Dear Members,

We have taken advantage of September's very pleasant ‘Indian Summer’. All the club activities are in full swing and we have been enjoying the fresh air and blue skies. The Fit & Fun walking group even tried to hike through France! The Dinner Club evenings are filling up fast and both Cookery groups have finally been able to meet in person to share homemade fayre in members’ homes.
We extend our thanks to all our Activity Leaders who attended the Activity Leader volunteer luncheon recently and a special thank you to Lynn Denton who is the glue that holds it all together.
This year’s Activity Fair was held in our clubhouse garden and once again was well attended. We witnessed great teamwork pulling this event together and thankfully the rain didn’t interfere with our plans. Everyone enjoyed the refreshments and home baking served in the garden and many ladies signed up to take part in various activities.
One of the most notable events that took place in September was held by The Music Appreciation group, who shared a delightful lunch in honour of Mary Lou von Schack’s dedication, enthusiasm, and loyalty over the past 25 years as their activity leader. Mary Lou’s handwritten notes during her time running this activity can be found in our clubhouse library.
Autumn is in the air and our next IWC event is our AGM and monthly meeting, taking place at the clubhouse on Wednesday 6th October. The AGM will be preceded by coffee from 9:30 am. Our chosen charity “Fondation MalleyPrairie” will be joining us as our guest speakers. They will be explaining the essential work they undertake and sharing the plans for their new garden design, which our own IWC Gardening Club will be supporting. This is a Covid certificate event and it is mandatory to sign up if you are attending by Friday 1st October.
Welcome to our new members Louise Gotch
Dolunay Arslan Suess, and Amanda Gosper. We hope you enjoy your first year taking part in all the wonderful activities the IWC has to offer.
Planning ahead to our Christmas Fair we require two volunteers to help organise this event taking place on Thursday 2 December at the Hotel Mirabeau in Lausanne. Please contact if you would like to help organise this seasonal event. More details will be sent to you nearer the time.
We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the AGM and October activities.
Jennifer and Gill



The IWC Executive Board has agreed that during all IWC activities and events our members should be following the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health) measures & regulations to help contain the coronavirus.

There are various measures in place, lastly updated from 13th of September, 2021 and we will publish any future changes to the FOPH measures on our Facebook page, additionally, we will write to all Activity leaders keeping them informed.


Updated FOPH Measures
A reminder that all our indoor activities and events require a Covid certificate.


Dear Members,
You are cordially invited to attend our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, October 6 at 10:00 am at the IWC Clubhouse, Eglantine 6, Lausanne.

This is a COVID CERTIFICATE event and it is mandatory to sign up for both the AGM and additionally if you are joining the lunch.
We would be grateful if you could sign up by email to: or by Friday, October 1.  

The AGM will be preceded by coffee from 9:30 am.
Our chosen charity “Fondation MalleyPrairie” will be joining us as our guest speakers. They will be explaining the essential work they undertake and sharing the plans for their new garden design, which our own IWC Gardening Club will be supporting.
Time   09.30 – 12 noon.
              09:30 – 10:00      Tea/Coffee
              10:00 – 10:30      AGM
              10:30 – 12 noon Charity Fondation MalleyPairie Presentation
              12:30 – 14:00      Lunch at Restaurant du Theatre
We would be pleased if you would join us, have a coffee, meet old friends, connect with new members, and find out what’s happening with your Club.  
Best regards,
The IWC 2021-2022 Board


10:00 am
At IWC Clubhouse, Eglantine 6, Lausanne.
  1. Approval of the agenda
  2. Results of the election of the new Board 2021-2022
  3. Appointment of the Co-Presidents & Treasurer  
  4. Approval of the minutes of the AGM of October 2020
  5. Presidents’ Report
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Auditor’s Report and appeal for new auditor for 2021/22
  8. Approval of the 2021 financial statements
  9. Any other business (If anyone would like to submit an item for discussion, please send it to by October 1, 2021)

Below, you will find links to the Balance sheet and the Profit and Loss for the year ending on June 30th, 2021. At the AGM on the 6th of October, you will be asked to vote to approve these accounts
Balance Sheet       Profit and loss
Please take the time to look through both documents in advance of the AGM and, if you have any questions, send them to
Official announcement from the IWC Board:
Unfortunately, the IWC board has to postpone the upcoming IWC Autumn Dinner Event which should have been held at the “Hotel Eden Palace au Lac” on Friday, October 29th, 2021. Despite that a great number of excited members and their partners have signed up for the event, the minimum number of participants has not been reached, so the IWC board decided to cancel the event.
Members who have already paid for the event will get their money back from IWC Treasurer. Our treasurer Eli Puttock will take care of members’ refunds. If you have questions or concerns, please send an email to our treasurer
IWC board hopes to see everybody soon at any other further IWC event!
Lidy Lakerveld
IWC Events coordinator
Some good news about another upcoming event!

