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Lynn Moss Explains Why She Is Running for Superdistrict 9 Position 2, of the Memphis City Council

Memphis City Elections Thursday October 8th 2015
Focus on Your Health: Smoking Cessation

Legislative Corner - the Danger of the Proposed Repeal of the    Tanning Tax

Rheumatology and Dermatology Associates
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Dr. George
Woodbury and Dr. Cathy Chapman
Rheumatology and Dermatology Associates
5210 Poplar Ave #150
Memphis TN
8143 Walnut Grove Road
Cordova, TN 38018
 (901) 753-0168
  (901) 683-9926

Dr. George Woodbury hears from his Office Manager Lynn Moss why she is running in the October 8th Memphis City Council Election for Superdistrict 9, Position 2.
Lynn Moss:
Memphis is a great city with a heritage like no other place on Earth; We Memphians have a lot to be proud of. From Graceland to the Riverfront, Beale Street to Cooper Young, and the best barbecue to be had anywhere, our city overflows with history and southern charm.
Our city is the heart of the South, but Memphis is at a crossroads. Short-sightedness and lack of fiscal responsibility in city government have pushed our city to a financial precipice. The voices of the people are being ignored by elected officials and mistrust of officeholders by their constituents is widespread and growing. The time is now to pull our beloved city back from the edge, to propel it toward economic prosperity.
All Memphians must work together to achieve our goals and the place to start is by electing honest, strong-minded individuals to public office, people who are beholden to no one for political favors. People who will put the best interests of our community above their own self interests.  I want to help Memphis be a place where all people can realize the American Dream.
Ms Moss’ Main Areas of Focus:  De-Annexation:
The land mass area of Memphis is now larger than Boston, St. Louis and Washington, DC combined.  For decades city government has been annexing areas with the goal of improving the tax base.  The opposite has occurred.  Citizens who have not wanted to be in the city limits have moved to other counties and other states to avoid Memphis taxes and we are now faced with providing services to more and more areas with the same or fewer dollars. 

It’s time to allow areas who want out of Memphis to de-annex and decrease our ever growing financial burdens.
Police & Firefighter Benefits | Crime
Memphis is losing many of our finest to other cities because of the actions of the City Council in regard to city employee benefits. For future employees, changes are absolutely required in order to keep the city fiscally secure, but reneging on the promise of benefits to current and past employees is not acceptable. Fighting crime requires a strong police force and our Men in Blue deserve the wholehearted support of all Memphians.
Save the Mid-South Coliseum
When it opened in 1964, the Mid-South Coliseum was the first desegregated public building ever in Shelby County. This iconic structure was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the US Department of Interior in 2000 and yet there are some who would tear it down rather than preserve its history. There are numerous uses for this building that can be pursued and finding a viable and worthy use for it is the course that the City of Memphis should take.

No Smart Meters
MLGW leadership is determined to install costly smart meters throughout the city regardless of evidence that shows our utility bills will skyrocket. Health, fire hazard, and privacy issues are also linked to these meters. Ratepayers have voiced their opposition to smart meters on a regular basis at City Council meetings, yet most on the Council have chosen to turn a deaf ear to us. Memphians deserve elected officials who are accountable to those who put them in office. –Lynn Moss, 09/10/2015.


On October 8th, 2015, citizens of Memphis will vote for mayor, all 7 regular districts of the Memphis City Council, and the 3 members each of “super districts 8 and 9, as well as City Court Clerk. Early voting runs at 16 locations in the County, starting Friday Sept. 18th and running through Saturday October 3rd.
To find out which district you live in, go to, to find the Precinct Locator. Then enter your street number and street name, and you will learn your City Council District. Our country is lucky to have freedom to vote. So vote!
To become registered to vote, you must be 18 at the time of the next election, and must fill out an application with your county election commission at least 30 days prior to the election, and must be a resident of Tennessee. See the Shelby County Election Commission web site. If your will be out of the county on election day, do an application to vote absentee, but submitting an absentee request form.

Dr. George
Woodbury and Dr. Cathy Chapman
Rheumatology and Dermatology Associates
5210 Poplar Ave #150
Memphis TN
8143 Walnut Grove Road
Cordova, TN 38018
 (901) 753-0168
Drs. Chapman and Woodbury celebrated 22 years of practicing
together in Memphis TN on June 25th 2015. Our clinic - Rheumatology
and Dermatology Associates - is one of a half dozen combined clinics in
the United States focusing on these two specialties.

