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Cyber, AI, Cloud and Estonia lead the way in 2017
Somehow we are over halfway through 2017. As cliched as it sounds, we have a fundamentally different world to 12 months ago. Of course, the accelerated rate of change is not unexpected. Some would argue the accelerated change is desired by as many that fear it (almost). What has changed from the perspective of the digital and technology world? A lot. Social Media, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence all have led the way. They all have had the impact on significantly influencing everything from the presidency of the USA to ensuring the quality of the meat served to the Chinese Middle Class’s dinner plate.  2017 to date. Estonia. Well, humble Estonia is the pinnacle of the digital world in 2017. It is the best digital entity, private or public, on the globe. 

Is the answer staring you in the face? Does your business need capioIT to help you win in the digital age?
Cyber security is rightfully rocketing up the priority lists for the CXO suite and boards, globally and across all industries. This increase in awareness is not matched yet by an increase in capability. Whilst every piece of research points to Cybersecurity as a major issue for the enterprise and agency, with threats coming from both nation states and rogue elements, education is not there. Not enough boards

are educated to the depth required on the impact of cyber on their business. When this is wrapped with the increase in privacy requirements driven by legislation such as GDPR the risks are real and ever present. 

Boards and executive leaderships overall do not have the depth of knowledge to ensure that their organisations are both compliant and proactive in managing the threat that is presented by cyber and privacy.This must be turned around before the potential liabilities make it impossible to operate. I appreciate that many board members are quick to learn, and governance is there, but cybersecurity cannot be dismissed as a simple governance issue, nor can privacy compliance be learnt overnight

AI and Social Media present challenges that are similar in influence if not different in execution. The issues are real, and the understanding lacking. From my discussions, AI is still ethereal at best for most individuals or organisations. Very few really fully understand the impact it will have on their firm or industry. Few again are skilled or have the maturity of the process to actually leverage it. These skills will come quickly for some firms, they will win.

Sadly, many others will be left behind and lag on yet another metric. If your organisation has not taken a mature and successful strategy towards both analytics and cloud, then AI/Machine Learning/Cognitive Learning will not be a game changer at your organisation. It is impossible to leap into such advanced technology and process when you already lag. Make sure your organisation is not a predictable casualty. 

Finally, social media continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The “leader of the free world” uses Twitter as his prime communications tool, Facebook hit 2 billion active users, and WeChat is closing in on 1 billion. WeChat represents what the world would love to do with social media if it could run it like China can. The depth of penetration of WeChat in the daily life of the Chinese population is staggering. It is not confined to China. It has been used from Ethiopia to Cape Town and Brazil.

As we all know, some entities have embraced the need to be fully digital more effectively than others. Arguably, Amazon is the leading enterprise from a digital point of view, with leadership across many avenues including social media, cyber security and of course, Machine Learning. capioIT believes that in objective and subjective measures even it has been outplayed by Estonia. Yes, little Estonia, population 1.3M people. I was fortunate to visit Enterprise Estonia and spend time in Tallin recently. Estonia is clearly the leading digital government globally. This is despite a GDP that is less than 15% of Amazon revenue. It has achieved phenomenal outcomes in both depth of services, everything bar getting married, divorced and buying a house can be done online, and usage, with over 98% of citizens using the digital engagement capabilities. It has cyber management as advanced as anywhere else and shows that the motivation of providing digital services for the people works to drive rapid investment and outcomes, as well as the motivation derived from a not so friendly neighbour in Russia overlooking it. The investments work in many ways, saving public sector funds, investing in local industry and having the electronic capabilities of the country backed up in another country in an innovative eEmbassy. 

There is a lot to be excited about in 2017 for capioIT. We have research underway at a global, regional and country level that ranges from Advanced Analytics Platforms, Location Intelligence, Industry Digital Ranking, Democratised Analytics, Cloud Platform Partnering, and more. We look forward to bringing that and much more to you in the remainder of this year. As ever if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.  

Last week whilst traveling in China visiting Teleperformance's local capabilities, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the "Terracotta Soldiers" in Xian. It is a stunning find and shows the engineering brilliance that existed approximately 2,400 years ago. 
Research insights from 2017....

Here are some of the most popular research and blog posts of 2017, that is both relevant and important. We would appreciate your feedback on any of the articles.
Capture Snapshots....
  • 3,100 people/day connect in Singapore travelling to/from India + Australia. The geographic convenience and smarts of Singapore in one.
  • Microservices is allowing for the rebirth of the Enterprise Architect and re-engaging enterprise IT. 
  • The irony of a “CIO digital event” being told by a legacy New England analyst firm that digital is all about the technology (Which I disagree with) then wowing us with a paper based survey #paperisnotdigital
  • Having spent time in Xian, the development of Western China is remarkable, still some way to go in terms of language and "smarts" when compared with Beijing, Shanghai et al. Perfect market for internal service delivery and R&D.
  • Just my opinion, but it might be time to move on from #drones as prizes at tech conferences. Wondering what is next?
  •  Despite its faults, If you cannot get #webex to work then I cannot trust you to be able to run my digital enterprise. Sorry.
  • The retail decline is one-directional structural change. Major brands are shuttering stores. Non-disrupting retailers and formats are dying. Quickly. Other industries have to take note, they will be next. 
  • Agree and sadly it will remain an ignored factor. "Culture of moving to the cloud is as important as technical issues. “ Too much time on the important technical assessment, not enough on the who and how of the usage. 
  • Eric Schmidt - "Nation States will fight over data". Add it to the list of oil, water, ego, etc 
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