We are delighted to confirm a new upcoming event on Friday, December 10th, 2021.
Doris Oberholzer of “Just D.O. Faceyoga”, a Holistic Natural Rejuvenation Expert will hold a free conference for all IWC members on the theme of “Activate your Power of Transformation”.  
Doris promises the participants that it will be a very interactive conference!
Doris is a Holistic Natural Rejuvenation Expert and she wants to empower women (and men) with a simple 3 phase plan to 
  • Reverse the aging process
  • Regenerate at cell level
  • Reinforce durably body and mind
The 60 – 90 minutes conferences hold on the theme of « Activate your Power of Transformation » are very interactive and Doris will guide the participants through a physical experience with immediate effect on their face and wellbeing. Doris Oberholzer will bring a very compelling topic and experience to the participants.
Doris Oberholzer is very excited to be our December Monthly Meeting Speaker!
Please find more information about Doris Oberholzer on her website
More details and how to sign up for this new upcoming IWC event will follow soon!
Lidy Lakerveld
IWC Events coordinator

Membership Matters corner – news, views, and welcoming new members.
Only 50% of our members have requested access to our Member’s Only Facebook page.
We attach a couple of photos for those who have not requested access. 
Please note that to request access please contact

Activity Leaders Lunch
Activity Group leaders got together for a lunch organized by our Vice-President, Lynn Denton
Activity Fair
Almost 50 members attended our annual Activity Fair which was held in the Clubhouse garden.  We were so lucky with the weather!

Please welcome more new members:
Amanda Gosper

I’m Australian, living in Saint Sulpice (although planning to spend most of this winter in Chamonix). I’m loving it here and enjoying learning French (intermediate) and all the fabulous outdoor activities. I’m a member of the Préverenges tennis club and play there several times a week. Our youngest is studying in Oxford, so it’s nice to be a bit closer than Melbourne (where we are from)! My husbands’ business is World Academy of Sport, located in Etoy. Hope to meet you all soon 


Mandeep Singh

Hello friends my name is Mandeep Singh, new to Switzerland. I am originally from Udaipur India, and moved to California in 1987 - I consider myself a native Californian. We lived in San Diego till 2014 and moved to San Francisco till we moved to Lausanne in May 2021! I have worn many hats over the years: as a mom, a real estate professional, a full-time volunteer with special needs children, a full-time volunteer for domestic abuse women, a preschool teacher, and a grandma. I love reading, cooking, music, movies, being in nature, yoga & fitness, meeting new friends, and developing deep friendships. I’m loving my time here so far and am really looking forward to meeting everyone! 

Bravo – for volunteering!
The Music Appreciation Group had a lunch in honour of Marie Lou von Schack who ran the group for 25 years.


The Prize Draw! 
The prize draw for 2021-2022 (for a year from 1st June 2021 - 31st May 2022) will take place at the Board Meeting in early June 2022.  Those of you who recruit new members will have your names in the hat for the bottle of champagne.  Good Luck!
So come on ladies, please think which of your friends might like to join and get your name in the hat too!
Your ideas for recruiting new members
The IWC membership has fluctuated over the years.  For the 2020/2021 club year, we finished the year with 248 members.  A total of 22 members have already told us they will not be renewing for 2021-2022 for which we thank them.  Our membership is currently standing at 217 paid as a further 13 have not yet responded to our requests.  We would like to recruit some more members and we would love to hear from you with your ideas as to how best to achieve this goal.  Many of you will have worked in other associations and may have some good ideas to put forward.  Please contact us at

Looking after your data

It is important for members to know that their data is safe.  Membership receives a copy of your application form when you join and this information is transferred into our Access database which in turn provides the information (in the old membership directory format) to the webmaster for updating the website.  As many of you will know we no longer print the membership directory and instead your details are to be found on the Member’s Only part of the IWC website and it is password controlled.  The password is changed every year and you will find it in your copy of the Guidebook.  It is possible for you to print the membership list from the website but please be aware that it is constantly changing and that, if you do print, you cannot just put an old version in the bin – it should be shredded or destroyed in some other way to protect everyone’s data.

