Big Congrats to our Champions from LATTA Thanh Banh Memorial Open Jan 26, 2019!!! 
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Hello Table Tennis Enthusiasts,
Thank you so much Everyone, for joining my Dad’s Memorial tournament, Thanh Banh Memorial Open on Jan 26!  Amazing turnout, 100 players!  Such fierce competition! Making the quarterfinals or semis was really like the Finals vs. other prior tournaments!  Thank you to Daniel Chan for his $500 donation and my Anonymous Friend, $200!

2 Players advance from preliminary round robin in all events!  Singles events include U1000RR, U1150RR, U1375RR, U1575RR, U1700RR, U1850RR, U2000RR, U2100RR & U2200RR!  PRIZE $$$ in events U1700 to U2200!  Trophies awarded in U1000 to U1850!  Our trophies are the BEST and BIGGEST compared to all other local Clubs!  2 feet tall, made of real marble!!!  Free pizza lunch! Nittaku premium 3 star balls are sponsored by Paddle Palace!  Paddle Palace catalogs are available on site!  Register now!

1st place: $600/Team; 2nd place: $300/Team; 3rd/4th (semis): $150/Team  
Each Team will consist of three or maximum of four players, where the combined rating for the three players must total 5555 or less.  Player must have USATT rating 2100 & under to enter the tournament.  Player with no rating will be given a rating of 1850 by default.  Each team is allowed to have at the most, one player with no rating.  Teams will be seeded into preliminary round robins of 3 to 5 Teams.  The top two Teams from each round robin will advance into a single elimination playoffs.
Order of Play: Each Team match only allowed 3 players to play and no one can play more than two matches.  When the team match is called, each team will report to the Control Desk where one team will be designated the A/B/C team and the other X/Y/Z. The first three matches are singles matches, in which each player from each team must play once, in any order chosen by each team.  The first team to win three individual matches wins the team match!  The fourth match, if necessary, will be a doubles match.  The fifth match, if necessary, will be a one game singles match.  Whoever scores 5 points first, will win the match, with no deuce allowed.  Each team can choose any player for the fourth match.  The player for the fifth match, if necessary, cannot be the player for the fourth match.  Anyone can win in the fifth match, since only play up to 5 points!  Super exciting & intense!

Every Saturday, LATTA hosts 2 Round Robins:  U2000RR at 10:00 AM and Equal Challenge (EC) at 3pm.  EC is a system where the higher player spots the lower player handicapped points.  Thus, making it more equal between the 2 players!
U2000RR Feb. 2 Results:
1st:   Robert Chen
2nd:  Chad Hutson
Equal Challenge Feb. 2 Results:
1st:   Larry Yun
2nd:  Daniel Martinez

Your continued support is deeply appreciated,

Tawny Banh
LATTA President
2004 & 2000 US Olympian
1994-2007 US National Team
Pan Am Games Gold/Silver/Bronze Medalist (7 Total)
3-Time US National Women’s Doubles Champion
US & CA Table Tennis Hall of Fame Inductee (2014)

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