Animals with disabilities are often considered “unadoptable” by most people but little do they know that special needs dogs can be just as amazing, loyal and affectionate companions as any other dog. Take Kara and Samba...

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Kara and Samba, WALK ON!

Kara (Brown pup) and Samba (Black and white) both survived a road accident but had to go for a leg amputation.
Dedicated to being a 'Voice for the Voiceless', Animal Nepal believes that all animals deserve a second chance. Kara and Samba were rescued by our team last month after surviving a serious road accident. Both dogs' hind legs were badly damaged. We had no choice but to amputate.

The two high spirited survivors now live at our Chobar Animal Hospital where they undergo therapy, including massage and walking, which they love to bits!

Taking in a pet with special needs can require a little more time but they are just as worthy of our care and attention as any other. And there is something magical about adopting animals with disabilities. They teach us how to make the best of a bad situation. They become a living example of determination and will power.

Kara and Samba are two of those wonderful souls who have pulled through with the help of our team and now here to teach and inspire us to keep walking.
So go for it. Adopt a special needs dog today. Kara and Samba are waiting for you!
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