Water: human right, job generator, poetic inspiration
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In this issue: stories inspired by World Water Day, March 22

Andy Lipkis: Trees, Water, Biomimicry & Job Creation

In Southern California, over $1.5 billion is spent every year on bringing in water, cleaning it up and controlling flooding – all while losing rain water that would otherwise meet half of local needs. As water becomes an acute global issue, visionary Andy Lipkis points to the mighty oak tree as a model for a more economically and ecologically effective system. Read more from Andy »

Purifying Water Nature’s Way: Bioneers Youth

Thanks to Marin School of Environmental Leadership students, an innovative project floats biomimicry’s potential to restore vital ecosystems and purify water. Inspired by Bioneers, the Floating Islands bioremediation project launched at the 2015 Bioneers Conference, combining structural engineering, knowledge of native plants and local commitment. More about the project »

Rethinking the Relationship Between Agriculture & Water

California’s Central Valley produces 66 percent of US produce, which makes drought more than a California water crisis – it’s a national food system disaster waiting to happen. Rainfall is only part of it. As a new report shows, groundwater is also crucial to the future of agriculture, and California farmers are responding with some radical solutions. Read more »

Notes from the Field: Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Knowledge Program Director Cara Romero honors the memory of slain Indigenous activist Berta Cáceres, celebrates three Native youth leaders, and wraps up Women's History Month with resources for learning about Native women sheroes. Read more »

Video Highlight: Maude Barlow, “Blue Gold: Water as a Human Right”

If you saw the 2015 film “The Big Short,” you know that one of the main characters now focuses his investing on water. In her 2003 keynote, activist Maude Barlow warned of the commodification of the world’s water supply. She also shared a vision for a water-secure future based on conservation, equity and the public good that’s more relevant than ever. Watch now »

Audio Highlight: “The Seaweed Rebellion: Saving the Earth by Saving the Oceans”

All the water we drink and use to grow food comes from one place: the global ocean. While we understand some of the ocean’s role in creating clouds, wind and rain, we’re still learning about other threads in this complex web of life – sound, for example – and what changing them means for us. Listen now »

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Community News

  • Today, March 22, is World Water Day! Learn more about the history and the 2016 theme: Water and Jobs »
  • Update: The deadline for entries in the 2016 Fuller Challenge has been extended to Friday, April 1st at 17:00 EST. More details »
  • Bioneers Board Member Eriel Deranger was featured in a Yes! Magazine article on how women-led movements are redefining power.
  • Almost 20 years later, bioneer Tzeporah Berman reflects on how her work with British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest campaign redefined forestry and industry.
  • Congratulations to bioneers Sarah Crowell and Quinn Delaney, who are among the newest members of the Alameda County (CA) Hall of Fame »
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