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Management of Scalp Conditions

Management of Psoriasis

Arthritis Foundation's Walk to Cure Arthritis: Saturday 06/04/2016: Shelby Farms, Memphis TN.
Specialty Selection at the University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences

The Importance of Supporting Availability of Blood Products: Lifeblood.

Rheumatology and Dermatology Associates
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Dr. George
Woodbury and Dr. Cathy Chapman
Rheumatology and Dermatology Associates
8143 Walnut Grove Road
Cordova, TN 38018
 (901) 753-0168

 Rheumatology and Dermatology Medical Assistant Shirley talks with a patient about psoriasis and options for treatment.
Management of Scalp Conditions
Figuring out what’s causing scalp itching and hair loss  is a common task for dermatologists. Among the dozens of possible causes are psoriasis, a genetic condition called seborrheic dermatitis, drug eruptions, and fungal infections. The laboratory can help us to arrive at a  diagnosis, through a skin biopsy, in which a small specimen of skin is sent into the laboratory. A scraping called a fungal culture can often be very helpful—perhaps revealing a fungus picked up from another person, or even a cat. Some patients benefit from allergy patch testing, which is a test htat checks for reactions to preservatives, fragrances, or latex.
Management of Psoriasis
Psoriasis can be confined to the skin, or it can involve the skeleton and joints. In the 23 years since we opened Rheumatology and Dermatology in Cordova, many new treatment options have become available. In addition to an oral drug called methotrexate, we now also have injectable  and iv drugs, including etanercept, adalimumab, infliximab, certolizumab, ustekinumab, and golimumab, and even an oral drug called apremilast.  All of these drugs have side-effects, however, so testing in advance is needed.
The patient's arm below is hot, red, and itchy, and the eruption has spread. This is a pattern of plaque-type psoriasis that could be managed with ultra potent topical steroids, with steroid injections, or at times with a course of the oral drug methotrexate, or biologic injections.
Rheumatology and Dermatology Medical Assistants Vicki and Shirley encourage families to learn about the Arthritis Foundation's Walk to Cure Arthritis - which is scheduled for Saturday June 4th 2016, at Shelby Farms - Gate 10, off of Mullins Station Road.
For help or more information about this event, contact Michelle Dooner (, or call 1-901-322-1517, or go to Walk to Cure Arthritis-Memphis.



Here our Rheumatology and Dermatology staff and team turned out to support arthritis research on Saturday morning June 6th 2015, at the Walk to Cure Arthritis Memphis 2015 - at Shelby Farms, Memphis TN.

Specialty Speed Dating is an annual event that the Memphis Medical Society sets up at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center. This year's event happened Tuesday 11/10/2015. It's an opportunity for practicing physicians to let medical students know what it's like to work in different specialties of medicine. Here we see (left to right) Third Year Medical Students Mike Bright and Raj Budati with Dr. Woodbury, who represented the specialty of dermatology, and Dr. Brian Borowski, a cardiologist with the Sutherland Clinic.

Donating blood:
Currently, there is a very real shortage of all blood components, especially Type O and Type B negative blood. We consider donating blood, plasma, or platelets as truly life-saving. We have had many patients whose lives were indeed saved based upon blood availability, after severe medical conditions.
Lifeblood Donor Center hours:
Lifeblood has 5 donor centers and a mobile donation unit. Locations include Lifeblood Bartlett, Lifeblood Germantown, Lifeblood East Memphis, Lifeblood Medical Center (on Madison), Lifeblood Tipton County, and Lifeblood Desoto.

Here Lifeblood phlebotomist Karen assists Dr. Chapman in preparing to donate plasma and platelets on 02/06/2016. Dr. Chapman and Dr. Woodbury combined have donated over 19 gallons of blood, at Lifeblood.

If you’ve never donated blood before, it’s a pretty simple process. The Lifeblood Centers work by either advance appointment or by walk-ins. Once you arrive, the triage process involves answering medical questions and labwork, so that Lifeblood staff can ensure that it's safe for potential donors to donate.  It’s an easy process, and your willingness to participate really does save lives!

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