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Municipality signs MOU for humane dog population management

Happy news for the dogs in our municipality! On November 3, Lalitpur Sub Municipality CEO Mr Tara Bahadur Karki together with Animal Nepal's President Ms Pramada Shah signed an agreement for humane dog management. 

The MOU makes sure that dogs will not be poisoned in Lalitpur. Instead, humane ways will be used to control dogs. The municipality agrees to the spaying and vaccination of dogs to create a healthy, happy dog population.

Learn more about the agreement here.

'Snip a Dog' sterilizes 65 

Animal Nepal's 'Snip a Dog' camp, organised in November, no less than 65 dogs were spayed and vaccinated at the Chobar Animal Sanctuary. As part of our ongoing humane dog population programme, dogs were selected from two core areas:  Kirtipur (Tyanglaphat) and Gwarko. Besides community dogs we also welcomed some pet dogs from other parts of Kirtipur and Kathmandu.

Click here to learn more about the camp.


When despite an international outcry the killing of thousands of buffaloes and a yet unknown number of other animals took place at Gadhimai festival on November 28, we at Animal Nepal felt a deep sense of anger and despair. 

But we decided that the animals will not be forgotten. On December 1 we invited concerned citizens to jointly mourn the killings and to hold the government responsible. Around 60 people stood silently in front of of Singha Durbar, holding banners and play cards. A rally took the group along various Ministries to the National Art Council. 

Tears flowed when a minute of silence was observed. Those present at Gadhimai shared their experiences and commitment to stop the 'World's Largest Sacrifice'.

We Will Not Forget! 
Click here for more images of the protest.

Ravee Tandukar conducted a Zoo Check of the enclosures of endangered mammals at the Central Zoo, and found that the conditions generally had improved. However, three enclosures, namely that of Asian Elephant, One-Horned Rhinoceros, and Striped Hyena, failed. “Immediate improvements of these enclosures and translocation the larger mammals to the planned new ‘Open Zoo’ are urgent matters to be addressed,” says the researcher.
Click here for more information

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