As you know we also use your email address only in Mailchimp which delivers IWC communications e.g. the E-News and in VTX which provides our messaging service.
It is also important for members to know that we do not keep your records once you have left the Club.  During a period after each year end we check on all those who have not renewed. Very kindly some of you will have told us in advance if you are not renewing and it really helps us if you tell us why not.  If we have not already heard from you we need to make sure that this is not an oversight!   We will begin to delete you from our systems as soon as we know your status and if we hear nothing you will be automatically deleted after a few weeks.

Social Media
Dear members,
In order to make it easier for everyone to use social media manager, Kanika Khatter has put together a step-by-step guide on
how to post on our IWC Facebook page. 
By clicking here you can learn how to get a lot savvier with Facebook!!

In order to make it easier to post on the club's Instagram account, Kanika has put together a guide for this as well. To access this please click here

All log-in details for the IWC Facebook page and the IWC webpage can be found in the IWC Guidebook for 2021-2022.




For the club year 2021-2022, our co-Librarians Rosemarie and Leng will be delighted to welcome you
either at a mutually convenient time (to be fixed via our email address),
or the traditional first Wednesday of the month (kindly confirm beforehand)

For anyone interested in reading and discussing contemporary literary fiction. We have decided to continue meeting every second Friday of the month at 2 PM on Zoom. If you are interested in joining our group, please send an email to Stay happy, healthy, and keep reading!



Our next Art Appreciation visit will be to the Hermitage Museum in Lausanne on Tuesday, October 19.
We will meet at 10:30 am at the Museum. For those interested, we can have lunch afterward at the Esquisse Restaurant. 

The Fondation de l’Hermitage will host a major retrospective of the Lucerne painter Hans Emmenegger (1866-1940), the first of its kind in French-speaking Switzerland. An artist of great originality in both his choice of subjects and the boldness of his compositions, Emmenegger is now regarded as one of the most important Swiss painters of his day.  

The exhibition has been organised in partnership with the Kunstmuseum, Lucerne, which holds many of the artist’s works, and will cover the whole of Emmenegger’s career in around a hundred paintings. 

Cost is CHF22 or if a minimum of 10 paying members, the group rate is CHF18. An audio guide is CHF5. Please click here to sign up or send an email to by latest October 11.

For art lovers (but not an IWC event), there is a conference in French at the Maison de la Femme on October 6 from 3-4:30 pm on Discovering the Wonders of Art Nouveau in Suisse Romande by Caroline Dey, the art historian. Details on how to sign up on the website:



Out2Lunch Bunch 

Tuesday 19th October 2021


La Pinte Vaudoise

42, Av Général Guisan - 1009 Pully


Easily recognizable because of the huge pewter tankard fountain in front of the building, managed by Gastrovaud, this spacious and airy restaurant with large bay windows provides the practical training for professionals studying to improve their work skills or to obtain a restaurant license. 

We are greeted with attentive service and original cuisine. 

Not many parking spaces on General-Guisan so it is best reached by bus Nr 8, Verney stop, just opposite the restaurant. 

From the train station, bus Nr 1, change to bus Nr 8 Verrières at Georgette. 


**COVID rules for restaurants:

  • Covid certificate + identification document
  • Mandatory mask except when seated 
  • the SocialPass app should be installed on your mobile phone 

**Strict Maximum of 12 for the reservation.

**Please rsvp on Friday 15th October latest

**To ease payment of the bill at the end, each person will be responsible for paying for what they order.



The winter tennis is starting at FairPlay tennis centre on Thursday 30th September and will continue each Thursday with a break at Christmas until 14th April 2022. 

