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Welcome to the DAY Programme Autumn UpDAYte.  This is your seasonal Up-DAY-te providing free resources, ideas and news stories to inform and support your work.

Over the last few months we've been busy working on our new one day training event entitled "Building Your Compass" about trans and gender non conforming children and young people.  We'll be delivering it later this month and in November.  We're also really excited to announce we'll be travelling to South Africa in November to deliver the DAY Programme in Cape Town!  

Autumn Training


We're running Building Your Compass training in November.  THIS is the web page about this brand new one day training event.  Do get in touch if you would be interested in booking us to come and deliver this in your locality.  The training will take place on:

Date: 10th November 2017
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: Matryoshka Haus,  St Dunstans Wharf, 142 Narrow St, E14 8BP
Nearest Tube: Limehouse
Cost: £100 


If you have any contacts in Cape Town, South Africa who would benefit from accessing DAY Programme Training, we are offering free 3-day Session Leader training in late November 2017.  We are co-leading the training with Zoe Lee, a DAY Session Leader who has delivered the programme in Cape Town for the last year. The training details are:

DATE: 28th - 30th November
TIME: 8.30am - 4.30pm
VENUE: St Peter’s Church, 3 Church Street, Mowbray, Cape Town, 7700
COST: Free*

*The DAY Programme are waiving the fees for this training.  You can financially support the training HERE.



If you or your organisation would be interested in booking DAY Programme Session Leader training, please email for more information about how we can partner with you in doing this.

The Hub

When practitioners have trained as DAY Session Leaders, they get full access to over 170 videos on the DAY Hub, which we are adding to all the time.  Here's a peak at some of the most recent videos we've added.
Little Mix ~ Power ~ Lyrics (+Audio)
Little Mix's song "Power" can be used to begin discussions with young people about power, sexuality and gender.
Kesha - Praying (Official Video)
Kesha recently released a song called "Praying".  She had been in a legal battle with the producer who she accused of abusing her.  The song could be a discussion starter, used alongside Kesha's experiences of being subjected to abuse.
Girl toys vs boy toys: The experiment - BBC Stories
This video from the BBC shows how gender stereotyping works.
The Royal College of Midwives has created a serious of videos about female genital mutilation.  This is one of them.  Read more about the series HERE.
Grime and Hip Hop artist, Stormzy has released a song about his relationship with his dad.  This could be used to discuss masculinity with young people.
"Doing Me" is a song from singer songwriter Ray BLK and is all about being positive and not being dragged down by other people's comments.

In the news...

  • A collection of academic research papers evidencing the gendered nature of domestic abuse. READ HERE
  • Many terrorists' first victims are their wives - but we're not allowed to talk about that. READ HERE
  • ‘We didn’t recognise that he was dangerous’: our father killed our mother and sister. READ HERE
  • UK judges change court rules on child contact for violent fathers. READ HERE
  • Kayleigh's Love Story Film (based on a true story and created by Leicestershie Police) WATCH HERE
  • How to talk to your daughter about porn, sexting and what a healthy relationship looks like. READ HERE
  • Porn use on the rise among teens, researchers find link with mental health problems. READ HERE
  • How Porn Use Becomes an Addiction (Simplified!) READ MORE
  • New resources for schools to support parents around pornography issues. READ MORE 
  • Study finds popular online porn videos are more likely to show men orgasming than women. READ MORE
  • Men's sexist attitudes 'shaped by first exposure to pornography'. READ HERE
  • This is the terrifying effect internet porn is having on young men. READ HERE
  • Porn Harms Kids: 2017 Report READ HERE 
  • Manhood: The Bare Reality.  A book about masculinity. BUY HERE
  • Combating Toxic Masculinity In Our Schools – Un-Teaching Gender Stereotypes For Boys. READ HERE
  • On banter, bonding and Donald Trump. READ HERE
  • Jendella Benson has collected stories and photographs from Young Mothers around the UK. BUY HERE
  • Study finds black Girls Are Viewed As Less Innocent Than White Girls Starting At Age 5. READ HERE
  • Vagina surgery 'sought by girls as young as nine'. READ HERE
  • Stress and social media fuel mental health crisis among girls. READ HERE
  • There is a way to prevent so many teenage girls being depressed – but no one wants to admit it. READ HERE
  • Women aren't nags - How emotional labour is dragging down gender equality. READ HERE
  • For young women, poverty and poor mental health are a fact of life. READ HERE
  • A frank, educational, instructional website about female sexuality? OMGYes! READ HERE
  • Children are straitjacketed into gender roles in early adolescence, says study. READ HERE
  • Not a single young offender institution is safe: prison inspector’s dire warning. READ HERE
  • The Unseen March: Challenging Militarism in Schools. WATCH HERE
  • They finally made a Handmaid's Tale for men. WATCH HERE
  • Plastic surgery apps aimed at girls as young as nine are telling them operations can stop them being 'ugly'. READ HERE
  • A music video about female body positivity. WATCH HERE
  • ASA Report. Depictions, Perceptions and Harm: A report on gender stereotypes in advertising READ HERE
  • Stop children bingeing on social media during holidays, parents urged. READ HERE
  • Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? READ HERE
  • Unsocial Media: Tracking Twitter Abuse against Women MPs READ HERE
  • Demonising race in video games. WATCH HERE
  • New neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happy. READ HERE
  • Teen Vogue's bizarre anal sex article shows women are still being defined in relation to men. READ MORE
  • The Weird, Complicated, Sexist History of Pockets. READ MORE
This image from the 11th Principle: Consent Campaign may be useful to have conversation with young people about rape culture.


Most Girls Video

THIS video and song from Hailee Steinfeld can be good to start conversations with young people about the expectations on girls.  Although there are themes which say that girls should change their bodies if they're not happy with them, this could form part of the discussion.


Critical Porn Analysis

Natalie Collins, Creator of the DAY Programme has contributed to THIS resource from Culture Reframed about what an education based response to pornography should look like.


THIS short film from Integrate UK explores so-called honour based violence and can be used to talk with young people about the issues.  They have various other videos that can be used to begin conversation with young people.  Check them out HERE.

The Animated Clitoris

A Canadian Screenwriter and animations director has created THIS adorable animation that explains the clitoris.  Rarely is the clitoris mentioned in sex education with young people as it is not directly related to reproduction.  This animation gives an opportunity to provide helpful and anatomically correct information to them.

To The Bone

To The Bone is a Netflix film depicting the reality of eating disorders.  A specialist in eating disorders has written a viewing guide for the film, which can be used to start conversations with young people who have watched the film.  You can read it HERE.
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