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30th Anniversary Edition!

NAHS Mission Statement Video
I started North American Herb & Spice in my basement in March of 1992 with a commitment to "Heal the World and Make it a Better Place. I worked with firsthand, the dietary supplements in the marketplace at that time, and I knew that I could do better. So starting with a dedicated team, I defied the odds and built a premium International dietary supplement company recognized worldwide for combining the finest ingredients that Nature provides. March shines as our 30th year in business, creating efficacious supplements that are highly nourishing and essential for good health.
Our signature brand P73 Oreganol known for its immune support capabilities, comes from the wild, as does a preponderance of our supplements. Why…because I believe that ingredients derived from wild plants are more biologically active and potent than even organic farm-raised plants. In the wild, plants must fight to survive the perils of the wilderness. This struggle against Nature is why wild plants retain their robust nutrient-rich profile, whereas cultivated plants are always weaker. However, when wild plants are unattainable or endangered, the best biodynamic and organic sources are North American's chosen options for supplements that supply what our bodies need.
We have adhered to a strict code that ensures that these ingredients in our formulas are never compromised during the production process for over thirty years. NO dyes, fillers, synthetics, or thousands of chemicals commonly used in food and nutritional supplements are ever used to produce or complete the dietary supplements that we provide for our consumers and for ourselves.
With over three hundred products in categories ranging from immune support to whole-body wellness, to personal care, to digestion and heart health, we continue to evolve our product portfolio. Through our Research and Development team, supported by our Quality Control department, I can create as a master formulator new dietary supplements that help change consumers' lives as our world around us changes. From the basement and a single product to an international company with over three hundred products, please join us in celebrating our 30th anniversary as we look forward to an even brighter future.
Judy K. Gray
Founder & CEO 

What you need to know about our 30th Anniversary Products

Ms. Judy Explains the Importance of Purely C, SinuOrega, OregaResp, and OregaFresh

SinuOrega Nasal Wash:
SinuOrega as one of our 30th Anniversary featured products is available in one ounce and two-ounce sizes. As a relatively new North American Herb & Spice product is has gained huge attention very quickly because it works so well. As a master formulator, I was asked by our consumers to create a product to support the sinuses. Since sinusitis is highly prevalent in the American population and affects up to 37 million people, SinuOrega was formulated as a natural nasal mist powered by potent spice oil extracts, including P-73 Oreganol, to offer nasal support. These chemical-free spice extract formulas combine pure sea salt in a spring water base perfect for the ideal spray and inhalant for the nasal membranes and sinuses. Since its’ nonaddictive, it can be used daily. Further, for optimal results, use with OregaResp capsules for sinus and bronchial support as well as postnasal drip response. Never be without it.
OregaResp is the strongest of our wild spice formulas and a featured 30th Anniversary product. It contains dried pure spice oils of the incomparable P73 Wild oregano oil, wild sage oil, and remote-source cumin, ginger, and cinnamon. As a unique North American Herb & Spice formulation, OregaRESP is our most potent formula due to low-temperature desiccation and a state-of-the-art drying technique that concentrates the oils so effectively that one capsule is equivalent to fifty drops of oregano oil. Non-irradiated OregaResp Gelcaps offers the perfect combination for supporting immune & respiratory health and is free of chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. Like all North American P73 products, it’s “Perfect for Daily Use.” ™  Combine OregRESP with SinuOrega sprays for postnasal drip response and your better health.
Purely C:
Purely-C is another special 30th Anniversary product that’s been in heavy demand over the last two years. This is our bioavailable whole food vitamin C.  Unlike other vitamin C products that are made from genetically engineered corn, Purely-C contains bioflavonoids, which maximize absorption. It’s the only truly whole food, multiple-source vitamin C complex available. It is unique, because it contains wild fruit complexes, including Peruvian Amazon Camu Camu, and wild Mediterranean Rhus coriaria which  provides well over the minimum requirement for vitamin C in a single capsule. Purely-C is part of the Purely Family of whole food vitamin products which consist of Purely-E, Purely-B. Polar Power with natural occurring Vitamin A & D, and our Purely Pak. No synthetic chemicals. Bless your body daily with Purely-C
OregaFresh Toothpaste:
One of our unique 30th Anniversary Health and Beauty Aid product is OregaFRESH toothpaste.  It is the wild spice way to make your whole mouth feel fresh and clean, while supporting the health of your gums and teeth. It is the only tooth paste of its kind—free of fluoride and all additives, yet fortified with the richest, most therapeutic plant oils and essences known. Unlike other toothpastes, OregaFresh is free of glycerin, a common noxious additive linked to cavities and bleeding gums. OregaFRESH utilizes the power of P73 wild oil of oregano, wild oil of sage, clove bud oil, and birch tree extract. All of these preventive ingredients support the teeth, enamel, oral mucosa, and gums. It is so concentrated you use much less. It’s best when used daily with our mint or cranberry mouthwash Swirl & Swallow. And yes, I said swallow. It's so effective all the way down, yet it's free of harmful chemicals that must be spit out. You see and feel the difference.