For more information please contact Anne Guyot



               Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Before potatoes became available chestnuts were a staple in many Swiss kitchens
We are combining a morning tour of Martigny’s Roman remains with an autumn feast of chestnuts and accompaniments in a restaurant above Martigny

Martigny owes its importance in Roman times to its strategic position at the north entrance to the Grand St. Bernard pass. Many Roman remains are still visible today like the amphitheater, the Mithraeum, an early Christian Church, and other excavated buildings. The guided tour “Martigny in Roman times” will take 1,5 hours, afterward, we will have lunch from 11.30 to 13.45 at Restaurant Plan-Cerisier in Martigny-Croix  
“La Brisolée” buffet lunch (à volonté) is 40 Francs per person, and we have to reserve ahead of time. From the bus stop, it is a 20-minute walk to the restaurant. See more on La Brisolée and the restaurant below in French.
Itinerary: by train

Lausanne dep: 8.21 IR 1171,   platform 4, the last car of the train 
Vevey dep:  8.36       Montreux dep: 8.43   Martigny arr: 9.09
Guided tour of Martigny: 9.30 - 11.00

The tour ends near Fondation Gianadda, and we will take a bus to Martigny-Croix dep: 11.16
Martigny-Croix arr: 11.22
Walk from Martigny-Croix to Plan-Cerisier: 20 min.
By car: there is no parking at the restaurant, only at Martigny-Croix station
Martigny-Croix train dep: 14.06  
Martigny arr: 14.11
Martigny dep: 14.16 IR 90    Montreux: 14.47   Vevey 14.54 
Lausanne arr: 15.10

The guided tour costs 180Fr. and the costs per person will be lower if we are many so we hope that you will join us for both the tour and the lunch. The Brisolée buffet costs 40 Fr.
Please sign up by sending an email to by October 10
We are looking forward to seeing you on October 13th -  Marianne and Sonja

More on La Brisolée and Café-restaurant de Plan-Cerisier in French:
La Brisolée c’est lentement griller de délicieuses châtaignes au-dessus des braises. A ces délices de saison viennent s’ajouter fromages d’alpage et pain de seigle, raisin, pommes, poires et noix, le tout accompagné de moût de raisin, de vin nouveau ou de petite arvine. Dans sa version royale, la charcuterie du Valais, viande séchée ou lard, vient ajouter une touche de terroir supplémentaire. De fin septembre à fin novembre, elle est servie un peu partout dans son canton de prédilection et dans quelques bonnes adresses ailleurs en Suisse romande.
Café-restaurant de Plan-Cerisier:  Sur les hauteurs de Martigny, avec une vue magnifique sur la plaine du Rhône, ce lieu est une institution, surtout à la saison de son incontournable brisolée, de fin septembre à début décembre. Ici, les châtaignes cuites au feu de bois sont servies volonté et les accompagnements en buffet. Au menu: huit fromages d’alpage, du pain de seigle, de la coppa, du jambon,  gâteaux…




Mention the name Chillon and we immediately think of the famous castle on Lac Léman, forever associated with Lord Byron's poem, The Prisoner of Chillon.

But just across the busy road from the castle, there is a less well-known structure, more discreet because more camouflaged, but nonetheless important in Swiss history of military defense. This is the Fort de Chillon, a bunker that is part of a series of strategic bunkers constructed along Swiss borders, during World War II, to defend the country against a potential invasion by Hitler's troops. 

While Nazi troops never appeared, the bunker was subsequently used by the Swiss Army to train recruits.

Today it is turned into a museum, exactly the place for our Free Spirits to visit to learn more about Swiss military history.  Rains were pouring on that wet day in July but bad weather could not deter the Free Spirits from exploring what is worth exploring. 

The entrance to the bunker is not at all obvious to cars driving past, eyes inevitably turning the lake-side to the imposing castle. What appears to be granite rock surfaces are actually camouflaging material designed to hide the existence of openings on the cliffside. 

Once past the little ticket office, we trudged up the long tunnel, feeling very excited as if we were invading soldiers. It must have reminded us of all the films on Nazis we had seen in the past.

After listening to a short introduction we were left to wander through the bunker at our own pace. Fascinated, we strolled through a series of windowless rooms (claustrophobes beware!) designed for different purposes: cannon and machine guns, engine room and ammunition depot, telephone installations, living quarters, kitchens, and hospital. 

In the canteen we inspected fake rösti and sausages as well as fake cigarette trays, and reassured ourselves that the tins of food on the shelves were fake too; they could not be lifted. The videos projected on adjacent walls - of the soldiers having their meals, cooks chatting to one another, doctors operating on a patient - were life-size and extremely realistic. 

