This is the DAY Programme Autumn UpDAYte.  It's full of news articles, videos and other content to resource and equip you.
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Hello!  The days are getting shorter and colder as the seasons change yet again.  Over the summer we enjoyed running DAY Programme training in London and a few weeks ago we delivered sessions in understanding pornographies with Bracknell Forest.  Hello to you, if you signed up in Bracknell Forest to get emails from us!  We hope you find the ideas and resources within this upDAYte useful in your work.  Some email providers may cut the content off at the bottom.  If so, do click the "view entire message" link at the bottom of your email.

Havant Training

We are running DAY Session Leader Training in Havant (near Portsmouth) and we have places available:

Dates: 3rd - 5th January 2017
Times: 9.30am - 5pm
Venue: Empower Centre, 47 Botley Drive, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 4PJ
Cost: £500

For more information about the training CLICK HERE and to book onto the training CLICK HERE.

*Includes a DAY Pack and unlimited access to the DAY Hub.  Part scholarship options may be available; CLICK HERE to complete the form for this.

The Hub

Those who are DAY Session Leader trained get access to the DAY Hub, which is filled with multimedia content to equip them in their work.  Here's a Hub taster; some of the videos we've recently added:
Urthboy - Little Girl's Dad (Official Music Video)
This video from Australian rap artist Urthboy reflects on his daughter's identity.
#SREnow – Any Other Subject
A new video from the #SREnow campaign.
Trans Men Explain Male Privilege
Trans men explain male privilege

In the news...

In this section we provide articles to inform you.  Some of the content may also be useful for starting conversations with with young people.

  • Why are we still pretending women don't have pubic hair? READ HERE
  • Let's talk about discharge (responding to the social media "panty challenge" READ HERE
  • Girls less confident as they grow older READ MORE
  • 'Underneath We Are Women' is the body image campaign we’ve all been waiting for READ MORE
  • Teenage girls: Mental well-being 'worsening' READ HERE
  • Let’s Clear Up The Vagina vs. Vulva Debate Once And For All READ HERE
  • More Than A Quarter Of A Million Girls In Britain Are Unhappy, Report Reveals READ HERE
  • These illustrations brilliantly summarise the double standards women face READ HERE
  • Girls' quality of life shows huge variation in England and Wales READ HERE
  • Mental illness soars among young women in England READ HERE
  • This is modern Britain – no wonder young women have PTSD READ MORE
  • Girls as young as seven feel judged on their appearance READ HERE
  • More young girls asking GPs about genital cosmetic surgery, study finds READ HERE
  • Like father, like son: how the damage from emotional abuse gets passed down READ MORE
  • Body image-related problems growing among male individuals READ HERE
  • Body image 'a problem for boys', says advertising think tank READ HERE
  • Allowing 'boys to be boys' won't bridge the GCSE gender gap READ HERE
  • Oscar Pistorius' version of events READ HERE
  • He was not a 'jilted husband' - he was a murderer READ HERE
  • Domestic violence links to radicalisation READ HERE
  • Sex education is the only way to combat the terrible toll of child abuse READ HERE
  • One in 14 adults in England and Wales were sexually abused in childhood READ HERE
  • Killer wives are “wicked”, killer husbands are “stressed” –uncovering the sexism in judges’ closing remarks READ HERE
  • Relenting is not the same as consenting READ HERE
  • Lucy Mangan explains why prostitution is NOT the same as any other career READ HERE
  • Vulnerable children ‘re-traumatised by incompetent services’ READ MORE
  • Large number of young people experience sex problems, study finds READ MORE
  • Forget Narnia, these are the chronicles of hardcore, sexualised teen texting READ MORE
  • How a 3D clitoris will help teach French schoolchildren about sex READ MORE
  • Can Teenage Defiance Be Manipulated for Good? READ MORE
  • Record numbers call Childline over suicidal thoughts READ HERE
  • My name is Tom.  I have HIV.  I am uninfectious.  (important piece on developments in treatment for HIV) READ HERE
  • Troubled Families report 'suppressed' READ HERE
  • When You're Both Overweight and Anorexic READ HERE
  • 10 Cognitive Biases That Shape Our Thinking READ HERE

New Barnardo's Report

Barnardo's have a new report out about the parliamentary inquiry into support and sanctions for children who display harmful sexual behaviour. You can read it by CLICKING HERE.

