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July 14, 2021

Worship in
Community House 

We moved back into to the Community House for the summer! Anything to beat the heat!  Please sign up to host Coffee Hour in the Community House or contact Kim in the office at 908.832.2154. (Set up a small pot of coffee, iced water, and bring individually wrapped snacks, please!) And we're still on Facebook Live or via the website every week. Join us!

 Remember that your giving is important. June was a good giving month! We still have on-going expenses even through summer and your regular support makes that happen. Don't forget your church! You can give electronically using the link below or on the website. Thank you!

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Worship Sunday @ 10am 
We're back in the Community House for the summer! Join us at 10am in person and via Facebook Live or recorded posting both on Facebook and our website. If you'd like to support flowers in our worship email the office or call 908.832.2154 for details. See more about flowers below. This week's readings: Ephesians 2:11-22; Mark 6:30-34, 53-58. Sermon: All Access. 
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Flowers in Worship! Yes you can!

You can help brighten our Sunday worship service! Please donate flowers for the third Sunday of each month. Email the church at:  or call 908-832-2154 and choose your date. The flowers will be delivered to a church family by a Deacon unless otherwise requested. Flowers are ordered from Stony Hill Gardens and the cost is $37.50 payable to Fairmount Presbyterian Church. Please note—flowers are ordered once a month. Requests are due by the first of each month.

Mission - Lasagna with Love

This group of amazing chefs provide lasagna, baked ziti, and macaroni and cheese for our friends, once monthly. To be part of the team distributing food to those in need, or if you know of someone who might benefit from meals, contact Donna at 908.894-3176.
Download the flyer

Mission - Haytown Pantry

Pass this along to your networks! The Haytown Nursery School Community Pantry is now open at the Community House. How awesome is this? Bring food items as you can—anytime day or night. Leave what you have—take what you need. Jesus says "I am the bread of life, whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." Download the flyer for more...
Community Pantry Flyer

Connect - Coffee Potter Group

Weather is beautiful, wish you were here! Join the Coffee Potter group Tuesdays for a walk on the path starting at 10am and coffee at 11. Friendly church people seeking a time of fellowship, support, and conversation. Come for the encouragement—stay for the coffee! Call Nancy for details 908.876.4669.

Connect - Bible Studies

Mondays at 7pm on Zoom. Real. Life.  We cover the scriptures from Sunday's worship. What does it say about us today? What does it say about God today? What does it say about our relationship with God? How does it speak to our community? Get the link.

Wednesdays at 8am at Oscar's Deli in Califon. Good coffee, good company, and current events. Come have breakfast, solve the world's problems, and eventually we get around to talking Bible. Everybody invited! 

Haiku by Cheryl

Cheryl writes Haiku poetry every week based on Sunday's worship and the Monday night Bible Talk. 

On 2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19
Arc of God returned
David Jerusalem home
Good will offerings 

On Ephesians 1:3-14

Grace lavished on us
God's pleasure set forth in Christ
Fullness of time planned 

We are blessed in Christ
Redemption forgiveness grace
Our purpose praise God 

On Mark 6:14-29
Own up to your sins
Right wrongs soon as possible
Time makes choice harde

Who are we most like
Herod John Herodias
Salome' guard guest 

On The Real Housewives of Jerusalem sermon:
Different but same
Real Housewives Jerusalem
Same stories today 

More change more stay same
Flashbacks ask what did we do
New choice chase Jesus 

What does future hold
Ancient modern church reborn
Old is new again 

Gospel heats things up
New dramas like old dramas
Discern new answers

Bless you, Cheryl! Do you write poetry, prose, or reflections? Submit your offerings to the Focus at this mailbox

Pastor Blog

Pardon Our Dust
I’m sure you’ve seen signs in businesses over the years asking forgiveness for their remodeling, renovations, repairs. “Pardon the dust—just don’t write in it!” Stuff like that.

It’s about to get a little crazy around here.
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In our prayers:

  • Our grieving families:
    • Sydney Burcham (Vaughn)
    • Janet Farrar (Sterling) 
    • Jim Grzybek (Day) 
  • Neil for stroke care, Kathy and Karen for cancer care, Lin for eye care. (Morgan)
  • Al who is having a heart valve replacement (Elliot/Morris)
  • Yolanda and her grandchildren (Oriel)
  • John now under hospice care (Foster)
  • Vaccinations
  • Job seekers and those suffering financially due to COVID
  • All armed service people, deployed and stateside.
  • Everyone connecting to Fairmount on Facebook Live!
How can we be praying for you? If we're sharing names, please be sure it's okay with the person to share your prayer joys or concerns here or on Sunday mornings via Facebook Live. email them anytime

Happy Birthday! 

July 15 -- Ellie S. 
        18 -- Emma J.
        22 -- Charles S.
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