Greetings from the President
We hope you have been able to enjoy peaceful and leisurely days this Summer ­– and on some days, no agenda at all, but to relax.

While many of you have travelled to a multitude of destinations around the globe, it is always good to return back to Switzerland. While the majority of the activities went on hold over the summer months, the hiking group continued their alpine adventures. Most of you should have received our new Guidebook for the Club year 2022-2023 and now with the new month of September upon us, it is time to choose your Activities at the upcoming Activity Fair on Friday, September 9, and become active and engaged members of the International Women’s Club of Lausanne. Read further for more details.
Do please take the time to read through our Newsletter which has been put together with enthusiasm for your reading pleasure and enjoyment. And also to encourage you to become more involved in the Club and even consider a volunteering role. We have so much to offer and it is through our members that the excitement and rewards of shared caring and activities can grow and develop into a sense of satisfaction.
The AGM (our Annual General Meeting) will be coming up in the month of October and you will find further information in our next newsletter. However, you may wish now to pencil in the date which is Thursday, October 6th. Please be aware too, that the founder of our charity for this year, Professor André Mermoud, will be speaking on behalf of Vision for All. This is an occasion to meet the majority of your Board Members while also meeting other members, some of whom will be new to the Club.
And on that note, on behalf of the Board and myself – warm wishes are extended for an exciting and rewarding new Club year!


Friday, October 14th there will be a monthly meeting at the Maison de la Femme – This meeting is a joint event between the IWC and The International Link, the English-speaking service of the Vaud Chamber of commerce and industry, and the subject is VOLUNTEERING, either in view of finding a new job or helping others if you have time on your hands. 
Benevolat Vaud will also be informing us of the different aspects and possibilities of volunteering.

The meeting will be followed by a cocktail.

9.15 9.30 – Welcome coffee and cake.
10.00 to 11.30 - Benevolat Vaud and possibly one or two personal experiences with IWC members who volunteer regularly.  
12.00 13.00 Cocktail.

We ask for a participation fee of Fr. 15.- per person towards the cocktail and registration will be confirmed after reception of this amount, either paid to the IWC Lausanne Bank Account IBAN  CH 83 0024 3243 F932 0249 1 or by TWINT to Angela Bishop at +4179 407 25 79, with the mention Volunteering.

Non-members are welcome and the participation fee asked for them is Fr. 25.-, and 
registration can be made online directly HERE

Friday, November 11th  - Monthly meeting. Marie Bagi, president and founder of ESPACE ARTISTES FEMMES with the participation of ALEXIA WEILL – visual artist and sculptress on the subject of Women in Art.
KATHY VASEY passed away at the beginning of the year after a long and interesting life. She was one of the earliest non-American members of the then AWC and helped prepare the early Newsletters when ‘cut and paste’ involved scissors and glue.
Following illness, ANN HARTWELL  died in July. She had been a member of the club for many years and will be remembered for resurrecting and co-leading the Vevey Cookery Group, an enthusiastic group that is still thriving.
Our condolences to the families of both Kathy and Ann.
Charity News 

Many thanks to all members for the wonderful success of our last Charity collection.

This year we are pleased to announce the new Charity project “Vision for All”
The "Vision For All" Foundation, was created 20 years ago by a group of Swiss ophthalmologists, and it has been developing humanitarian ophthalmology projects for the benefit of disadvantaged populations in Asia and Africa.

At the AGM on October 6th, Dr. Kaweh Mansour or Prof Mermoud (one of the founders of the foundation) will be presenting Vision for All to us. Don't miss it!

Membership Matters corner – news, views, and welcoming new members.
To all of you who paid your dues for the upcoming 2022-2023 Club year! Thank You! Thank You!

We have heard from several ladies indicating they are not renewing as they will be moving away from the area but regrettably 24 ladies are still remiss with no explanation. 

If you think this pertains to YOU, please contact us immediately as we would be sad to lose you as a Member. If you are not planning to renew, it would be most helpful and greatly appreciated if you please advise us- perhaps with an explanation. 