Gender Reconciliation Workshop

Natalie Collins, founder of the DAY Programme, is once again organising a Gender Reconciliation Workshop with GRI.  This is a challenging and valuable 3-day workshop for those interesting in learning how about the deep wounds between men and women and exploring ways to heal from those wounds.  Find out more about the training by CLICKING HERE.

Articles About Pornographies

  • How Internet porn is affecting romantic life READ HERE
  • People who watch porn more than once a week become more religious over time, study finds READ HERE
  • Serial rapist Larry Takahashi’s release met with outcry, but where’s the outcry about porn culture? READ HERE
  • It’s O.K., Liberal Parents, You Can Freak Out About Porn READ HERE
  • Growing Up in Pornland: Girls Have Had It with Porn Conditioned Boys READ HERE
  • Former Playmate Pamela Anderson Brands Porn A 'Public Hazard'  READ HERE
  • Why More Teen Girls Are Getting Genital Plastic Surgery READ MORE
  • How porn is damaging our children’s future sex lives READ MORE
  • Making sense of modern pornography READ HERE
  • Pamela Anderson opens up about sexual abuse as she urges people to give up porn READ HERE
  • City pledges to go 'porn free' READ HERE
  • Porn in the classroom? Here’s why it makes sense READ HERE
Respect have a number of training events coming up for working with:
- Perpetrators
- Men who have been subjected to abuse
- Young people

Find out more by


X-Factor and TOWIE

Recent stories coming out of reality TV shows may be useful for discussing abusive behaviour with young people.  X-Factor contestants Brooks Way had to leave the show after it was revealed by national media that one of the group had assaulted his girlfriend.  Read more about it by CLICKING HERE.  The Only Way Is Essex's Pete was cheating on his girlfriend Megan by been sexting girls.  Responses to this on social media have been sympathetic to him.  

Disney’s Latest Heroine Is Finally Showing Girls There’s More To Life Than Prince Charming

A useful article for beginning discussions about the portrayal of women (and men) in Disney films READ HERE


VIDEO: Norway's Muslim immigrants attend classes on western attitudes to women

The Guardian has created this short film about education classes happening in Norway.  WATCH HERE

Girls United

THIS WEBSITE has been created by three teenage girls in the US who want to challenge companies and individual young people to challenge gender stereotyping.


THIS ARTICLE details the recent BBC sitcom Fleabag, giving information about the programme and the issues it reveals that many young adults are dealing with.  It is useful for understanding what young people are navigating and could be used to open up discussion amongst young people who have watched the series.

VIDEO: Comedian Hilariously Schools Guys On How Not To Chat Up Women

Comedian Aurie Styla posted a video to his social media feeds about how not to chat up women and focusses on men and boys' inappropriate and sexually abusive behaviours.  Watch the video HERE and use it to begin conversations with young people about what showing appropriate interest should look like.

VIDEO: While Brock Turner was in jail, 75,000 American women were raped

Useful video and article articulating some of the injustices around sexual violence. Watch and read HERE.


Self-Compassion is different to self-esteem, in that it isn't reliant upon whether someone is performing well in any area.  It is a way of building resilience.  Why not take the test with the young people you work with to see how much compassion they (and you) offer yourself?  Access it HERE.

The Transgendering of Children

VIDEO: There is a huge rise in children identifying as transgender.  THIS VIDEO (45 minutes long) is from the Thinking Differently conference, and is a presentation from Stephanie Davies-Arai, who is a specialist in communicating with children.

10 Emotional Abuse Tactics That Trump Blatantly Used in the First Debate

THIS ARTICLE may be useful for talking with young people (and adults) about the way emotionally abusive tactics can be used by people who are public figures.

Permanence and Constancy

THESE VIDEOS from US trauma expert Holly Van Gulden, are so helpful in understanding permanence and constancy, two significant concepts that are relevant to the impact of trauma on children's lives.

Fake Instagram Account Raises Awareness

A fake Instagram account has been used by a French advertising agency to raise awareness of the issues of alcohol dependency.  THIS ARTICLE  could be used with young people to discuss what they actually notice on the social media profiles of the people they follow.  Would they notice if someone was being abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend? 


Natalie Collins wrote the DAY Programme over seven years ago and alongside this, runs a consultancy to equip individuals and organisations to respond to and end male violence against women.  She has never been funded to do any of this work, however she is now embarking on academic study, so is inviting people to contribute monthly to her work via a website caller Patreon.  In the video below, she explains what and why.  Do visit her Patreon page by CLICKING HERE and, if you are able to, please invest in what she's doing.  
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