July is Dog Adoption Month at Animal Nepal
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Rescued Equines now called by their True Name

Five rescued equines received a name for the first time in their life through the Name a Donkey Auction. The lucky ones are Elanor, Mox, Bella, Stella and Montana.

Amy Hitchcock named a gentle, 7 years old female mule ‘STELLA’. Just a few months ago, Stella could be found hauling bricks in the hot sun while suffering from respiratory problems and countless wounds. Now she enjoys her new life at the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary.
Toni Rapona won the bid to name a grand old lady ‘ELANOR’. The elderly equine was rescued form Badhikhel brick factory when she feel sick, which was why Animal Nepal provided her with a much deserved retirement.

Diana Argueta won the bid to call our most shy and beautiful 9 years old female donkey ‘BELLA’. Bella which means ‘beautiful’ in Spanish, and that’s exactly what she is. At the time of her rescue from a life hauling bricks she was badly wounded with a serious eye infection and hoof problems. At Animal Nepal’s Chobar Animal Sanctuary she is enjoying her new life in a healthy environment.
‘MONTANA’ was the name given to an 8 years old male horse by Toni Rapona,  to honour the spirit of the wild herds of mustangs who still roam free in Montana, US. This reddish female horse fell inside the truck during the long journey from India to Nepal on the way to a brick factory. He was rescued by Animal Nepal and is enjoying a much better life at the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary.
Emma Moxon won the bid to name a gorgeous handicapped mule ‘MOX’. The young, mule suffered from bended legs and multiple injuries. Today he is enjoying his new life at Godavari Donkey Sanctuary with a significant improvement in his health.
You can still join the Auction! Visit for more info.


Mobile Treatment at Dobighat and Afaldol

In August the Animal Nepal outreach team conducted mobile treatment at Dobighat and Afaldol where the dogs were treated from various health issues. During monsoon many dogs suffer from skin problems and bite wounds. Two dogs had to be taken to the Chobhar Animal Shelter.
One of them was Beta who suffers from a clouded eye and lameness. Another case was Kanchi who met with an accident many weeks ago. Till then a local middle aged woman kindly looked after Kanchi. Sadly help came too late as Kanchi’s pelvic bone was already displaced and euthanasia was the only humane solution.

Sundari is another dog that is treated regularly by us. Sundari (menaing beautiful in Nepali) is fully blind. She also suffers from skin problems which is why she was treated with Ivermectin by AN team. 

UNCHAIN THE ELEPHANTS – Celebrating World Elephant Day
On the occasion of World Elephant Day, Elephant Watch Nepal (EWN) on August 12 drew the attention of the public towards the conditions of working elephants. Colourful posters and brochures were launched to bring awareness about the realities behind elephant safaris.

A press statement issued by EWN said that “[e]lephants used for rides suffer greatly and deserve better care and management.” EWN urged the authorities concerned and tourism entrepreneurs to regulate the elephant safari industry, develop welfare and management standards, decide on a maximum number of working elephants in each location and stop the smuggling of elephants from India into Nepal for tourism purposes.

Animal Nepal has conducted a detailed survey of safari elephants and lobbies for the introduction of ‘Humane Safaris'.
Sign up today at

For more info about Animal Nepal’s work with elephants visit


A Perfect Office Space....

Animal Nepal is proud to introduce Kathmandu’s first Mongolian yurt imported and donated by Green Architects. Anyone who is curious to see a real yurt or ger is welcome to come and see it at our office premises at Dhobighat.

The movable, circular yurt  is made up of wooden poles connected by rope made from horse hair. The structure is covered with felt made from the wool of sheep  and a cotton lining which gives that unique 'back to nature’ feeling. 

The founder of Green Architects Nepal, Pawan Kumar Shrestha, explains: “We have brought yurts to Nepal to be used in the tourism sector but we are even thinking of supplying it for living purposes.” He further recommends: “The yurt can also be used as housing for flood victims and temporary housing for construction labourers in remote parts of the country."

By establishing the yurt at its premises, Animal Nepal supports natural living in harmony with nature, reflected by the nomads' house. Nomads spend their whole life migrating together with their animals. 

Come and see our very special office room cum education center any time during the week! For more info about Green Architects visit
Animal Nepal Head Office
PO Box 23066, Kathmandu, Nepal
Dobighat, Patan


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