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Fruitful Fact:  Chaga Mushrooms


Wild Chaga mushrooms are a dense source of nature's super antioxidants, S.O.D, or Super Oxide Dismutase. 

Oxidation is a real problem in the body; think of it as aging and decay.  Look at the apple; when left out for too long, it begins to turn brown. A car exposed to the elements over time starts to rust.  Our bodies do the same thing as we age and from other factors. Antioxidants help in this regard, but S.O.D. is far more efficient and effective in its capacity compared to others in the antioxidant family, such as quercetin or vitamin C, for example. 

Tests performed on North American Herb & Spice's wild Chaga prove that it contains 10,000 to 20,000 active S.O.D. Units per gram. It is an exceedingly high amount, far more than your typical S.O.D pills.  It is often attributed to the Siberian people's longevity factor who traditionally drink Chaga tea daily and commonly live to 90 and older!  Compare this to the Inuit population, who live in a similar climate but have no access to the Chaga.  Their average lifespan is 50-60 years. Therefore, we can conclude that S.O.D. is a super compound that supports natural longevity. 

For the best support, consume Chaga regularly to reap the same benefits as the Siberians. Chaga is also one of the most potent adaptogen herbs. Adaptogens are substances that modify the human body's response to stress. Whether it is stress support, Immunity, Adrenal and energy support, brain function, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, or heart function, Chaga Mushrooms supply ample nutrition for the entire body. 

If you are wired and tired, need a break from caffeine, and carefully looking to fill some nutritional deficiencies while supporting immunity, real Chaga, not the mycelia form, which is missing the potent nutrients, is calling your name.  Be sure always to choose the wild hand-gathered Chaga from the birch tree forests.  We salvage the Chaga from the trees before the logging industry cuts them down.  This incredible edible fungus is, without question, the "best in class" among all mushrooms! 

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