Inter-active games helped us brush up our knowledge on Switzerland's history, culture, politics, geography, and regional cuisines. We learned how a Swiss soldier carries on himself the different items necessary for active war, including the iconic Swiss army knife of course. 

Since it is a museum open to the public there is even a cafeteria serving delicious croissants for visitors tired out by the idea of relentless military maneuvers.

We ended our military exploration on the bunker's panoramic terrace overlooking Chillon castle, with the sun coming out at just the moment for photos of the impressive silhouette of the castle in all its splendor. 

Then, appropriately,  we had lunch on the terrace of Café Byron,  poésie oblige.

At the pen, Leng Moquin


Creative writing

We have taken a break over the summer but are now back

refreshed and ready to start creating again.


Let’s get creative! Have you ever wanted to develop your imagination and express yourself in a more interesting way? To use your experience as a reader to transform yourself into a writer?

We use writing prompts that will encourage you to see the world in a different light or in a way you’ve never imagined - and inspire you to write. A collaborative space to explore, exercise our creativity and have fun writing.

No experience needed - just a desire to join in and express yourself in English (or any other language).

At the moment, due to COVID restrictions, we meet via Zoom every Friday evening at 5 pm.

Leader: Ann Humphry-Baker. “For longer than I care to say I was an English teacher (higher education) and was passionate about stimulating my students’ creativity.

Please contact Ann Humphry-Baker via email so that we can arrange a time that suits everyone

The Language Exchange is starting again!
If you are a fluent English speaker, please join us for a Language Exchange with our French-speaking equivalents of Lausanne Accueil. We will match you one-on-one with French speakers so all levels of conversational French are welcome.

We are kicking off this year’s Exchange with a walk along the lake, starting from Ouchy at 2 p.m. on Monday, October 11. Meet us in front of the Ouchy Tourist Office, and we will match you up with a French speaker. After a half-hour walk in one direction, we’ll switch partners and walk back.
Please sign up by sending an email to with your name and phone number.  (French speakers need to be members of Lausanne Accueil and sign up through their website). If you would like to keep current with our activities, please ask to join our WhatsApp group. We also propose impromptu outings, walks, picnics, through that site.

If you are unable to meet us for the walk but would still like to be assigned a partner every other month for one-on-one matches, please send an email to We will begin the partnerships next month,

A bientôt!

Exploring Vaud by bike with IWC-Lausanne

We have some fun rides planned for October! 


As the weather is getting less predictable, please always make sure to check back the day before the ride - the route might change if the forecast predicts rain or particularly cold days. If you have questions, contact Bettina Younge by email at or by phone at 078 405 60 11.

Useful Reference:



October 2021

October 7: Vallorbe - Nyon (60km); alternate option Romainmôtier - Nyon

Route - warm weather:

We start following Route 6 in Vallorbe, heading past Dent de Vaulion toward Le Pont at Lac de Joux. We follow the Northern side of Lac de Joux toward Le Sentier and Le Brassus, climbing (comfortably) to the Col du Marchairux, and then descending (carefully) to Nyon.

Route - cold weather:

We start in Romainmôtier and head toward Nyon via Bière on Route 50 (parts of Stage 4 and 5) - the exact finish to be determined based on weather.

Meeting Time: 9:30

Start: Vallorbe train station

Finish: Nyon train station

Distance: ~60km, 3.5-4hrs

Transportation: The S22 leaves Lausanne at 8:39 and arrives in Vallorbe at 9:25 (or in Romainmôtier at 9:13). You need a half-fare ticket for your bicycle in addition to your own ticket.

Post-ride Option: TBD.

Reference: Route 7 (Jura Route, Stage 6) -


October 21: Romont to Vevey (47km)

To shorten the time on public transport, I changed the start of the ride to Romont, rather than Bulle, and the finish to Vevey, rather than Montreux, keeping the total cycling distance about the same.

Route: Today's ride begins in the Canton of Fribourg in the town of Romont. We will follow Route 87 through Vaulruz and La Verrerie on the way to Châtel-St-Denis, then continue via Jogny to Vevey, following Route 9.

Meeting Time: 9:15

Meeting Point: Romont train station

Distance: 47km, 2.5-3hrs

Finishing Point: Vevey train station

Transportation: The IR15 leaves Lausanne at 8:44, arriving in Romont at 9:15. 

Email by October 20 if you are planning to join the ride!