30th Anniversary Products: 
Practical Applications & Tips

SinuOrega Nasal Wash:
NAHS offers two sizes. An injection mist 1oz and in the 2 oz version, a more traditional nasal rinse method.  Tilt your head back and gently squeeze for the 2oz, or push down softly on the 1 oz, with the nozzle slightly inside the nostrils.  You can also enjoy SinuOrega in your diffuser and nebulizer for additional delivery options. Remember, spice oils are the main active ingredients and difference-maker for your optimal sinus support.  You may experience a temporary warming sensation in your nose after initial use, do not be alarmed!  What you are feeling is the spice oils activating and doing their important cleansing job. 
Helpful Tip:  SinuOrega pairs well with OregaResp as a sinus and respiratory, and immune support trio.  
The best-kept secret about this invention is its strength.  The formula is also quite remarkable and never before seen.  We start with the essential oils of wild Mediterranean mountain-grown spices like Oregano, Cumin, Sage, along with aromatic cinnamon and ginger, and dry the ultra-concentrated oils into a combined powder.  Research pointed us to the most beneficial immune and respiratory supporting spices that also contain some of the highest seen antioxidant levels in nature.  You can take 1 each day for extra immune support, or even 2 to 3 per serving for something more serious.   
Helpful Tip: When lung support is the primary goal, consider pairing OregaResp with our Juice of Oregano.  This high-absorption water extract of wild oregano is rich in oxygen molecules that help us breathe better.  
Purely C capsules and bulk powder:
Purely C is not just from premium whole food raw berry powders, it is alive and contains crucial ionic energy from the Sun.  You also receive immune-promoting antioxidants like Quercetin and trace minerals such as copper.  Our Camu Camu berry ingredient, rich in this nutrient, gives us 40X of what oranges offer!  The body uses Vitamin C every day in all of the cells.  C is a powerful antioxidant that supports collagen production, blood vessel integrity, white blood cell count, bone density, heart health, skin appearance, energy levels, and so much more!  Perhaps that is why vitamin C is the most sought-after vitamin in all the world.  
Helpful Tip:  Consistency is key. 3 capsules once or twice daily is an ideal serving amount.  If you require more because of a deficiency, the bulk powder is the best way to go.  1 teaspoon of Purely C powder supplies you with an equivalent of 6 capsules!  Kiwis are also a significant source of vitamin C, at levels up to 4 times of an orange. 
OregaFresh Toothpaste:
We use toothpaste every day. Well, most of us do. So we ought to have peace of mind about the ingredients we expose to our sensitive chompers. After all, we want to keep our teeth healthy, pain-free, and lasting for as long as possible. Who wants anything less than that? In recent years, much of the world has learned that fluoride in toothpaste is maybe not such a great idea. But still many do not know some of the most popular brands still have microplastics in their products. This is why NAHS made our own with only nature’s wisdom guiding us. Infusing it with wild p73 oregano oil makes it exceptional for its renewing antioxidants and extraordinary cleansing properties. Real spearmint and peppermint freshen the breath for a more confident daily smile.  
Helpful Tip: Oral health is connected to everything else in the body! Your brain, heart, immune system, for instance. That’s why we also made an oregano mouthwash, superb oil pull product, and soothing drops for tooth and gum aches. If you are missing any nutrients, your teeth can be the first to suffer. Take all the vitamins you need from the best whole food sources on Earth!  The Purely Pak is a 14 or 30 supply of A through K. 



"Hey! I’m Laura. I’m a Midwest mom and teacher, which is basically what I post about on my page. I love using NAHS products because they are natural and effective. I take two of these Royal Power supplements in the morning on school days and they give me the healthy, good energy (from only four ingredients!) I need to lead well."


