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Hearty Hibiscus Tea

It’s summertime, and we are always looking for healthy, ice cold drinks to have and share with family and friends.   Why not have an iced Hibiscus tea?  Hibiscus flowers are long known for their powers in supporting a healthy cardiovascular system. The raw flowers are a dense source of magnesium and manganese, much needed for overall circulatory health. Available as a pulverized tea powder, use hibiscus as a major herbal remedy to support the health of the heart, blood vessels, and blood pressure response!

How to Take
For a powerful, naturally tart beverage add 1 teaspoon of Hearty-Hibiscus Flower Tea for every 12 ounces of water desired. Drink cold as an ideal cooling beverage for hot weather. Add some lime or lemon for an extra flavorful zest.  With whole food infusions, you get all the nutrients plus the fiber- no teabags, no waste.

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From the Founder, Miss Judy Gray:  Pure Flower & Spice Essences

 North American Herb and Spice started the wild oregano revolution over 30 years ago. Part of that introduction to the world was also the Juice of Wild Oregano. Its powers have been known and utilized from ancient times and even more so than oregano oil itself.  Along with the juice of wild oregano, I became very interested in other spice oil hydrosols and how they are gathered and produced with water from deep aquifers.  A source like this is the purest and safest you can get!  Tap water contains many pollutants like human and hospital waste, toxic chemicals, and who knows what else.  That is why I'm very particular about how these hydrosols are made.  High-quality hydrosols are a central part of the steam distillation process when the spice oils are produced.
The other variable is the quality of the wild, raw material itself. I only want the wild mountain, sustainably hand-picked herbs.  Our partnering families go far into the high mountains with donkeys and mules to bring these magnificent herbs down to the valley, exclusively for these premium products.  We currently supply several different spice oil and flower hydrosol essences. Our flower essences include neroli orange and the wonderful rose petal essence from the most delicate damascene roses.  The petals are first removed from the green plant material before steam extraction occurs. Otherwise, the hydrosol is bitter, and the exquisite flour aroma is not so pronounced.  Wild Neroli Orange Essence makes a beautiful drink to enjoy before bedtime.  It is called white coffee by the people of the Mediterranean and is excellent with a touch of wild honey. While coffee may keep you awake, neroli orange, "white coffee," helps me relax and sleep like a baby.
The Essence of Wild Rose is terrific to splash on the face as an astringent and smells divine. It is an ideal add-in with baking and puddings.  Testing shows that roses have immune-supporting properties, which may be why deer love to snack on the roses in my garden. The Essence of Wild Lavender is from the beautiful wild Turkish lavender, which supports a healthy stress response.  Our Essence of Wild Rosemary is a daily support for mental focus and healthy memory, plus excellent lymphatic flow support.  Wild Sage essence can be used as a tea in hot water with one of our precious wild honey products.  It supports a healthy hormonal and immune response. Finally, Cilantro Essence supports a healthy digestive system and cleanses the body and blood.  Every one of these can be used as refreshing teas, hot or cold, all year-round. Plus, all the essences are free of alcohol solvents, chemical additives, or anything unnatural.  If you want the best, choose our wild and pure essences for a rewarding healthy experience, inside and out.  Enjoy daily for best results!

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