We are always looking to improve!
Karen Gladstone
Karen moved to Lausanne from the US in December of 2021 for her job with the global advertising agency Publicis Groupe. She and her husband, JP, and their Aussiedoodle, Maddie, live in Pully. Most weekends, you will find them at the dog park in Lausanne, walking along the lake or in the vineyards. 



Ulrike E. Schlenter


Of German and Danish descent Ulrike E. Schlenter was born in Hamburg, Germany into a typical Hanseatic family. She received her Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, and Languages in a joint degree from the University of Freiburg and Paris.

At the early stages of her career, she was a teacher for kids, students/adults and was involved in the development of a new school system in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Additionally was involved in the joint supervision of psychosomatic patients at the University of Freiburg. She is the founder & CEO of Sundara Design, a bespoke interior practice that fuses modern convenience with luxury and style. With more than 30 years of experience, her projects embody one-of-a-kind designs; Lalique, Minotti, and Vitra just to name a few are brands she collaborates with to create customized products for her clients.

As she is a passionate sailor, Ulrike was a member of the Olympic Committee in Kiel in 1972. She was co-founder of "children for a better world" which was founded by Florian Langenscheidt in Bad Homburg and Berlin, Germany. She is a Rotarian, member of the Automobile Club Monaco, Past Governor of the American Cub Riviera and a member of the Greek Yacht Club in Athens.

Having lived in more than 8 cities in several countries, through her continuous travels and her infinite curiosity for life, she remains true to her DNA: the creativity, beauty, and innovation in her work as an interior designer. Her motto: "Creativity has no limits”.

GUIDE BOOK 2022-2023

The new and improved Guide Book is about to be mailed to all members in good standing.  If you have recently moved, can you please make sure we have your correct address as each year several copies are returned…

The Prize Draw!  
Our lucky winner of the prize draw was a brand new member, Karen Gladstone!   Angela and Karen are still looking forward to presenting her with the bottle of bubbly very soon!
Keep thinking of friends who might like to join and perhaps you too will be the lucky winner next time!
Your ideas for recruiting new members
The IWC membership has fluctuated over the years.  A few members have already told us they will not be renewing for 2022-2023 for which we are most appreciative.
 Our membership is currently standing at 202 with 24 still unaccounted for.  We would like to recruit some more members and would love to hear from you with ideas as to how best to achieve this goal.  Many of you will have worked in other associations and may have some good ideas to put forward.  Please contact us at

Social Media
Dear members,

In order to make it easier for everyone to use social media manager, Kanika Khatter has put together a step-by-step guide on how to post on our IWC Facebook page. 
By clicking here you can learn how to get a lot savvier with Facebook!!

In order to make it easier to post on the club's Instagram account, Kanika has put together a guide for this as well. To access this please click here

All log-in details for the IWC Facebook page and the IWC webpage can be found in the IWC Guidebook for 2021-2022.




For the club year 2022-2023, our librarian Leng will be delighted to welcome you
either at a mutually convenient time (to be fixed via our email address),
or the third Wednesday of the month at 2-4 pm (kindly confirm beforehand)

Some Guidance on Book Donations:

Thanks to the generous book donations of members past and present our library can now boast an enthralling collection of books, with themes ranging from the classics to the romantic, historical, crime/thriller, and sci-fi. 

Not least, you can find Latin American and contemporary Asian authors waiting to bring you on interesting literary journeys, all nestling on our shelves.

However, as for the shelves, whatever enticing subjects they may contain, they are not extensible. This is why I would like to inform club members that we can only accept, from now on,  paperbacks and not hardcover volumes, such as reference books, self-help volumes, and biographies on subjects not especially currently relevant.
Opening times: Every THIRD Wednesday of the month, from 2-4 pm. 

