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Digital Devil’s Advocates, and catching AWS
Welcome to the first capioIT newsletter for 2016. In some respects 2016 has had a quiet start from a technology and digital perspective. Don't be deceived, it is more akin to a duck on top of the water. Down below and out of sight the feet are moving very quickly. Certainly at capioIT we have kicked off a number of research projects and activities. It should be a very exciting year.
In the latter part of 2015, capioIT with clarity identified and consulted upon Digital implementations that failed to create the expected value. Worryingly, some that became potentially incredibly dangerous for brands and customers alike. The reasons for the failure of digital are typically simple and definitely avoidable.

Wikipedia: I know everything!

Google: I have everything!

Facebook: I know everybody!

Internet: Without me you are nothing!

Electricity: Keep talking.......!!!!


The fact that the humble car park is the frinIt is quite incisive that the humble Car Park can be the source of such a range of issues in terms of organisations actually creating value from Digital investments. Clearly shopping centre giant Westfield stumbled with this - that the media finally caught up to capioIT with their breathless “exclusive” on the parking issue that only came out 3 months after we had first identified the issue.
With follow up research capioIT has identified that car sharing has also reinforced a fatal flaw in the digital strategy for car parking - How the Car Park exposes Digital Failures that Kill Customer Experience 
 Whilst capioIT has been addressing this since 2014, the car park analysis reinforces that digital is so more than a technology play.

  • The customer experience has to be front and centre of the outcome.

  • When the customer isn’t central, digital fails, whether it is online insurance, car parking or attending a sporting event.

  • There is no compromise, or wriggle room, digital investments have to be more than technology.

The failure of Digital to engage customer experience was driver behind capioIT establishing a new role in the modern enterprise. That is the Digital Devil’s Advocate - Do You Have a Digital Devil’s Advocate? You need one.
In short, the Digital Devil’s Advocate is more than just a function of the Chief Strategy, Chief Technology or Chief Digital Officer. The Digital Devil’s Advocate will need to be across the business, optimistically cynical about all s/he is told, and not afraid to look under the hood, whilst bringing all parties together to ensure that the digital solution is integrated. In some instances the role will work best when s/he is an outsider to the industry. The clarity of a new perspective is critical.
February 2016 saw the release of the 2016 Capture Share for Australian Infrastructure Management Services. - Infrastructure Management in Australia – Who can catch AWS? capioIT Capture Share Report - ranked 20 vendors and services providers on the basis of 17 attributes. (For more on the Capture Share Process Please see -  What is the capioIT Capture Share Report?
Whilst this study is Australian in focus, the headline remains the same. Who can stop AWS? It dominates the Infrastructure Management market. This is despite the fact that it does not have a full portfolio of offerings, just public cloud and partners. Virtually every non-public cloud provider partners with AWS. The non-public cloud enabled providers have no choice. AWS dominates the public cloud market in every open economy in which it has a direct presence, it is very successful in Australia, but by no means is Down Under an outlier.
There is a lot to be excited about in 2016 for capioIT. We have research underway at a global, regional and country level that ranges from Analytics Platforms, Salesforce Partnering, Digital Regions and more. We look forward to bringing that and much more to you in 2016. As ever if you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out. 

During the festive season break,
my family and I ventured west of Sydney over the
Blue Mountains to Jenolan Caves.
What an amazing experience seeing one of
Earth's natural wonders.
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Short insights from 2015
Here are some of the most popular research and blog posts of 2015, and some that we still believe to be relevant and important. We would appreciate your feedback on any of the articles.
  • Technology is like a sports referee or umpire – It works best when you don’t notice it 
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