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February 2014 Newsletter

This is our first newsletter. The frequency of this mailing will range from monthly to quarterly. We don't want to flood your inbox on a regular basis, but we do want to stay connected and share with you things that might support your own leadership and networking practices.

Three Interesting Articles

A consolidation and extension of some great texts and ideas, Dan Saffer's "Designing a Creative Practice" is an example of how good a blog post can be. It details an approach that just might change your working life and concludes with a list of potent resources.

We are huge fans of Nancy Duarte, and her message of "Don't Be Boring" gives a small hint of why she is such an indispensable thinker and practitioner. In a short space, she breaks down a basic principle implicit in both great presenting and great teaching -- work the contrast.

Our work at Leading Online Inc. attempts to highlight places where the technological and the human might coexist, creating a "third thing" that couldn't exist without either input. Perhaps the most personal technology we have — the thank you note — is on display in this article from the Washington Post.

Purchase Leading Online!

Leading Online: Leading the Learning, Leading by Learning is available in the iBooks Store for $9.99 USD. You can download a free sample chapter to read on your iPad or Mac computer running OS X Mavericks. Click here to visit the store page.

If you have already purchased the book — thank you! We'd be ever grateful for a rating and/or review on the iBooks Store page (same link as above).

Steve's Review of Scaling Up Excellence

A lot of writing these days seem like it was thrown together in about seven minutes. Scaling Up Excellence, by Robert Sutton and Huggy Rao, took seven years — and it shows. Steve blogged recently about why he is reading this book as slowly as he can.  

Our Educon Experience

At the end of last month, we facilitated a conversation at Educon 2.6 in Philadelphia, PA. The goal was to condense the collaborative process we went through over the past year into 90-minutes and then lead participants through an authentic, collaborative writing and editing process. 

About 40 people participated in this exercise, and the product is really quite wonderful. The final copyediting and layout steps took place the next morning, but before the conference ended all participants had a chance to download the multi-touch book which is also now available as a free book in the iBooks Store.

You can learn more about how we structured the session and get additional links to the iBooks and PDF versions of this prototype by checking out this post.
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