                                 Open to all interested members
                                                                        Dear Club Members,
It has recently come to our attention again that while there are a plethora of activities available during the week – very little is on offer for those members who search for Weekend Activities.
What we propose is that you come up with ideas and implement them yourselves under the umbrella of a new activity group entitled “Weekend Activity Group”. We suggest you consider:
A walk/hike on a Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon.
A lunch get-together either day.
An evening dinner at a restaurant on Friday also.
A cultural activity such as a small concert in a church, or an outing to a jazz festival.
Or just about anything else where you can exchange friendship, company, and ideas.
This is open to everyone who is keen to join other members on a weekend. Some of you cannot participate during the week because of work commitments, while some of you simply want to have more FUN! – Now is the time to RESPOND!
While one person will need to take the lead – this can be a flexible group effort.
Please send an email to:


Music Appreciation

All members of the Music Group are invited for a coffee morning at 10h00 October 5th at the house of 
Judy Horisberger
Place du Grand Mont 5
1052 Le Mont sur Lausanne
079 207 9691
(The house is 2 min walk from the terminus of the no 8 bus direction Grand Mont)
The objective of this first meeting for the season 22-23 is to discuss the future of the Music Group, so please come with proposals for concerts, personal presentations, etc. All ideas are welcome.
Looking forward to seeing you all
Linda & Judy


Treble Clef Singing Group

Our enthusiastic leader, Gill Brigginshaw, introduces both popular and unusual song material.
The group will restart at Gill’s home on 8 September at 14h.

Please contact Linda Dyson 076 390 12 80 for details.                    

Out2Lunch Bunch

Tuesday 13th September 2022

Café de Paudex 
8, Route de la Bordinette
1094 Paudex 


Discreetly tucked in the middle of the old village of Paudex, the café of the same name dates back to 1894 and boasts an unexpected pergola at the back. 

Hopefully, we can have lunch under the creeping vine and enjoy a varied menu, from filets de perche to fresh mushrooms. 

Bus Nr 21 stop Verrière or bus Nr 85 stop Paudex Village will get you there. 

It seems there are parking spots at a Denner parking lot nearby. 

****COVID - let’s play it safe, please self-test before coming****

**Strict Maximum of 10 for the reservation.

**Please rsvp on Friday 9th September latest

**To ease payment of the bill at the end, each person will be responsible for paying for what they order. 


Please sign up by clicking the button just below


Why not join us for the

Free Spirits September outing

Watchmaking town: La Chaux-de-Fonds Wednesday, 14 September 2022

La Chaux-de-Fonds is set in the rough climate of the Jura at 1000m. Here watchmaking began early in the 17th century. Thanks to the excellent workmanship, the town’s reputation as center of watchmaking grew and also influenced the layout of the streets and its unique architecture. For these reasons, La Chaux-de-Fonds is included in UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites.

As an introduction, we will watch the 15-minute film at 10:00 at the ‘Espace de l'urbanisme horloger’. This multimedia space centers on the development and planning of La Chaux-de-Fonds. (located at rue Jaquet-Droz 23).

The film is followed at 10:20 by the guided tour in English through the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds introducing us to the watchmaking industry and how it shaped the town layout.
Duration: 2h,
Price: CHF 160.- (max. 20 people per guide)

We will have Lunch at a restaurant in the town centre.

Temporary exhibitions which might interest you which you could visit in the afternoon on your own:
- Enamel artistry embellishing watches
- 150 years of the School of Applied Art - the Public Library shows some exceptional examples


By public transport:
, IC5, dep. 8:15, platform 5,
Neuchâtel arr. 8:56, Neuchâtel dep., RE, 9:00. La Chaux-de-Fonds arr. 9:27
        10 minutes’ walk to the Espace de l’urbanisme horlogerLa Chaux-de-Fonds,
RE, dep. 14:32 / 15:32, Lausanne arr. 15:45 / 16:45

By car: There are car parks in the city

Please sign up for this Free Spirits outing until 10 September 2022 by clicking the button below

We hope to discover the watchmaking town of La Chaux-de-Fonds with you!