Honoring Our Most Experienced & Tenured Employees

Poiter Crawford!
We are lucky to have him as our R&D Specialist! In addition to that, he is happy to help wherever he can, and calls himself the "glue" of the company. 
When he plays sports, he often uses a product called Tumeric Power Plus to support joint inflammation. 
Sports like basketball, soccer, and CrossFit are his favorite hobbies outside of work.
 It has been more than 12 years since he started with the company, and we would not be here without him!
Arturo Aguilar!
Production Manager is his title! He plays a key role in making the product you receive. He arrives very early to warm up the machines and prepare everything for a smooth working day.
He loves Oreganol. Besides the fact that he loves taking it for immune support, it is also the easiest product to produce of all the 200+ products we have. 
Walking, working out, and designing the interior of his home are his favorite hobbies. 
The company has been his home for the past twelve years. 
Lelia Davis!
I've been with the company for 16 years.  A little bit less than a year of this was as a temp.

Hobby: reading
Favorite product is OregaResp. It is good overall support for the immune system

Job title: Quality Control Clerk

I process returns, issue credit memos and do scanning and filing for Quality Control, and serve as a backup for invoicing orders.

Houdini’s Health Hacks

Boy do I have a big surprise for you. I’ve been working on this for a very long time. Well, I’m only seven years old, but two years is a long time for me.  It hasn’t been easy, but it’s really worthwhile. I’m sure you will agree. I will keep you informed AND “guessing” until the time is right.
Mom gives me Purely B in my special hand-made food. I love it, because cats and dogs need lots of B vitamins to help us through our stressful and busy days. Also, B vitamins help other vitamins and nutrients work even better. They also keep my coat looking and feeling really extraordinary.
I have videos of my adopted brothers, Rumi and Remi, eating Purely B right out of the jar. They’re English, so I guess that’s how it’s done there. Rumi licks his paw and dips it into the Purely B. Then he has great fun licking it off. A bit messy, but it really works. His soft coat is brown and shiny.
Remi can’t wait for the paw routine. He just sticks his whole head in the jar and enjoys his fill of it. He’s a seal point Siamese, so his head is a little dusty after a Purely B spree. Remi helps him lick it all off.
Rumi and Remi are brothers from Catersham and celebrated their twelfth birthdays. They still play like kittens and enjoy riding around London in their pram. North American Herb and Spice products keep them active, healthy, and beautiful.
Purely B is good for the whole family, so humans are welcome to try it as well. My mom has beautiful hair too. She loves Purely B. Hope you try it soon!!!!

March Store Feature: 
WellWay Whole Health Shoppe

If you are searching for a great place to shop for natural foods or supplements, the place to go in Pell City, AL is WellWay Whole Health Shoppe. They carry vitamins, herbs, minerals, sports nutrition, beauty products, chemical-free household & pet items, and a wide range of grocery items to “nourish well’! They believe in going back to the God-given basics for optimal health.
Longtime local resident, Karen Sawyer, purchased the existing store in Oct. 2014. Karen furthered her education with a BS from the University of Alabama and is a Certified Health Specialist and a Certified Family Herbalist. A seasoned business owner, she is passionate about providing a service to helping customers “Live Life Well”.
North American Herb & Spice loves partnering with WellWay due to the enthusiasm and wide-ranging knowledge all the staff provide. Their passion for helping others is contagious, and they care only about products that work. Whether it is black seed, oregano, whole food vitamins or personal care, WellWay supports NAHS products because of the commitment to quality and the education support provided. North American Herb & Spice are a legacy brand, not owned by a pharmaceutical company or multinational corporation.  This is crucial for independent health food stores as they can rely on our guarantee to never cut corners with anything we do.  
Customer Testimonials
“I just wanted to say that I am so glad I found you guys and you are out there offering the products you do. I have become increasingly aware of what I put in my body including lab-synthesized supplements and I'm so happy to have come across the fact that you are whole food-based! I will be buying your vitamins as long as you make them and will try to get my parents on the NAH&S train as well. Thank you!”
- Kaitlin
“LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! I use your premium Black Seed oil and many others... Thank you for all that you do for humanity!!!!"
Kimberly at Keen Flower Farms
"I have a story from a customer. The man is 84 years old. Last year he came to the shop. He was wracked with pain--so bad he said he was contemplating suicide. No meds were helping.  When he came last year, I suggested he try Cannacurmin. He bought the liquid--says it tastes horrid! But it stopped his pain--so much that he has traveled to California and several other places since starting the drops!  He said the product saved his life! My head is still spinning.  Pass on the terrific news to your office mates!”
- Nan from Natural Health and Home
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