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Creating human senses, the Kiwi’s are coming, is the iWatch another distraction?

We start this month’s newsletter with a slightly different perspective. Most people and organisations try to leave their world in a better shape by making lives easier, more productive. For professionals such as Doctors, Nurses and teachers Cochlear can take this to a whole new level. Cochlear has the claim to be the only firm to create a sense, in its case, hearing. This is an extraordinary use of technology and medical knowledge and is inspiring as to how some incredibly talented people can make the world a better place for individuals and entire societies.

The innovation coming out of New Zealand is a real highlight of how a country can use it’s comparative differentiation, in this case knowledge capital and an sense of the big opportunity. Cloud accounting innovator Xero is just the leader in the innovation that has come out of what is a small economy. The reasons for the innovation are many and varied, but Australia and other mid sized countries can learn from New Zealand, particularly with the attitude to Silicon Valley. For some reason in Australia, going to Silicon Valley is selling out. For an increasing number of New Zealand innovators, it is having a shot at the big time.

Another country who plays above its weight is the Czech Republic, we recently wrote about how  it is easy to respect that the Czech Republic has kept its national identity despite some big and hostile neighbours. Some countries and IT vendors alike who adopt a follow me attitude could learn from this.

The jury is still out on the impact of the Apple iWatch and related wearables. CEO’s and senior executives I have talked to are vocally concerned with yet more distractions during meetings. If participants are not checking their Tablet, Phone or other device, they are waiting too. Another distraction with the iWatch maybe a bridge too far in terms of productivity perceptions. The regular ping of email, Facebook mention etc. may prove to become too much. Having said that Apple has an extraordinary hit rate.
The top ranked search terms on capioIT in the past month were – Innovation, Digital, Cloud, Strategy Vendor. This reinforces how the market has changed and how capioIT is looking to complement the new dynamics.

May and June saw some major global vendor trade shows and events for the like of Netsuite, SAP, EMC and Cisco. These are a great chance to update the world, but to be honest  in following the announcements that came out from the events I was underwhelmed especially by the big legacy vendors. The next wave is in September and October with the likes of AWS, Dreamforce and Oracle Open World. It will be important to see if the northern summer has inspired these firms more than the spring appears to have done.

From a regional point of view, IBM and Microsoft have been active in transitioning their Asia Pacific businesses. Some aspects are clearly still troubled, but they are making real investments in cloud and new business models.

The past couple of years were big for BMC and Dell going private and HP and Symantec are now towards the end of their splits. Whilst these corporate restructurings are undertaken by companies that are usually struggling, Dell and BMC appear to be benefitting from their privatisation. Time will tell if the splits work. For HP in particular it comes after years of misdirection and a failure to meet the changing market conditions. The next 2 years will tell if each of the two firms was better apart than together.
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Short insights
  • With both and Amazon Web Services (AWS) having revenues in excess of $5 billion, two things stand out. First, their model of disruption works. Second, it is a race to $10 billion.
  • The strong recent Microsoft numbers highlight the success of transition to cloud. Other legacy vendors are looking in with envy no doubt.
  • Also at Microsoft, the Datazen acquisition highlights how seriously it is attempting to catch the likes of Qlik and Tableau.
  • I have long admired at the level of detail and knowledge good CEO's have for their business.  From the Australian corporate tax inquiry, this detail and knowledge does not make it to Tax arrangements and compliance when the heat is on.
  • Mike Lawrie will be notionally running both CSC offshoots. In our view this is most likely driven by expected acquisition of one or both business units
  • IBM is joining the Internet of Things in a rush.  $3 Billion in expenditure to establish a new business unit. Clearly hoping for another Watson.
  • Cloud accounting SaaS innovator Xero has closed in on 500K in customers, 67% customer growth. $A114M revenue.
  • Clearly the growth in technology share prices for good and bad vendors is proof that as a rational and comparative benchmark the stock exchange is beyond repair. 
  • The ratio of 90-1 of messages per minute for Facebook over Twitter highlights comparative value of data sets particularly given that the Facebook relationship is typically more involved.
  • According to Dimension Data, the cybercrime industry is perhaps the most agile part of technology. Difficult to disrupt and shutdown an ecosystem of that sort. 

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Multi brand approaches are real. They work for airlines, retail, hotel chains, auto manufacturers and many other sectors of the economy so why have IT solution providers not considered a multi-brand approach. The Gap group has Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic, Qantas has Qantas and Jetstar, Volkswagen Group has VW, Skoda Audi amongst many examples. The time has come for IT Solutions vendors to meet distinct client requirements and frankly not let revenue walk out to competitors. Read More...

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Rampant short term thinking in organisations has mean that many graduates were traditionally looked down upon because of “a lack of experience” and the time required for productivity factors. Certainly over the past 20 years I have noted many organisations have cut back on graduate programs, or narrowed focus. Read More...

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