A New Year, A New Chance
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When Animal Nepal rescued Sundari from Sundharighat, Lalitpur, she was a mere skeleton covered in fur. Frozen with cold, she stared at us with her remarkable blue eyes which had no hope left for survival. Sundhari suffered from advanced E-canis which caused weight loss and severe weakness. She also suffered from a bad mouth infection and had become blind in one eye. But she did not give up, and nor did we. 

After a month long medication, Sundari slowly began to revive. As soon as the infection in her mouth subsided she started eating.....a lot! The girl who preferred to stay alone in the winter sun now began to welcome the company of people and other dogs. We had no doubts that she would make a great companion for children. And there was no better place other than SEA Children's Home for her.

On Christmas Day we took her to SEA Nepal. The house is located in a quiet part of Sato Bato and has a large playground, perfectly fit for kids and dogs. The home already has two other rescued dogs. Sandesh, one of the smartest kids from SEA Nepal, sat with us and carefully attended to every single details on Sundari's medication. It didn't take long for the blue eyed dog to be friends with Sandesh, who like Sundari suffers from an eye condition.  We left the Sundari with the smart boy, knowing she was in good, loving hands. 

Each dog counts at Animal Nepal. Want to help dogs like Sundari survive and be rehabilitated? Donate today for a better future for Nepal's wonderful stray dogs! 

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