCCE team, and the relationships she fostered in the Butte Cluster communities and beyond.

Thank you, Rita, for all of your hard work and dedication to CalFresh Healthy Living!
Rita Palmer, CFHL, UCCE Butte Cluster Program Supervisor

If You Carrot All - Gardening Updates

Welcome to If you Carrot All, your one stop shop for garden-related information. If You Carrot All will be a recurring segment and will include garden-related resources and relevant information for CFHL, UC Programs.  

How to Water in Extreme Heat

CFHL, UCCE Kings County Nutrition Educator Susan Lafferty has provided detailed information on watering during extreme heat. Please see below.

How hot is it where you garden? During extreme hot weather, plants lose water quickly as they try to cool off their leaves and stems by transferring water to their surface. Irrigate your plants deeply if extreme heat is predicted. Watering plants ensures their roots have plenty of water. Water established plants deeply once or twice each week. Check soil to see if you have watered deeply by measuring the depth of moist soil after watering. Moist soil should reach about 1 inch deepRead more.

Bee Social - Social Media Corner

Bee Social will be a recurring segment and will include social media-related resources and relevant information for CFHL, UC Programs. Please send any content you would like to see included to  Andra Nicoli & Miguel Galvan

June Social Media Graphics

Celebrate the month of June by posting on your social media platforms the incredible graphics developed by the COVID-19 Social Media Workgroup. The designs provided have been reviewed and follow the CFHL, UCCE Social Media Branding Guidelines.
The week of June 14-20, 2021 is National Men's Health Week. Mental, nutrition, and physical health are all equally important parts of a balanced lifestyle. National Men's Health Week Challenge:
  • To reduce stress and improve focus try meditating for 1 minute every day this week.
  • Try cooking a healthy meal at home; it is good for your diet and your wallet.
  • To strengthen muscles and joints, try going for a walk/run.
  • Lettuce know if you’re up for the challenge!
Please share with all the men in your life and wish them a healthy week. #MensHealthWeek #CalfreshHealthyLiving #UCCE #MotivationMonday #MeditationMonday #MovementMonday #MensMentalHealth #MensNutrition #MensFitness #ThisIsPublicHealth #NMHW
Did you know?...You can obtain 77g of water from a medium size peach! They can be a healthy snack and source of vitamin A & C. Enjoy this delicious grilled fruit recipe while you celebrate Father's day this weekend! 🍑🔥🍴🎊 Find this and other recipes and resources at #Grilling #FreshFruit #FathersDay #Barbecue #Savory #CalFreshHealthyLiving #Recipe

Conferences and Training Opportunities

June Evaluation Office Hours

Date/Time: June 29, 1:00 - 2:30 PM
Description: Save the Date for our June Evaluation Office Hours. We will focus on FFY21 PSE efforts and reporting PSEs in PEARS.

YPAR Summer Training Institute

Save the dates for the 2021 virtual YPAR Summer Training Institute! Register here!
  • July 12th, 10AM-12PM: Intro to YPAR & Project-Based Module
  • July 13th, 10AM-12PM: Facilitating YPAR & Structured YPAR
  • July 22nd, 10AM-12PM: YPAR Planning, Application & Support

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities are featured as they are announced and then again shortly prior to the deadline.

Community Education Supervisor 2, Los Angeles County

Classification/Title: Community Education Supervisor 2
Location: Alhambra, CA
Duties/Responsibilities: Under the general direction of the Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences Advisor, the Community Education 2- Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the design, delivery, management, and evaluation of the Los Angeles County CFHL, UCCE Program for low income adults and youth.
Closing Date: June 18, 2021

Nutrition Community Education Specialist 2, Placer/Nevada Counties

Classification/Title: Nutrition Community Education Specialist 2
Location: Auburn, CA
Duties/Responsibilities: The Nutrition Community Education Specialist 2 will perform the full range of program implementation duties under the supervision of the Program Supervisor and/or Advisor. This position's primary focus will be on conducting, managing, and evaluating a nutrition education program to improve the environment of the school and community.
Closing Date: June 18, 2021

SNAP-Ed Coordinator, University of Nevada, Reno Extension

Classification/Title: SNAP-Ed Coordinator
Location: Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada
Duties/Responsibilities: The University of Nevada, Reno is recruiting for a full-time administrative Faculty position as the SNAP-Ed Coordinator. This position will coordinate and oversee the administration of the University of Nevada, Reno Extension statewide Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) nutrition education and policy, systems and environmental (PSE) change interventions in implementing counties under the supervision of the Associate Director of Extension. The SNAP-Ed Coordinator will have the primary responsibility for the coordination of SNAP-Ed work plan among Extension specialists, county-based staff and faculty, sub recipient agencies and subcontracts; application submission, and reporting in accordance with SNAP-Ed grant requirements; and will assist with planning, guidance, and evaluation.
Closing Date: Open until filled.

SNAP-Ed Evaluation Analyst, University of Maryland

Classification/Title: Faculty Specialist (SNAP-Ed Evaluation Analyst)
Location: College Park, MD
Duties/Responsibilities: The SNAP-Ed Evaluation Analyst will collaborate with the state office and county nutrition educators to conduct innovative and interactive evaluations of nutrition education programs delivered via diverse methods across the state, and to manage systems for data collection, analysis and reporting.
Closing Date: Open until filled.

Website Updates

Please send any content you would like to see included to to Miguel Galvan

Communications Resources Webpage

Find your Promotional Materials at this location on the CFHL, UC website:
  • Pathway: Administration> Communications Resources >Promotional Materials
Direct Link here.

CFHL, UCCE Webpage Checklist

It's spring cleaning time, so please review your UCCE webpage and update it with the proper logo and information on our program. During the April Town Hall, CFHL, UCCE Santa Clara Cluster Counties showcased the updated UCCE webpage. Now it’s your turn!

To assist you in this updating, please see the UCCE Webpage Checklist available on the CFHL, UC website here: 
  • Pathway: Administration> Communication Resources webpage.
Remember the Communication Resources webpage on the CFHL, UC website is your one stop shop for all things “communication” oriented. Mini Course Guidance

Guidance for using the Mini Course has been added to the CFHL, UC website. and is available on both the Adult Curriculum page and Youth Curriculum page. The guidance includes information about:
  • Recruiting and promoting the course 
  • Using referral codes
  • Codes for recruiting via the web and social media 
  • Using the Mini Course with high school students
  • How to request site-specific codes
  • Obtaining data for participants who used specific county referral codes 
  • Entering Mini Course data into PEARS 
If you have any questions about the guidance, please reach out to Anna Jones (

Evaluation Webpage Updates

The following updates were made to the Evaluation Webpage:

Research and Articles of Interest

Research and Articles of Interest are featured every other newsletter (i.e., once a month). If you would like a particular research or other article of interest to be included in next month's update, email a brief summary and the article link to Miguel Galvan.

Move Over, Milk! From Turnip Greens to Rhubarb, Here Are 20 Calcium-Rich Foods to Work Into Your Diet

Author/Organization: Nicole Pajer, Parade
Summary: Registered dietitian Leslie Bonci says that calcium-rich foods like kale and tahini, which are also rich in vitamin K and magnesium, respectively, are great for maintaining bone health. Other dietitians and nutrition experts also suggested lentils, chia seeds, white beans, almonds, turnip greens, canned fish, tofu, cauliflower, and chia seeds as good calcium sources. Read more.
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