Do you know where our logo came from?
Emily Woodbury - our daughter - now a senior
medical student at Columbia University in
New York City anticipating going into obstretics
and gynecology - designed the logo to illustrate
that people benefit most when healthcare personnel
work together with the whole family to meet
healthcare needs - i.e. we try to nurture a team-wise
approach to keeping you healthy.
George R. Woodbury Jr, MD
Cathy M. Chapman, MD
Rheumatology and Dermatology Associates, P.C.

Focus on your health, and your family’s health: Smoking Cessation.

September is a great month to consider quitting smoking. That includes avoiding smoking tobacco and also avoiding use of smoke-free nicotine products, since all take a toll on your health. Electronic cigarettes are both addictive and dangerous. We physicians use medicines like bupropion and varenicline to help patients to quit. The Church Health Center at 1115 Union in Memphis offers smoking cessation classes at their Wellness Center: Shelia Harrell (901-259-4673 ext. 1604). Or go to the Tennessee Tobacco Quitline: 1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669).

Rheumatology and Dermatology Medical Assistants Vicki and Shirley
encourage all to "get moving," for both the health of your body and your joints.


Legislative Corner:

           Please ask your US Representative to stand for public health and OPPOSE H.R. 2698, which is the Repeal of the federal Excise Tax on Indoor Tanning. This bill would repeal the 10% excise tax on indoor tanning services.  Please call on your member of Congress to maintain the current law as a strong message in recognition of the
potentially fatal health risks associated with indoor tanning.

Please encourage your federal representative and your two federal
senators to support what’s called
HR 1600: the Patient Access to Treatment Act.
 • Limits patients’ cost-sharing requirements for specialty tier drugs  •
Reduces financial burden for patients  • Increases access to life-saving biologics
• Allows patients to function and remain in the workforce
To reach your elected officials: 1-888-434-6200:
TN Senators: Bob Corker+Lamar Alexander; Rep. Steve Cohen+Rep. Stephen Fincher.
Arkansas Senators: Tom Cotton+John Boozman. Rep.Rick Crawford
Mississippi Senators: Thad Cochran+Roger Wicker. Representative Kelly Trent. 
Would you like to become more engaged in the
politics of your healthcare?

Dr. Woodbury will attend the American Academy of Dermatology
Legislative Conference, in Washington DC, this year on September 27th to 29th 2015. Dr. Chapman will attend the American College of Rheumatology's Advocacy Conference, in Washington D.C., October 5th to the 7th.
The doctors will meet with many of the western Tennessee state senators' and representatives' staff membersIf you would like more information on these meetings, please drop us a return Email or phone call.

Tips on finding a good sunscreen:

 The US Food and Drug Administration—which regulates sunscreens in this country—has now issued a new set of rules on how products promoted as sunscreens can be advertised. The effective date of these new rules was December of 2012.
Some tips on selecting a good sunscreen:
· Look for the statement “broad spectrum.” Broad spectrum means the sunscreen protects against the worst ultraviolet rays—which are called UVB rays—but also UVA rays—which have been implicated in wrinkling and also contribute to skin cancer. (Older sunscreens didn’t have much UVA protection.)
· Look at the SPF on the label, which stands for Sun Protection Factor. This number measures the length of time one can be in the sun before developing  a sunburn with the sunscreen on, compared to how long one could be in the sun with no sunscreen before a burn occurs. So SPF 10 would imply that one could be in the sun 10 times longer when using that sunscreen.
· Note that the SPF number is misleading since it implies you’ve used the required amount of sunscreen. Even an SPF 150 sunscreen is not worth much if you’ve sweated it all of!
· The statement “waterproof” is now prohibited on sunscreens. “Water resistant” is allowed but it only measures ability to protect from a burn after either 40 or 80 minutes in a pool. So reapply that sunscreen every two hours! And you can look for cream, gel, spray, or aerosol forms of sunscreen.
· The FDA is still studying whether to restrict claims of SPFs over 50 (such products are more expensive without much additional protection). Keep tuned for further developments.

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George Woodbury Jr. M.D. (09/12/2015)