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September Featured Products: 
Kid-E-Kare Line


September’s product feature is all about our children! With kids back in class, keeping them healthy and their immune system strong is our number one priority. Our founder, Miss Judy even wrote the book “Kids Need Care.”  Go to our website to check out our complete list of Kid-E-Kare products. 
Orega-Cinn Drops
Orega-cinn is loved by children because it’s naturally spicy but not too strong, just like red hots. And you'll love that it makes them feel good. The oregano oil and cinnamon oil are mycellized, so they dissolve well in water, and absorb efficiently. You can give it to them directly or mix it in juice or water. Both support a healthy immune response, while cinnamon oil supports a healthy blood sugar response. Children are vulnerable to a wide range of challenges with their immune systems. The daily intake of Orega-Cinn resolves this by offering a constant state of immune support, along with the added benefit of digestive and blood sugar support.
OregaWell Soft Gels
Utilizing the oregano P73 formula for children, OregaWell is a wonderful source of natural phenols, minerals, and vital nutrients. It is made with only the finest wild certified organic oregano, plus cumin, sage, and ginger oils. These extra small softgels are specifically designed for children because they are easy-to-swallow and can be mixed with food or juice. Keep your child healthy and joyful with the spice oil powers of OregaWell. 
Orega–Cinn Children’s Throat Spray
Orega-Cinn throat spray contains the same power as Orega-Cinn children's immune drops, with the addition of soothing wild cherry bark extract. It is potent to the extreme and gentle for sensitive children's throats.  Spray in the mouth and throat generously. You can also spray on the roof of the mouth, tongue, and gums. The wild cherry bark, mycellized oregano, rosemary, black seed, and sage are the backbone of this unique formula. Peppermint, raw elderberry, and wild hand-picked chokecherry further bolster its 100% potent natural profile. Enhanced with wild cinnamon, this is the most pure support spray for children's immune systems available.
For more information, check out Kids Need Care- written by Judy K. Gray, M.S a noted nutritionist as well as the CEO and founder of North American Herb & Spice.
September 2021 Important Dates

September 6: Labor Day
September 8: International Literacy Day
September 15: Yom Kippur
September 19: International Talk Like A Pirate Day
September 22:  Autumn Equinox

From the Founder

Ashwagandha Daytime Formula + Herbal zzZs

Ashwagandha is the latest adaptogen to support our bodies day and night. It is beneficial for men, women, and children. That’s why North American Herb and Spice searched and discovered the best and only certified organic ashwagandha root extract available. NAHS's Ashwagandha Daytime Formula can even be paired with our Herbal zzZ's to be confidently used every day and night by the whole family. We know the uncertainties of the world around us are causing sleepless nights now more than ever, but NAHS is going out of our way to ensure that, no matter what, you can face each day well-rested and ready.

Ashwagandha has been reliably used in the Indian Ayurveda system of medicine since 6000 BC, employing its properties as a stimulant, aphrodisiac, diuretic, thermogenic, astringent, tonic and more. Others have found its support for memory and cognitive benefits to be a blessing. Hormones especially testosterone production and sperm production are shown to be supported with ashwagandha intake, yet excessive cortisol production reduced. Further, endurance, strength, and immune health are enhanced according to numerous studies. North American Herb and Spice is researched, tested, and guarantees the best raw materials we can find on the planet.
Herbal zzZ’s is an ideal pairing with Ashwagandha Daytime Formula. Researchers agree that ashwagandha supports cortisol regulation and healthy restful sleep. Without sound sleep, the body cannot repair, not to mention the brain fog, loss of reasoning ability, potential weight gain, and irritability that often accompany fatigue. To be in top form, deep REM sleep is a must. NAHS Herbal zzZ’s Night time sleep support combines the best herbs for sleep to include hops, chamomile, and magnolia bark to support deep restful sleep with no groggy side effects. With Herbal zzZ’s wake when you need to and be bright, alert, and ready for a busy day. Now you can fall asleep and enjoy the benefits of a hormone free rest with gentle effective herbal formulas that you will love.

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