Sonja and Marianne

The Hermitage in Lausanne is showing an impressive retrospective of the Neo-Impressionist  ACHILLE LAUGIER (1861 – 1944), a French artist who was known for his sensitive use of light in his paintings.
Profoundly attached to his origins in OCCITANE, 80 works of art that cover the span of his career are on display.
Elegant, yet with simplicity – he used his immediate environment that included flowers from his garden, and portraits of family and friends. He often used just three primary colours that he juxtaposed on the canvas using a pointillist technique.
Please join Linda and Carol at our rescheduled outing. Sign up by clicking on the link below. We will meet at the entrance to the museum, Rte du Signal 2 at 2 pm and for those who like, have tea or coffee afterward at the Restaurant l’Esquisse. The price for tickets is CHF22 or for seniors/AVS CHF18.
Parking is at Parking du Signal, Place des Fêtes de Sauvabelin, across from the Restaurant Chalet Suisse. Public transport is via Bus 16, stop Hermitage.


Are you an Instagram fan? If so, we are looking for an enthusiastic member to take on the role of overseeing our public Instagram page to encourage new followers, create excitement for our current members, and connect with potential new ones.

If you are interested in taking this on, please click HERE to get in touch for more information

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?
If you know the next line, or would like to learn, join us for Beginning French Conversation, led by native speakers Brigitte Loones and Sophie Guillemin.

This new group meets at the IWC clubhouse (Avenue Eglantine 6, 1006 Lausanne) on Wednesday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30, and on Thursday afternoons from 13:30 to 15:00.

Come to either or both days at your convenience to practice A0 to A2 French in a friendly, no-pressure environment. Contact Brigitte at 076 202 25 94 to RSVP
Nous espérons vous y accueillir!

Sophie Guillemin                                           Brigitte Loones
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Leader: Bettina Rickmers
When & Where: 2x a month
Fridays, 10:00 - 11:30, at the clubhouse,
Neuer Anfang im Jahr 2022!

Come and join us to speak German. 
We are a group of ladies who like to speak German. We choose different topics for fun and lively discussions.
If you want to contact me to ask about this offer, please click the button below.

When & Where:  TBA

Would you like to get creative - even if you don’t consider yourself to be creative?
In our friendly group, we use writing prompts that will encourage you to see the world in a different light or in a way you’ve never imagined – and inspire you to write. A collaborative space to explore, exercise our creativity and have fun writing.
No experience is needed – just a desire to join in and express yourself in English (or any other language).
We will start up again in September, so if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ann Humphry-Baker

Leader: Cornelia Silson

When & Where: Currently we meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 1.30 in the
                          Alimentarium, Veve

During the last two years, our numbers have dwindled due to people leaving Switzerland or being unable to participate for other reasons, thus...


We choose books from recommendations, so each member suggests 3 books, i.e a mystery, a romance, an autobiography, a historical, science fiction or fantasy, a thriller, etc, and we together choose a book for the following session.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in joining!
Click the button below to send an email 

Cornelia Silson 

Leader: Aminia Bruggemann

When & Where: Every 2nd Friday of the month,

14:00 – 15:30, at alternating members’ homes 
For anyone interested in reading and discussing contemporary literary fiction.
Our monthly discussions are frank, yet friendly, reflecting the diverse backgrounds and viewpoints of our group members. While we plan to meet in person, we have reserved Zoom sessions – just to be flexible. Interested? Send us an email by clicking on the button below.

Dear Golfers, potential Golfers and their partners,
We would like to welcome you to a social Golf activity in the Lavaux and La Côte area. Whether you are a beginner or one with a handicap, we can accommodate everyone. 
If you are interested in playing with other fellow golfers or want to have lessons either during the week or weekend, please contact us by clicking the button below, indicating your level and your interest in playing or lessons. 
We have contacted a few golf clubs in the area and even one in Chamonix to arrange such events. As is customary, Golf can also be followed by an Apéro or lunch. 

Dano & Gill Sihori

Pickleball starts on 5 September!!

IWC’s new Pickleball activity group starts on Monday, 5 September, at 1:30 pm in Vevey. All players are debutantes, so we will have a coach to teach us the game. Players will share the court fees & cost of the teacher. 

If you want more information, or you want to reserve your Monday afternoon court spot, please click the button below to send an email.

To reserve your Monday afternoon court spot for any week, we need to receive your reservation by 12 noon on the previous Friday to reserve your spot for the following Monday. 