Post-ride Option: TBD

Reference: Route 9 (Lakes Route, Stage 1 - reverse direction) -
November 2021-TBD based on weather

    * Lakeside, low altitude options. Route 1, Route 46, Route 120
    * Valley, low altitude options
    * Shorter routes

December 2021-TBD; weather permitting we will start with our cross-country ski outings


Selected Previous Outings (some to be repeated):


The Hiking Group will continue throughout the autumn. If you would like to join us please contact  Sally Wenger by clicking the button below

Sally Wenger



In principle we are walking every Monday afternoon, weather permitting! 

Although many of our group members have now received their 2 injections we still need to exercise caution.  Social distancing should still be observed during our walks.  Please feel free to wear your mask if you would feel more comfortable. We will continue to concentrate on walks where the path is wide enough to allow the 1.5 metres between us and room to pass others safely.
Group members watch out for a WhatsApp message before 10.00 each Monday morning.  Normally we meet at 14.00   If there is no official walk on a particular day members can always use WhatsApp to contact each other and arrange their own walk and meeting point.  Have fun!

Potential new members should contact us by clicking on the button below.

The Fit & Fun group’s weekly walks during September took us from Les Pleiades to the Nyon region, and even across the border into France.
The day of the week for our walks continues to be on either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday depending on the weather forecast and the availability of the walk leader. If you are not on our mailing list, please sign up with your relevant details at:  Email us at with any questions. 


Highwood - Interior renovation and architecture

Are you planning to renovate your house or build a new home? Let us help you. We will translate your needs and wishes into a unique and harmonious design fitting the lifestyle of you and your family.

Interior design, architecture, and project management for renovations. We promise to make your home a more exciting place! Please visit our website for more info, or call Sedef, 079 697 9786

La Côte International School Aubonne, Switzerland | Nord Anglia Education
At La Côte International School Aubonne, we tailor our teaching to your child's personal needs so that they leave our school with everything they require to succeed and flourish - whatever they choose to be or do in life.

La Côte International School Aubonne hosts its next Virtual Open Day on Tuesday, 12 October at 11:00

Buying or selling a home, happy to help you.
At your disposal for a relaxed meeting.

Beverly Grahame +41 79 212 29 45
Chemin du Chêne 15
1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

Garden Design & Coach
You want to change and improve your garden, but don’t know where to start…
Whatever the size of your project, we are there to guide you!
Or contact: Nicolette Van Solingen
079-196 62-10 to learn more


Difficult to lose weight on your own? 
You don’t need to be a celebrity to have your own wellbeing team who plans and executes all for you. Join our 28 days wellbeing program and finally get the support you deserve.
021 646 97 50
Founded in 1927, St. George’s is a welcoming day and boarding school for ages 18 months to 18 years old. An inspiring community of young people from over 60 nations.

Have fun improving your French.
Conversation lessons are given by an
experienced teacher based in Pully.
Just call Jane
079 / 342 35 48
Institut Fazel Language School & Training in Cultural Awareness for Companies and Individuals.  Special offer for minimum 5 people - French or English Mini Immersion 300chf, Full Immersion 600chf, Morning 450chf


We offer a selection of beautiful rental properties, located on the popular island of Mallorca.

For more information, contact Susanne McMillan

Chevalley Automobiles – Your garage partner for Fiat, Jeep, and Honda on the Riviera.

We serve you in French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.





Lausanne (LSN)
Please join us for our afternoon coffee at the Lausanne Palace ( Rue du Grand-Chêne 7-9, 1002 Lausanne), on Monday, October 4th, from 14:00 to 15:30, in the back section of the main lobby. Drinks at the Palace range in price from about 6-10 CHF. All are welcome, and there's no need to RSVP. Hope to see you there!

West Riviera (WR)

We shall meet on the terrace of Restaurant Port du Pully, 9:30 - 11:00 on Wednesday,  October 20th.  We shall follow the Covid restrictions & hope for fine weather

La Cote (LC)

Our next coffee will be on Wednesday 20th October.  It will take place at the
Casino Morges at 10:30 am.

Lavaux/Riviera (LR)

The LR coffee group will be as usual on Friday, October 1st from 9.30 -11.00 at the Astra Hotel in Vevey, opposite the Vevey station. Weather permitting outside, if not, inside but with proof of a Covid vaccination and an identity card.

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