Hello Everyone 
We are heading back out for bike rides this fall!

Join us every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month - for this coming month, we are looking at September 1 and September 15.  Our rides explore the quiet, rural roads in Vaud, Fribourg, and Geneva, and cover about 50km.

We usually leave Lausanne around 8:30 am, meet up at a train station in the Vaud/Fribourg/Geneva area around 9:00 to 9:30, and ride back to the Lausanne/Morges region. (At times, we take the train back if we decide to explore a particularly scenic area further away.) The outings are suitable for road bikes and e-bikes; if you are not sure if these rides might be for you, email me! 

If you'd like to join us, please email me by clicking the button below by Tuesday before the ride (August 30 and September 13), so I can figure out transportation and details for the outing based on everyone's needs.




In principle we are walking every Monday afternoon, weather permitting! 
Group members watch out for a WhatsApp message before 10.00 each Monday morning.  Normally we meet at 14.00   If there is no official walk on a particular day members can always use WhatsApp to contact each other and arrange their own walk and meeting point.  Have fun!

Potential new members, please contact Beverley or Nuala by clicking on the button below.


The Hiking Group

The Hiking Group will be hiking every Tuesday (weather permitting ) until the end of October. Details of each Tuesday’s hike are sent out on Monday afternoon to everyone on our mailing list. If you would like to join us please click the button right below to send us an email.

 You will be very welcome to join.




Fit and Fun will be continuing their program, walking Wednesday, Thursday or Friday depending on the weather and the walk leader.
This summer we have had a variety of experiences, in the Lakeside and Jura Parc region, usually 7-10 km with different levels of difficulty and elevation.

If you like to hike, in a social setting and discover the beautiful trails in our region, please sign up to our 
mailing list by clicking the button below to access our email.

We have an archive of walks in this region and can offer suggestions of suitable walks if you would lead a walk. Of course, we are also keen to discover new hikes if you have a recommendation to make. 
Looking forward to welcoming you to our group!

The Fit and Run Team


House of Moods Studio | Interior Design and Renovation

We make your life easier and your home a more exciting place! 
Please visit our website to see how we can support you from the conception to the realization of your interior design or renovation projects. 

Or call Sedef 079 697 97 86


Difficult to lose weight on your own? 
You don’t need to be a celebrity to have your own wellbeing team who plans and executes all for you. Join our 28 days wellbeing program and finally get the support you deserve.
021 646 97 50

Highwood – Interior renovation and architecture

Renovating your house or buying a new one is challenging. Let us help you. We will create a harmonious and tailor-made design based on your wishes and requirements. We offer full service from sketch to completion.

For more information contact Cindy Hooghoudt at 078 8615180



La Côte International School Aubonne, Switzerland | Nord Anglia Education
At La Côte International School Aubonne, we tailor our teaching to your child's personal needs so that they leave our school with everything they require to succeed and flourish - whatever they choose to be or do in life.

Garden Design & Coach
You want to change and improve your garden, but don’t know where to start…
Whatever the size of your project, we are there to guide you!
Or contact: Nicolette Van Solingen
079-196 62-10 to learn more

Lausanne (LSN)
Are you up for a fun and relaxing coffee with a chance to catch up with old and new friends? As autumn approaches, we will be resuming our monthly coffee meetups. Please join us at the Lausanne Palace (Rue du Grand-Chêne 7-9) at the back of the hotel lobby on Wednesday, September 7th, from 14:00 to 15:30. No need to RSVP and all are welcome!

West Riviera (WR)

The West Riviera (WR) Area group meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month, next the 21st of September, at the 

Restaurant du Port de Pully, Pully from 9:30 to 11:00. Everyone is welcome.

La Cote (LC)

We are looking forward to seeing you again on Wednesday September 21st at 10.30 As always at the Morges Casino

Lavaux/Riviera (LR)

The LR coffee morning will take place on Wednesday 7 September at Hotel Astra opposite Vevey train station from 9.30 to 11.00. New members in this area are very welcome

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